Do’s and Don’t of Using a Logo Slogan

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Published: December 21, 2023

When considering a logo design, you also need to know what logo slogan you want. It’s the slogan that is an essential representation of your brand.

With the help of a good logo slogan, you can build a strong brand identity. At BrandVillage, we often advise our customers to focus on logo design and slogans.

The slogans are more than just a tagline but also a representation of your brand. Over the years, we have helped our customers form the perfect logo slogan for various reasons. But, there are certain do’s and don’ts that you should be following. Let’s find out more about those in the blog below.

What is a Logo Slogan?

When promoting a product, you need to have a logo slogan. It’s a short catchphrase that will help with selling and product promotion. The slogans often form an essential part of the advertising campaign.

You’re responsible for using the logo slogan carefully to promote it to your customers. With the help of a good logo slogan, you can advertise your products today.

Logo slogans are catchy, simple and easy to recall. Such characteristics play an essential role in enhancing the point of sale.

Do’s of Logo Slogans

There are certain do’s in a logo slogan followed in the best logos of the world. When you’re following the right guidelines, it allows you to promote and market your products. Here are some of the major things that you need to follow for the logo slogans:

Keep it Simple

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Logo slogans aren’t meant to be complicated but simple. It should speak directly about your business or industry. The logo slogan shouldn’t be a random phrase but something small and meaningful.

When your logo slogans are simple, many people can recall them. You should carefully analyze your logo slogans because if it doesn’t make sense to you, the business logos won’t make sense to your audience either.

Emotive and Descriptive

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Your logo should foster creativity and emotions in your audience. Our logo designer in Melbourne will help you create expressive yet descriptive slogans.

We don’t want your audience to feel that there’s something you can’t do. So, we take a step forward to help you become emotive so the audience can connect.

Timeless Slogans

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Do you want your logo slogan to be the talk of the town for a specific period? No, right? As a brand, you will want your logo slogan to be timeless so that people can recall your brand any time they need.

If you want your slogans to be timeless, you must be creative. You must refrain from staying stuck and using phrases that other businesses use. It should be friendly and easy to connect. Timeless logo slogans can foster a strong sense of communication.

Focus on Fonts

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The font of your logo design and slogan should always be in sync. It would help if you didn’t do that, while you may want to use more than one. Keeping the same font helps to make the entire thing readable.

If you plan to go for more than one font, we recommend experimenting with different styles. Our designers will help in choosing the best fonts for logo that is the most relevant to your brand identity.

Don’ts of Logo Slogans

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You must understand there are specific things you can’t ever do with your logo slogan. Not following that can harm your brand reputation. Here are some of the significant things that you shouldn’t be doing with your logo slogan:


Symbols are a complete No-No for your logo slogan. If you’re using symbols in your logo slogan, it could confuse your audience.

A symbol may seem attractive initially, but it may often be challenging to understand. The audience may not be able to understand what they’re doing.

Too Long Slogan

Slogans are meant to be short and catchy and not long. If your slogan is shorter, it can become simple. Moreover, it won’t allow you to put forward your image clearly which can help in branding.

Your logo slogan should be descriptive enough to describe the entire thing in one sentence. If you plan to use an abbreviation, you should use it on a wide scale so that people know it.

Miss Out on Feedback

Feedback is one of the most essential elements of a logo slogan. We recommend that you constantly ask for feedback. Once a slogan is prepared, we can brainstorm around it to help your audience understand it.

Taking feedback from people near you will ensure that everything is presented in a well-rounded format for the business logo design. We can try different forms to ensure which suits your needs the most.


A logo slogan is one of the most crucial elements of your business. At a top-rated design agency in Melbourne [BrandVillage], we help all our clients to enhance the element. We help your logos outshine in the market with our slogans. If you’re ready to elevate your business to the next level, we will help you throughout the process.

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