How Much Does it Cost to Trademark a Logo in Australia?

How Much Does it Cost to Trademark a Logo in Australia

Published: August 4, 2023

Brands in Australia have often struggled to create their mark because of the risk of identity theft. However, that struggle and fear have been demolished as the brands can protect their identity through trademarks. Whether it’s the name or visual image, brands can trademark the aspect they don’t want to be copied.

Most of the brands around the world are turning to trademarking, considering the benefits it has to offer. If you’re a business in Australia that wants to protect its identity, you must also trademark. As a top-rated logo design agency in Melbourne, we have assisted numerous businesses in protecting their identities, contributing to their growth. Let us guide you about the cost of trademarking your logo.

Trademarking Logo in Australia

Trademarking Logo in Australia

You can trademark your logo in Australia with IP Australia. IP (Intellectual Property) Australia is a legal body that protects your logos and names from being misused by logo copyrighting them. When you trademark your logo, you get the sign ‘™’ beside the logo. This is an indication that nobody can use the logo without your permission. If you’re wondering about the tm meaning check out our guide.

Before starting the application for trademarking your logo, it is advisable to have all the necessary information available. As the applicant for trademarking the pogo in Australia, you must be the organization’s owner. Moreover, the business must belong in the name of the trustees and not the trust.

Once you trademark your logo in Australia, it gives you the benefit of fighting against any counterfeit products. Therefore, you can always protect your business name and image from being used against anything wrong. If you want complete details about

IP Australia Logo

IP Australia Logo

When applying for a trademark for your logo with Australia, you must check whether the same is already available. You can use IP Australia’s checker tool for the same. Applying for the trademark procedure with IP Australia without checking can have a negative impact.

After completing your research, you must fill out an application for registration. You cannot fill out the application form if you are not eligible. IP Australia may not allow you to use certain marks and phrases. It is advisable to research it and apply for the application form accordingly. You will only receive the trademark registration for your business if the logo is unique.

Cost of Logo Trademark in Australia

Your trademark consultant can help you understand the process of registration. However, you must know the registration prices too. At BrandVillage, once we are done designing your logo, we suggest you trademark the entire thing.

The cost of applying for trademarking logos in Australia starts from $250 per class. However, if you file a head start application, the cost will be $200 per class. It is important to note that the cost of trademarking your logo in Australia will vary depending on different factors. You can apply and wait for verification.


Your business logo is one of the most critical assets. Therefore, you must protect it properly. Our professional designers know the nitty gritty in trademarking your logo. We recommend how to get started with your application for trademarking your logo.

You must note that you don’t need to pay the entire fee for trademarking in the initial stages. You can do so only if the application is accepted and registration is initiated. To know more about the procedure, contact us.

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