Aesthetic Logos: Important Elements and Mistakes to Avoid

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Published: December 22, 2023

Amongst all our senses, the eyes or the visual sense is one of the most dominant. Visual receptors are triggered by anything that’s attractive, eye-catching, has the right balance of colours and is soothing to the eyes. One look can leave a lasting impression, which applies to logo design.

Aesthetics means how anything looks and feels. For a logo to make that lasting impression at first look, aesthetics have to be spot on. The aesthetics of a logo should appeal to the audience and persuasively convey the message or create the brand identity it aims to project in the minds of its consumers.

Some of the critical elements that help achieve the right look and bring out great visual aesthetics in a logo are:

  • Colour
  • Shape
  • Balance
  • Lines
  • Pattern and design
  • Uniqueness

An aesthetically wrong-designed logo can tarnish your brand’s image and affect customer loyalty. One has to be mindful of the sentiments of the target audience while adding the various design elements.

Elements of Good Aesthetical Logo

It is imperative to clearly understand the intended logo and guide the client in the right direction. The critical factors to bear in mind while you talk to a logo design agency in Melbourne for crafting your logo.


Graphic Icon of Simplicity

The simpler the design, the clearer and more recognisable it is. Too complex a design tends not to be as likeable.


Graphic icon of Memorability

When a design is a unique combination of all the elements that evoke the right emotions and memories, it becomes memorable.



The logo colors should match the brand’s personality and portray the right image to the audience. The choice of too loud or dull colors can impact the brand‘s character.


Graphic ion of Design

Any logo that is a unique design catches the attention. To stand out from the competitors, the team at BrandVillage creates an innovative design distinct from all the logos of the companies in the same field.


Icon of Typography

Using a combination of fonts and designs should be meticulous so neither overshadows the other. The logo font should be clear and legible and should be uniform all over.


A Graphic Icon of Timeless

A logo that stands with time. It should be designed with elements that are timeless and not just a part of the current trend.


An graphic icon of Balance

Everything in nature also looks wonderful where there is a balance, and so is true with any logo. A balance of colours, shapes, typography, positioning and size makes the logo even more appealing to the target audience.

Mistakes to Avoid When Opting for Aesthetic Logos

Icon of don'ts

As we know, a logo is the first image the brand projects to its target audience and aims to create a positive impression in their mindset. For example, when a new brand is launched, people look at its symbol or logo and tend to make a mental note of how the brand’s product or service would sometimes be even without using it. So, it is essential to ensure the aesthetics communicate the brand’s values correctly and avoid making the following mistakes.

  • Complex design
  • Ignoring versatility
  • Lack of innovation
  • Ugly font
  • Absurd colour scheme
  • Not seeking professional guidance
  • Focusing on the latest logo trends and not on the timeless element
  • Aesthetics that resonate with the target audience
  • Ignoring the target audience’s psychology.

The design team at BrandVillage categorically ensures that all the above logo design mistakes are avoided at all times and has repeatedly proven to the clients with their meticulous and well-researched work.

BrandVillage -Your Partner for Aesthetic Logo


BrandVillage has been the pioneer in designing logos with excellent aesthetics. The design team brainstorms and understands the image the client wishes to portray through its logo and accordingly suggests design ideas. The professional team is well-experienced and can make many logo iterations based on the client’s feedback and changes in the various aesthetic elements. It also offers advice on the right combinations that balance each other.


Using the correct combination of design elements while designing the logo sets the right tone and vibe. It helps in enhancing brand recognition, memorability and brand recall. Getting the aesthetics right lets you communicate with the target audience visually and tell your brand’s story while making maximum impact.

Hiring a professional design agency not only makes the task of logo designing easier but also gives the necessary skilled touch to it. It is crucial to avoid making mistakes such as not choosing the suitable font or colour scheme and ignoring the balance of all the elements, as it could affect the logo design and not result in the desired outcomes.

The expert logo design team at the top-rated design agency in Melbourne has won many awards and accolades for designing some of the most unique logos for companies based in Australia. Call now and fix an appointment for a consultation with the most unique and talented team of BrandVillage, which promises to deliver creative pieces of art that exceed your expectations and deliver a soothing experience to the customer’s eye, helping with lasting brand impressions.

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