Logo Design Hobart

Logo Design Hobart

Published: April 29, 2023

“Real art is always a collaboration between the artist and the audience.”

Your logo is the most significant piece of art, bridging the gap between you and the audience and encouraging them to do business with your brand.

In a beautiful city like Hobart, new businesses are launched daily, and each of them is enhanced with a unique element that catches customers’ attention, thanks to the exceptional logo design, graphic design and web design services by the experts.

As a leading Design Agency in Melbourne, we help you create a logo as beautiful as Hobart. Maintaining the balance between beauty and evoking an emotional connection with your audience, we aim to curate an identity that speaks for your brand, reflecting the idea behind it, its’ credibility, authenticity and the message you’re trying to deliver.

YES! This all is possible merely with a simple logo design! The smaller the size, the more significant the impact!

Being familiar with the elegant beauty of Hobart, our expert designs include all local and traditional elements in the logo. Irrespective of the type of business you own, the logo we create strikes a balance between the spirit of Hobart and the essence of your business. We aim to create an identity that distinguishes businesses from prevailing industry experts, highlighting your presence.

So, are you ready to take your business to the next level? BrandVillage’s team of professional logo designers is ready to help you in Hobart!

How Does Logo Design Elevates Your Hobart’s Business Presence?

Like they say, “Be Vocal, Support Local”.

When you want to grow locally, it is advisable to choose local. Well, it’s not only about supporting locals but hiring a local professional designer in Hobart can provide more benefits than you know.

Some of the major benefits that you’d get by implementing a professionally-designed local logo design Hobart include the following:

Local Elements

To grow locally, you need to include local elements. Depending on your brand’s requirements, a local logo designer would know the best thing to have in the logo. They would incorporate small elements that relate the business to its origin or highlight its industry expertise and authenticity.


Having a visible logo ensures better recognition. A professional logo is designed to be visible to all customers, adding a highlighting element to allow the brand to outshine.


Customers are more likely to do business with trustworthy brands. A professionally designed logo reflects credibility, showcasing the experience and hold in the industry.


Inspired heavily by local elements, the professionally-designed logos are unique on their terms. This fosters differentiability for the brand.


Businesses are now breaking away from the monotony and embracing creativity. Implementing creativity in professionally designed logos ensures a better connection with customers and also improves the memorability factor of the brand’s visual identity.


The human attention span is quite short. It’s essential to get it in the first few shots itself. A professionally designed logo immediately captures the attention of customers.

Brand Identity

The base of a strong brand identity is creating a brand story your customers can resonate with. Through visual storytelling, the logo fosters a strong brand identity.

Brand Loyalty

With the brand’s growing popularity, the logo has become more recognisable. As more people do business with you, your logo becomes a sign of trustworthy business. This helps to retain existing customers through brand loyalty and acquire new customers too.

Breaking Down the Essential Elements of Hobart’s City Success

Our logo design Melbourne experts in Hobart have identified some minor elements that make a logo design more authentic, memorable and appealing. These elements help develop an emotional connection with the brand, leading to the chances of repeat orders and prospects.

Some of the significant elements of a logo design Hobart are as follows:


A logo should be simple and memorable enough to convey the brand message correctly. The MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) logo is one of the hot brands in Hobart with a simple logo. The font is easy to read, capitalised, eye-pleasing, memorable and attention-grabbing. It also features the ‘+’ and ‘X’ symbol.

MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) logo


A logo should be relevant to the audience. It should be meaningful to the business and reflects its message thoroughly. For example, the iconic beer brand of Cascade Brewery of Hobart has one of the most relevant brand logos. Their logo features a waterfall surrounding the brewery’s building. This waterfall can be relevant to the beer the brewery is famous for, and the building outlines the detailed architectural history of Hobart.

Logo of Cascade Brewery


Creativity is one of the prime requirements of a logo. The logo should be unique, thoughtful and creative to stand out in the market. Moreover, creative identity creates a long-lasting impression compared to dull and boring designs.

Tassal is one of the most creative logos for the brands of Hobart. The brand deals with salmon farming, and its logo features the word tassel written in a stylised and creative font. However, the creativity is that the curves in the letter ‘a’ of Tassal represent a salmon.

logo of Tassal

How do Our Experts Come Up With Exceptional Logo Designs?

