Famous Graphic Designers in Australia

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Published: October 2, 2023

Australia- a melting pot of cultures and designs.

Every time you see or hear about Australia, you’d be surprised to know a new fact about Down Under. Australia’s rapid development in technology and population has paved the way for many advancements.

With so many businesses coming up, the need to stay ahead of the competition is also becoming prominent. Therefore, every business, irrespective of its stature, is working on establishing its identity.

But what is helping them create a different or unique identity? 

Graphic designs

What the customer sees is what they buy. Thus, the businesses focus on graphic design. For this, the demand for graphic designers is increasing too. In the past few years, many graphic designers have come up in the market to meet these demands.

Let’s look closely at some of Australia’s famous and best graphic designers.

A Glimpse of Australia Graphic Design History

The Australian graphic design industry has grown rapidly in the past few years. It has provided businesses with the scope to explore themselves and identify opportunities. What started small has grown into something really big as more and more businesses adopt it.

The Impact of Australian Industries and Culture on Graphic Design

The graphic design industry and culture have only grown in the past few years. The demand for creating a visual identity has also grown with the number of businesses increasing. This has played an important role in fostering a strong brand visual identity.

In recent years, the impact of Australia’s graphic design industry has been impeccable upon businesses. These businesses have an opportunity to create their mark as they move ahead to foster a strong culture.

Most Influential Graphic Design Industry in Australia- BrandVillage

Carving their name in the industry, one of Australia’s leading graphic design agencies is BrandVillage. This premier design agency in Melbourne has catered to the needs of businesses across all sectors.

Not only have we delivered exceptional work in graphic design, but we have also helped our customers with branding. We provide end-to-end solutions for all our customers and have helped significantly grow their business.

Let’s take a look at the journey of BrandVillage to rise to the top:

About BrandVillage

Kate Manks - Founder of BrandVillage Discuss with graphic designers at BrandVillage Office.

They started small, from a home studio, and now lead BrandVillage. Kate Manks started providing graphic designing services to businesses in 2014 from a small home studio. Fast forward 9 years later, she heads our team at BrandVillage.

BrandVillage has expanded from providing graphic designing services to logo design, branding and web design & development. BrandVillage’s team of professional graphic designers in Melbourne has contributed to forming a unique identity for numerous businesses in Australia. They’ve let companies move up the ladder as they curated the perfect brand strategies. BrandVillage has been helping businesses scale to new heights by aligning designs with branding.

Notable Works

One thing we live by is “Don’t be scared to start something new.”

Thus, we encourage all our customers to take a step forward and dive into the world of branding. As we provide them with the best solutions, we have helped them move ahead.

At BrandVillage, our team has worked with some of the top companies across a diverse range of industries. Whether it’s branding, web design & development or logo design, we have catered to the needs of big giants. Here are some of the top clients

  • The University of Sydney
  • Dell
  • MSD
  • NSW Government
  • University of Florida
  • Barista Group
  • Vibe Constructions

Graphic Design Philosophy

At BrandVillage, we provide you with the leverage of printing and digital applications. Our motto for graphic design is to ensure that you receive the very best for all the designs worldwide. Thus, our team is available every step of the way to ensure your business growth.

From concept development to becoming a regular household brand name, we monitor and help your journey progress. No matter what type of visual identity you wish to perceive, our primary aim is to get it delivered.

Awards and Recognition

In our aim to become professionals, we have strived in every way. Following the design and branding science theory, we have helped build brands that would work efficiently in the long run. Our expertise, dedication and effort to assert the growth of brands have led us to win various recognition and awards. We’ve been featured in some of the top websites globally as we cater to the needs of the brands.

Some of the prominent places where we’ve been featured include

  • Inc
  • Just Creative
  • The Huffington Post
  • Buzzfeed
  • Entrepreneur


Graphic designers in Australia are committed to helping brands of all sizes. Most graphic design agencies start small and help businesses move up the ladder. They combine strategy and copywriting to help ambitious brands to establish themselves in the market.

Are you searching for a graphic designer who will help your business excel in the competitive market of Australia? At BrandVillage, we can help you craft the perfect name and work on your designs. Contact us to know more!

Let’s work together.