Logo Design Geelong

Logo Design Geelong

Published: April 28, 2023

“Design is thinking made visual.”

In today’s digital era, design is one of the most powerful tools allowing businesses to communicate with their customers. The logo is the first face of your brand that sets the first impression amongst the customers. Therefore, in a vibrant city like Geelong, where the competition is high, it is important to have a logo design that allows you to convey your vision and value effectively.

Having a professionally designed logo in Geelong helps craft the perfect first impression. Whether a startup or a seasoned entrepreneur, a professionally designed logo is all, you need to establish your brand’s presence in Geelong.

Therefore, the enthusiastic team of professional designers at BrandVillage help businesses in this aspect. We help turn vision into reality, capturing the essence of your brand in the first go, and then curate a visual identity which turns out to be the exact replica of your enterprise’.

It’s time that you let your logo speak for your business. If you’re already in the industry, struggling with the leads or in the first phase of establishing your strong presence, BrandVillage’s expert graphicwebsite, and logo designer Melbourne are at your service in Geelong.

Work with professionals and bring the best to the table.

Relish The Benefits of A Thoughtfully Crafted Logo in Geelong

The business landscape in Geelong is bustling. In such a scenario, you need a logo that is aesthetic as well as effective. In the words of renowned designer Stefan Sagmeister, “Design is not about what looks good; it’s about what works,” you need the best logo.

The recipe for business success has a logo your target audience connects to. But that’s not all. Some of the other benefits of having a professionally designed logo from professionals at BrandVillage are as follows:

  • Connect with Local Audience: Incorporates Geelong’s unique culture, history and landmarks to establish a local connection with the audience.
  • Build Credibility: This signifies your brand is trustworthy, helping build credibility.
  • Improved Brand Recognition: Easy to recognise, thereby fostering brand identity.
  • Repeat Business: Better business credibility and loyalty help in bringing better business.
  • Convey Brand Message: Visual representation of your brand’s values that is easier to remember.
  • Uniqueness: Don’t stay the same as your competitor; stay different and unique with a custom, professionally-designed logo.

Planning to grow your business in Geelong? You need professionals who know the market to establish a local connection. Your audience will do business with you only when they feel like you’re one of them.

Therefore, to relish the benefits of professionally-designed logos, you need BrandVillage, which can implement local elements for branding.

Key Elements of Professional Logo Design Geelong

The elements you include in your logo help you stand in the crowded marketplace. When establishing your presence in Geelong, you need elements representing the local culture. The elements of the logo must also represent what the brand stands for.

The following components are a must for every logo design Geelong:


Designers suggest adding colours to your logo depending on your business as it can evoke emotions in your customer. The colour of your logo should clearly resonate with what your brand stands for. Let’s take a look at the logo of Geelong Cats. The blue and white colour of the logo signifies the sealine across Geelong. Residents of Geelong instantly connect with the team for two reasons- they represent the city in games, and their logo has local elements of the sea included in it. The deeper emotional connect fosters a strong bond between the team with its audience.

Logo of Geelong Cats


You may not notice it, but designers often follow a very rigid structure for arranging the letters in the logo. Through typography, not only do they focus on the alignment of letters but also the size and font. Let’s take the example of the Cotton On logo. It’s just a simple logo in bright red colours. The design is minimal and the font is easy to remember. To make a differentiation, there is just a colon between the name. That’s it. Simple yet effective.

logo of COTTON:ON




For your brand to stand out in the fierce competition today, you need to have a strong online and offline marketing game. The presence can eventually be solved with a versatile logo which can be used on both platforms without losing its authenticity. A versatile logo like that of Fagg’s Mitre 10 will help you establish yourself as a reputable brand in the online and offline market. The logo of Fagg’s Mitre 10 is versatile enough to be used in big storefronts or warehouses, or even their social media channels. Irrespective of its size, the logo suits the purpose in the most appropriate manner.

logo of Fagg's Mitre 10


Having little icons and symbols as logos often helps in establishing an emotional connection with the brand. One brand in Geelong that managed to successfully foster an emotional connection with its logo is Little Creatures. This beer brand has a cupid as its icon holding a glass full of beer. It truly justifies its name of being a beer brewing company. The playful colours of red and gold also establish the creativity of the brand.

logo of Little Creatures Brewings

Process of Designing a Logo in Geelong

When your business commits to providing more value than your competitors, why not differentiate yourself from them using the logo too? Our professional designers at BrandVillage know how important it is to have a unique logo to create a mark in the market. Since the competition in Geelong is so high, we follow a unique approach to creating a different logo for every brand.

Our designers infuse the local elements with what your brand promises to offer. Since your uniqueness is already included in the design, you get to establish your authority through the logo. If you want, we will customise the process of designing the logo specifically for your business.

Below are a series of steps we follow to design the logo for your Geelong-based business:

  • The logo designer will analyse your website design and then create a logo design that aligns with the visuals and company values.
  • We do market research about Geelong to understand what elements we can implement in the logo.
  • Know the competitors and visualise a logo that differs from them. As a result, we include more standout elements.
  • After conducting the research, the team will collaborate and develop ideas for the design.
    We indulge in sketching the designs before implementing the digital design. This gives the brands enough options to choose from.
  • From all the options available, you can make a choice. Depending on your requirements, designers at BrandVillage will also help in making the refinements and revisions.
  • After the final product is ready, we will deliver it in JPEG, PNG, vector or raster image formats.

Tips for Choosing a Logo Designer in Geelong

Before hiring a logo designer in Geelong, check the following aspects thoroughly:

  • Expertise: It is very important that you understand the experience of your designer. Apart from the overall experience, you must also check their experience in designing logos for your industry.
  • Aesthetics: You should check the aesthetics the designer follows. This helps you understand its alignment with your brand values and goals.
  • Portfolio: Would you hire someone who can’t show proof of their work? Well, for that reason, you need to check the portfolio and the designs that they created earlier.
  • Testimonials: You must ask the designer if they can provide testimonials of their work. You can check their social media accounts or website to check reviews from previous clients.
  • Budget: Before you hire a designer in Geelong, you must discuss the budget. You must also ask them whether they would charge on a per-design basis or hourly basis.

Explore the Benefits of Professionally Designed Logos in Geelong

You may not realise but your logo can affect your brand identity in several ways. In an era where some brands are so dependent on AI, we rely solely on the expertise of our human designers. Because, at the end of the day, AI is still ‘Artificial’ intelligence, but we have the expertise and intelligence of professional logo designers.

So, would you want to follow the herd or establish your own uniqueness? A unique identity means more business and eventually better revenue for businesses in Geelong. If you want only the best for your business, Melboruen’s leading Design Agency – BrandVillage is right here for you. Our designers have everything you want and need.

So, are you ready to disrupt your industry in Geelong? Contact BrandVillage’s for a unique logo and identity now!

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