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Change agents

Research for a changing world

Smarter thinking, leading edge technology and common sense. We conduct agile and human research to drive business growth. It’s that simple.

People are talking about you

Hear them first

We find what people are saying about your business, online and off, positive or negative, before it becomes social media buzz.

Don’t just know your audience

Get into their head and heart

Discover the needs, wants and desires of your customers. Drive change through a deep understanding of your audience, action everyday insights quickly and use big strategic insights to grow your business.

Don’t just know your audience

Humanising research

Research that makes sense

We talk your language. Easily understand and leverage our insights to drive business growth.

The Chiefs

The Chiefs

Dave Griffin

Managing Partner

A lover of all things digital, Dave set out to help companies know why people head towards or away from their brand; what customers like or don’t like, and how they can do better. Dave and his team have created products and services that help brands build differentiated offers and experiences, which win more often.

Thomas Tkatchenko

Technology Partner

Thomas brings the Brand Village products to life. He likes to explore new methods of communication, art, computer science, graphic design, literature and mathematics. This eclectic set of skills and interests ensures Thomas creates products that are insanely cool and usable.

Katie Zaba

Consulting Partner

A change manager at heart, Katie is fanatical about customer success. She enjoys getting to know people, learning about their business and helping them identify and optimize their opportunities for growth.

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