Popular Bad Logos of All Time

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Published: December 22, 2023

A logo is one of the most essential elements of your brand- it’s the first point of interaction between you and your customers. When establishing a brand identity, you can never compromise with it, especially in how it is portrayed. Therefore, businesses focus on building a strong logo.

Your business logo is supposed to give positive vibes to the people so that they establish a good reputation for your brand. But what if it is the other way around?

A bad logo can be a disgrace to your entire business. There are some logo design mistakes that even the big players make. To ensure you don’t find yourself in such a soup, we’ve compiled a list of bad logos.

Popular Bad Logos of All Time

At BrandVillage, Our logo Design Melbourne experts have always been very mindful about the substance we deliver to our audience. Our prime focus is ensuring we give them the logos they can proudly flaunt.

That isn’t the case for all. Many businesses struggle to establish themselves in the market because they don’t have a good logo. At the same time, even the key players have failed to build a positive image around themselves because of the poor designs of their logos in marketing.

Some of the worst logo designs of the logo that can negatively impact branding are as follows:


example of Bad Logo - "PWC logo"

PWC is surely one of the biggest multinational firms today. But what is it that you learn when you look at their logo? Their logo seems like the company is probably in the business of some Minecraft-related stuff. Well, that’s a classic example of a bad logo.

The logo doesn’t reflect the brand message. At the same time, there are way too many colours in a single logo. If you carefully analyze the logo colors, you’d be surprised that many don’t even complement each other. For example, it has a sudden dash of pink between the yellows and the browns.

There is no denying that your logo must be visually pleasing, but it is also important that the design conveys your brand message. Wanting too much at once, like the PWC logo, can only hamper your brand image.


Example of Bad Logo - "KIA"

You must stay updated with the trends when you’re in the marketing business. For this purpose, keep your logo updated. KIA is one of the prime examples of a brand that has undergone redesigning.

After the redesign, KIA came up with an aesthetic logo. But we can’t deny they missed out on one critical point- the legibility. For example, the letters are conjoined or clubbed so that anyone who needs to learn about the brand KIA won’t be able to figure out what the logo says.

Irrespective of the size of your logo, it should be readable. It should provide a basic idea to the audience what the brand deals with.


Example of Bad Logo - "KPMG"

Just like PWC, KPMG also needs to bring some changes to its logo. Their entire design seems like a design flaw. You won’t find anything exciting if you briefly look at the logo. Why? Because it’s just the letters KPMG wrote with boxes behind each letter.

Such a dull and charmless logo design will surely not sweep off anyone’s feet. Their logo has no aesthetic element, not even in terms of font or colour.

There’s no harm in keeping your logo simple, but it should at least portray the brand message. Simplicity is one of the major logo design principles, but you need to play around with the colour and font of the logo to establish a stronger brand identity.


Example of Bad Logo - "Desigual"

Having launched a one-of-a-kind logo in the back-to-front aspect, Desigual did well. Their older logo brought forward this concept, but when a similar new one was released, the audience wasn’t too excited about it.

Many brand logo designers argued that their new logo was a mere copy-paste of the old one with no surprising element. Many of them also agreed that a bad design was accompanied by bad copywriting that added flame to the fire.

If you come across an exciting logo design, it doesn’t mean you’d have to stick to it. You may either change it as a whole or not update it at all. Experimenting too much with the designs can create troubles rather than offering you the best.


While we need good logo designs for businesses, bad logo designs also offer valuable lessons. It helps to learn what you should and should not do regarding your business logo designs. Right from maintaining originality to readability, it is crucial to ensure you offer the best execution to your logos. After all, that’s one major element that establishes a connection with the audience.

By now, you must have understood that logos can be bad for your business. So, if you want to avoid such things, choose the best logo designers. Well, we’re here for you. Contact us today!

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