Graphic Designer Salary in Australia – Updated 2024

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Published: September 20, 2023

The graphic design industry in Australia is an ever-evolving one. With the changing trends across the industry, the salary structure in Australia is also evolving. If you establish your career as a graphic designer in Australia, you must stay updated with the changing trends, especially in the salary sector. In this blog, let’s uncover the secrets of a graphic designer’s salary in Australia.

The Graphic Designers of Australia

In recent years, the graphic design industry in Australia has seen a rapid boom. The success of the graphic design industry in Australia can hugely be attributed to the rising number of businesses. With the digital landscape in this region changing, businesses of all sizes are focusing on visual branding.

Such a unique evolution has increased the demand for graphic designers in the country. Most of the businesses in Australia are on the lookout for efficient designers who will help them craft the perfect visual identity and create a mark.

One of the leading graphic designers in Australia is none other than BrandVillage. With more than nine years of experience in the industry, BrandVillage is catering to fulfilling the demands of different individuals. We’ve been focusing on making design accessible and affordable for everyone.

Average Graphic Designer Salary in Australia

Australia is a huge sovereign country with several cities. Therefore, the average salary of a graphic designer in Australia will vary from city to city. It is essential to consider that the salary of graphic designers in Australia will vary significantly depending on factors like experience and location.

Some of Australia’s major cities have a higher living cost, which is why the salary in this region will be higher. On the other hand, the cost of living in rural Australia is lower, so the salary will be less here, too. The salary of the graphic designers can also vary depending on how the respective graphic designer is charging. For example, some designers may charge you based on a project. On the other hand, some designers will charge on an hourly basis.

The average salary taken by most of the graphic designers in Australia are as follows:

  • Annual- $85,000
  • Hourly- $43.59

Your experience in the industry also has an important role in determining how much you’re being paid. Graphic designers with exceptional skills in Australia can earn up to $100,000 annually. On the other hand, mid-range or less experienced designers will be paid less than that.

If you’re seeking a career in graphic design in Australia, consider comparing salaries before choosing.

Factors Influencing Graphic Designer Salaries in Australia

Do you know that a lot of calculation goes into determining the salaries of graphic designers in Australia? Some of the major factors that impact the salaries of graphic designers in Australia include the following:


Location graphic icon

Location is one of the prime factors affecting the salaries of graphic designers in Australia. The lifestyle costs in major cities, especially when considering Graphic Design Melbourne hubs and Sydney, are higher than in rural areas. Therefore, the designers living in these cities will usually be paid more than the ones in the suburbs.

Leading graphic design agencies believe in providing competitive salaries to attract unique talent. Moreover, when a higher salary is provided, it captures the attention of talented individuals. At BrandVillage – A leading design agency in Melbourne, we offer competitive salaries for all our graphic designers.


Experience person graphic icon

The higher the experience, the higher the salary of graphic designers in Australia. This is one of the most common beliefs for businesses. As suggested above, graphic designers who have worked in the industry for a long time are likely to be paid higher.

If you are starting as a graphic designer in Australia, in comparison, your salary will be lower. However, if you are experienced in the market and have honed your skills enough, the salary will eventually be higher.


icon of Graphic Industry

The industry you’re working in as a graphic designer has a huge role in determining your salary. Some industries may require you to put in extra effort. In some cases, you may be required to work for longer hours. In such cases, your salary will be on the higher side.

Graphic designers working with design agencies usually do not have a niche they work on. As a result, their salary tends to be according to the competitive market standards or higher. This will also depend on how much they are dedicating to the work.

Size of the Company

A graphic icon which shows size of the company

The company size has a vital role to play in determining the salary of graphic designers in Australia. If you work for a big company, the salary will be higher and vice versa.


A graphic Icon which shows skill of a person

The skillset of a graphic designer often has a significant impact on their salary. For example, designers who are excellent at 3D animation will likely be paid more than the others. This is because they will help with additional tasks around branding.


If you plan to establish your career as a graphic designer in Australia, you must stay updated with the salary trends. As one of Australia’s leading graphic design agencies, we are very particular about the salary that we’re providing the best salaries. Our primary aim is to offer the best to our customers, which is why we need the best designers.

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