A Simple Guide On Gaming Logo Design 2024

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Published: December 13, 2023

Gaming is itself an experience that transcends you to another world. This is all possible owing to its exceptional visuals. However, the magic of creating an impact on the audience lies in the gaming logo design. Good gaming logo designs can create a long-term effect on your audience.

Your game’s logo is the first thing that your audience will see. Therefore, it acts as a signature for your gaming brand that can take it to the next level. However, you must find a way to design a gaming logo casually; you will need experts like our logo designers in Melbourne.

With some of the top graphic designers in Melbourne as well as across Australia, BrandVillage has helped several businesses in the gaming industry. We will help you find the best logo for your gaming brand. Let’s find out all the essential details for gaming logo designs.

Why Does Your Gaming Business Need Logo?

Logos form an essential part of marketing. Therefore, you must choose your logo design efficiently. The right combination of colours will help in evoking emotions in the audience. You don’t want your audience to be too overwhelmed by the logo.

Once you’ve created a game that the audience will love, your prime focus should be to create its exceptional logo for marketing purposes. The logo design will set your game apart from the audience.

With the gaming logo, your audience will learn a lot about the game. If the audience can connect to the logo, there’s a 95% chance they will love your game, too. Let’s admit that your business gaming logo can help to create a sense of urgency or curiosity amongst the audience. You can use this logo for marketing purposes and keep drawing the audience towards it.

Best Practices for Gaming Logo Designs

The cost of logo design can often vary from industry to industry. Since you’d need one for the gaming industry, the price will be slightly higher. But guess what? You will be getting the best practices implemented in the design.

Our expert designers use some of the best software for designing logos. Their expertise and knowledge of different practices help them stay on the edge. Well, some of the most efficient practices that they follow are:


Color Wheel

We must always pay attention to the importance of colours in logo design. You already have a colour theme set for your game. So, the same colour theme needs to be performed while designing the logo. The similarity between the game and logo colour helps to build a strong brand identity.

For the gaming logo designs, we often recommend opting for dramatic colours. This is mainly because it helps to provide a pop of colour. Bright, bold and eye-catching colours foster memorability. Thus, your audience will be able to focus on the logo.


Icon of Font

Colour and font are the two most efficient halves of a logo. Now that we’ve discussed colour earlier, let’s dive into how fonts are essential for logos. Gaming logo fonts are slightly more intricate, fun and detailed than the general ones. The gaming logo font should complement the entire gameplay. You can get an idea of the Best font for a logo from here.

The gaming logo font should be of a considerable size to be readable. It should reflect the name of the logo rather than just getting lost amidst the colours.


Esport Symbol

Many gaming logos have symbols these days to reflect the eSports team. You can take inspiration from some of the best eSport logos in the initial stages. However, you should not copy it. The gaming logo symbol you include can be taken from the gameplay itself.

We suggest you use symbols that will provide a hint/idea to your audience about what the game is about. At the same time, the symbol should blend well with the font and colour. You can choose from different free icons if you’re not including something from your gameplay.


Layout Icon

We pay special attention to your game layout while designing the logo. As professional business logo makers, we know you’d be using your logo across different sectors- from big marketing materials like billboards to small mobile screens.

A clean, minimalist and visually appealing logo layout can create a much-desired impact on the audience. Your gaming logo should be slightly flexible to be used across different materials without being distorted. Moreover, creating different logo variations to be used across other platforms can also be helpful.


Livening up your game is all about using the right logo. The combination of colours and fonts will help you create an impact on your audience thereby boosting your branding efforts. Moreover, it will also help you market the product on a larger scale. In the past few years, gaming logo designs have undergone significant changes, so why not implement the same in your game?

Our design professionals at the leading design agency in Melbourne use the best technology to create the perfect gaming logos. Contact us today if you want to create a strong identity and set your game aside from your competitors. We might have some out-of-the-box ideas in our pockets for you!

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