The process of designing a logo in Hobart is no one-size-fits-all. Every brand has a unique requirement, and the local logo designers from BrandVillage in Hobart understand and implement it accordingly. At the same time, every logo designer is different. So, how they approach the design process will also bring a difference in results.

Scheduling an in-person meeting in Hobart’s local markets can help freely discuss your brand mission, goals and values. The outstanding process that these professional logo designers in Hobart follow is as follows:

  • We first try to dig into the details of the brand’s mission and values. This includes a meeting session with the owners or representatives of the brand, who can convey to us the enterprise’s core.
  • Since Hobart has a new business launch every alternate day, we believe that each of the new enterprises has its own USP, and our working process is slightly inclined to highlight that USP, reflecting its uniqueness for a higher and bigger reach.
  • Once well-versed in the brand’s values and messages, we explore the field’s related industries and businesses to find the loophole in their process and enter from that empty space.
  • Brainstorm across different ideas to develop a few concepts that relate the most to the brand’s values.
  • Prepare a design of all the concepts using local Hobart elements.
  • Create a preliminary sketch using pen and paper for client approval.
  • After approval, digitise the design and submit it to the client to determine how the digitised version appears.
  • Since we understand the dynamics of different individuals, we are open to suggestions and will edit the logo accordingly.
  • Deliver the logo in different formats- vector or raster image.

As a client, you always need to make sure that you are asking the designer what process they follow. Designing a logo for your Hobart business is not a one-step process but different stages which deliver the results.

No wonder a Rubik’s cube needs to be solved step-by-step to achieve the beautiful result- your business logo.

Hire Logo Designers in Hobart Like a Pro

Finding creative individuals is never a problem in a seemingly aesthetic city that screams beauty from every corner. However, more criteria are needed for selecting a logo designer in Hobart for your business.

While hiring, make sure that you’re choosing the logo designer who fits all the below checkboxes:

Brand Value Understanding

Every business has unique missions and values to follow. You must hire someone who understands your brand values. They are the ones who can reflect it through a logo in a subtle yet effective manner.


Before hiring a logo designer in Hobart, choosing someone with experience in logo design is advisable. While freshers can be helpful too, if you want a professional design, you must go for experienced ones.

Industry-specific Experience

When choosing a logo designer in Hobart, you must choose someone with industry experience. For your logo designer to have industry-specific knowledge is no less than a bonus.


Always check their portfolio to understand the aesthetics the designer follows. It gives you knowledge of whether it aligns with your brand vision and ideas image or not.


The testimonial of a logo designer can say a lot about them. The negative and positive testimonials are two critical elements that will help you make the right choice.


Hire a transparent designer regarding their budget and logo design process from the initial stage. Anyone who isn’t open to communication and not transparent regarding their rates is a bad sign.


Discuss rates in the initial stages to ensure you make the right choice.

While hiring a local graphic designer in Hobart, you must meet them in person. An in-person meeting in the local market can help you understand how they perceive things. This will often give you an idea of what they will likely design and how to implement it.

Trademarking Your Logo in Hobart to Preserve its Originality

Having a unique logo isn’t enough, but maintaining it is. How do you maintain the authenticity of the logo so that it belongs to your business? At BrandVillage, we understand there is a risk of any other business using your logo for their benefit. This is no less than a case of identity theft that can hurt your business.

To protect your logo from any such fraudulent stuff, you must trademark it. Once your business logo is ready, you can trademark it with IP Australia. Upon registering your logo, you become the rightful owner of the entire logo. Anyone using the logo without your permission or knowledge will face legal consequences.

If you need to become more familiar with the process of logo trademarking, we can guide you. Over the years, we have helped numerous clients with the trademarking procedure to secure their branding efforts. You can be one of them too. All you need to do is openly communicate with us, and we’ll guide you through the procedure.


A professionally designed and great logo will truly capture your business’s essence and Hobart’s beauty. When local designers design your logo, your audience will likely resonate with it. These local designers know the entire market and will push your branding efforts to make it visible across all sectors.

A professionally designed logo ensures that the customer recognises it at the first look itself. At BrandVillage, we understand how important it is to merge beauty with business and with our brainstorming sessions, our designers do the same. We’re aware of the intricacies of Hobart market space, which is why we can truly put the imagination into a visual treat.

Let’s not allow the idea of your logo to float around but instead, turn it into a reality. So, are you ready to craft the best logo for your business? Look no further and give your brand identity a boost today with BrandVillage. Contact Us Now!

Let’s work together.