Complete Guide on Emblem Logos – 2024

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Published: December 23, 2023

Logos- they’re just a handful of letters and graphics.

This is a widespread perception that many people have about logos. However, you must know that your logo is the complete embodiment of your spirit.

Many businesses in today’s time are using logos to their benefit, especially to create recognition. While there are different types of logos in the market, emblem logos are among the most prominent ones to look forward to.

At BrandVillage, Our team of logo designers in Melbourne help you build emblem logos, especially regarding your brand identity and image. The emblem logos are slightly different from other types of logos. This blog will briefly explore the emblem logos.

What are Emblem Logos?

Examples of Emblem logos

You must understand one thing: the emblem logos aren’t for all. Emblem logos are a traditional mark for your brand that can establish familiarity in the long run. The most common emblem logos are often found in family crests or badges.

Every business is unique and has a particular flavour to add. Companies in today’s time prefer to add their flavor. The emblem logos can suit the purpose appropriately.

The emblem logos could be bolder and minimalistic but add value in different ways. They are considered to be a type of strength and tradition. Many customers are drawn toward reliable and trustworthy brands. These brands are the ones who can smartly integrate emblems into their logos.

Who Uses Emblem Logos?

Various brands use Emblem logo

Businesses that want to retain a vintage vibe to their brand often opt for emblem logo designs. These aren’t any other brands but the well-established ones. Prestigious brands using emblem logos can create a striking identity in today’s time.

In modern times, if you’re using emblem logos, it can help to boost confidence, heritage, and confidence. Moreover, emblem logos follow a tradition that will help create a mark in the audience.

If you want to know who uses emblem logos, look at the Warner Brothers logo. Their logo is one of the prime examples of emblem logos. In a very true sense, the Warner Brothers logo is timeless and has stood the test of time. No matter which part of the world you’re in, if you see the essential elements of the WB logo, you will instantly recognize it.

Since emblem logos establish trust and confidence, various leading sports teams and prestigious universities use them. Sports teams like the NFL, Liverpool Football Club, and Manchester United use emblem logos. Regarding universities, prestigious educational organizations like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale use emblem logos.

Tips for Emblem Logos

As mentioned earlier, your emblem logos are different from your classic ones. Other elements can be carefully implemented into the logo design to establish a strong presence.

Our designers are very careful while designing these emblem logos. Let us give you a few tips that you can follow for designing the emblem logos:



The emblem logos should have a few colours, or it would just appear cluttered. Instead, an emblem logo should have a maximum of two or three colours. These colours should be a balance between bright and light.

Since you’re going to reflect a sense of confidence and tradition, you may use colours like grey, maroon or blue. However, you should carefully analyze the fact that your chosen logo colour aligns with your brand image.


One thing you must note about emblem logos is that they’re the icons. So, you may not want any extra icons. However, you should be moderate if you want to include extra icons. The extra icons you want to include should be relevant to your brand.

You can include the emblem logos within a frame. Having something relevant and relatable to your brand will often catch the eye of the audience. Going overboard with it might make it cluttered, so try to avoid it as much as possible.


Icon of Font

You have to be highly professional with the font in your emblem logos. If you want a vintage feel to your logo, consider choosing Serifs. It is advisable to keep the font simple.

Your emblem logo design may already have a lot going on. So, you should avoid committing the logo design mistake of including too many elements. Instead, no matter what typeface you’re using, you should choose the right logo size and design. This will eventually play an important role in enhancing the overall impact of your branding.


Emblem logos are all about standing the test of time. It would be best if you focused on including elements that will boost creativity and traditionalism. Your business logo ideas will be going many places, but it is all about correctly using the designs.

At an Award-winning design agency Melbourne, we can provide a logo design brief for the emblem logos. We help you build a positive and creative impact on the audience. With the emblem logos we build, we will help you establish a strong presence in the market.

Do you wish to win the trust of your audience, too? Reach out to us for the best emblem logos.

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