Clothing Logo Design

Clothing Logo Design

Published: June 27, 2023

Your logo must look just as appealing as the products you sell in the apparel sector. It must immediately convey your understanding of fashion and taste. You must ensure that your brand’s logo seamlessly sends a strong statement whether you sell your clothing online, in stores or both. Since clothing logos are considered fashion logos, they must adhere to stringent standards of taste and style.

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Fashion Logos Vs. Regular Logos

Contrary to fashion logos, standard logos don’t have any rules or checklists; anything goes. However, several practices or considerations must be made when designing a fashion brand logo.

The design of your fashion brand’s logo might range from narrow, vintage, or big to minimalist, modern, and elegant. When creating a fashion logo, the following points should be taken into account:

  • You must pick what kind of fashion apparel you will produce before designing your fashion brand logo. You can either create high-end clothing or affordable apparel. Depending on the style of apparel you focus on, you can select your preferred logo.
  • The market you will be targeting is the final thing to think about. You must specify the age range or social class of the individuals you sell your product to before creating your apparel logo. Your apparel logo will be distinct from the brand selling to adults if you plan to offer children’s clothing.

Whatever option you decide on for your clothing line, our graphic designer will collaborate with you to produce a custom logo design that will withstand the test of time. Since the brand logo cannot be changed at a later date, we make sure your logo is effective right away.

How Does A Good Logo Help A Clothing Brand?

Clothing Brands Logo

It Can Help You Stand Out From Your Competition

Fashion brands achieve success on their originality and distinctiveness. An excellently designed logo can help your customers differentiate you from your competitors. In the fashion industry, it’s the logo only that people use to identify a brand, and a good memorable logo design can make it easier for people to recognise it.

Communicate A Message

A good logo can convey the spirit of your brand’s aesthetic. Your logo can convey your company’s essential principles clearly and understandably to your target audience.

Sustain The Style of Identity

The fashion trends keep changing, but your logo remains the same and accurately represents the style identity of your brand. You need a good logo because you can not change the logo as you like. After all, it takes a lot of work and investment in remarketing. We understand the need for a timeless logo, and our designer works hard to create a logo that can pass the test of time with flying colours.

Your Brand Logo Builds Your Brand Identity

A good logo creates a visual effect and impression that tells about your company and reminds your target market and customers that you are a real company. A good logo can give your company a distinctive visual identity that people can connect with and use to help them remember you.

Clothing Logo Design Best Practices


The complete colour spectrum is represented in clothing logos. Take inspiration from your accessory or garment designs as you think about the colour of your logo. A logo in black and white or one or two colours that express your sense of style can be kept minimally fashionable.


Clothing logos should be versatile and look stunning on your website as well as when sewn onto a garment’s label. Keep your logo layout simple to gain the adaptability that enables you to switch between physical and digital mediums quickly. A simple, plain layout will scale more easily, but you can achieve the same effect by selecting a few different logo possibilities. Our designers at BrandVillage constantly give the logo’s scalability first priority.


Best fonts for logo are available in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on the clothing brand’s design. All of the font options are required to be readable, especially on small labels and tags. To ensure that customers recognise the brand that produced the clothes, a bold sans-serif typeface is a common choice that is easily readable at any size. It does not mean you have to limit yourself to sans-serif. There are many fonts that work well for a logo.


Symbols are a great way to add some trendy flair to your clothing brand and logo, and they are optional. If you choose to include a symbol, ensure it suits the type and design of apparel you sell. Like every other element of your brand, your symbol should blend well with the others and be scalable to fit even the smallest garment tag.

Special Features

Draw design ideas from clothing companies like Lululemon, Levis, and The North Face to give your logo some unique touches. Stacked text, containers, and font pairs are common logo elements in the clothing sector.

It Must Be Able To Stand The Test of Time

Fashion logos are relevant years after they are designed since they are not season-specific. Your logo must be able to endure for many years or perhaps decades after it has been designed. Typically, a logo style with a straightforward, timeless design will last much longer than one with excessively stylised aspects.

Important Steps For Creating Your Clothing Brand Logos

Know Your Target Audience

Every industry has a unique target market and a variety of goods and services. Like other industries, the fashion sector has unique products and a target market.

As a result, to build a brand-specific logo, you must first comprehend your target market, their wants, and the issues they face that you hope to address with your product.

Create A Culture

The fashion business recognises the value of culture. Considering that every nation on earth has a unique culture that distinguishes it from other nations. While other countries, like Nigeria and India, have colourful wedding gowns, these are highly dissimilar to Western weddings, which tend to be more white and neutral in colour.

To help your target audience engage with your brand, you must develop a culture for your business and clothing line that reflects this type of colour, theme, and typography.

Add Negative Space To Your Logo Design

Negative space is another name for white space, a blank area devoid of any design, writing, or other features in the realm of design. Numerous studies have shown that including negative space in your brand logo gives it additional depth, mainly when the negative space conceals an image. Negative space also adds more context to the logo’s symbols and words, making it more respectable, simple to recognise, and elegant.

Incorporate Storytelling In Your Logo

Your brand logo is a crucial component of your visual identity. Because it helps to define you, you can combine your brand story into it in a way that will help your customers choose you over competing businesses.

Flaunt Your Design Style

One of the most crucial factors clients and potential customers consider when choosing a company is your sense of fashion. Since your logo serves as the public face of your company, it must distinctly convey your sense of style to your target market.

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