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Published: July 3, 2023

Although getting inspiration for a logo design is challenging, a few ideas can help you form an ideal logo. Unique or ideal logo designs do not appear magically. Instead, creating the design you are looking for in a logo takes time and effort.

When you seek inspiration, you must explore different ideas and eventually, all the combined ideas inspire you to create a unique logo design. The initial challenge is where and how to discover ideas and logo design inspiration.

BrandVillage, a leading logo design agency in Melbourne, will suggest some ideas for getting inspired and where to start. A few tips for custom logo design by our experts will help kick-start the creative process of logo design to create the best identification for a brand and help them succeed in strengthening its position in the competitive market.

The Role of Inspiration In The Logo Designing Process

Logo design inspiration is key to effective communication, innovation, and creativity. This spark ignites a logo designer’s imagination, helping them produce fresh and best concepts and ideas. Conventional boundaries of logo design are pushed and encourage designers to explore new design approaches since inspiration enhances problem-solving and creative thinking.

Impactful and unique elements are infused in the designs when industry-specific visuals, cultural symbols, typography, art, and nature inspire designers. Understanding the target audience and the brand is significant in logo design inspiration. Designers analyse and research a brand’s personality, mission, and values when they get inspired. It translates their ideas and concepts into a visual representation, resonating with their target audiences.

When designers understand design techniques and logo design trends, they are inspired by successful brands’ logos and adapt the designs to create relevant and unique logos. The role of logo design inspiration is ultimately to impact target audiences, create lasting impressions, establish connections, and evoke emotions. It ensures continuous innovation and growth cycle; encourages them to look for consistent inspiration for futuristic projects and logo design, fuelling their desire and passion.

Our team of professional logo designers in Melbourne have crafted construction logo, fitness logo, business logo, logo for pool cleaning business, finance logo, and many other industries, and the common aspect of each of these logos are the inspirational factors, which have always helped us with innovative designs.

Things to Consider For Logo Design Inspiration

Researching And Understanding The Brand

A thorough brand understanding and research are crucial when looking for logo design inspiration. Researching the brand’s competitive landscape, target audience, mission, and values creates a lasting impression. A brand’s identity is adequately represented when a logo design is created based on knowledge.

Inspiration From Different Sources

  • Environment and Nature: The environment and nature offer colour palettes, patterns, organic shapes, and other wealth of inspiration. Natural phenomena, landscapes, animals, plants, and other elements are abstracted and integrated into logo designs to convey brand attributes, evoking specific emotions.
  • Design And Art Movements: Logo designs may also get inspiration from design and art movements across the bygone era. Bauhaus, Pop Art, Minimalism, Art Deco, and other styles influence the overall aesthetic selection, colour schemes, typography, and composition of logos.
  • Motifs And Cultural Symbols: Motifs and cultural symbols have abundant inspiration sources, including significant cultural icons, historical references, and regional or national emblems. When specific demographics need to be targeted, incorporating such symbols could add meaning and depth to a logo design.

Analysing And Identifying Patterns, Themes, And Visual Elements

Visual elements from different inspiration sources must be gathered, along with identifying patterns, textures, colours, shapes, or other characteristics. Analysing visual elements and themes will help you identify and abstract the design you can proceed with.

Concept and Sketch Development

Once you gather inspirations and abstract concepts, you must roughly sketch these ideas when initiating the logo designing process. Your creativity will flow when you explore various compositions, arrangements, and shapes. You must also develop different directions of design depending on various interpretations of the inspiration and essence of a brand.

Also, you can explore multiple possibilities to experiment with layouts, colour palettes, symbols, and typography. You should refine and review initial design directions and sketches and develop them further when the most promising layouts or concepts are identified.

Incorporating Elements of Brand

The Brand’s positioning, personality, and values must perfectly align with the logo. Besides, a brand’s identity is perfectly conveyed and visual consistency is established when brand colours are used. Brand messaging is reinforced, and its overall design is complemented by integrating typography. You must be creative in incorporating the brand’s recognisable icons and symbols.

Iteration Process and Feedback

A team or client must share the initial concepts of a logo to get the design evaluated and gather feedback. Explain the concept behind all options, keeping it organised when presenting the logo. Consider every perspective of the feedback and identify the adjustment or improvements required in specific areas.

One must address their preferences, suggestions, and concerns and repeat the process after revisions or changes. New concepts and ideas are often generated after receiving feedback, and the designing process continues until it perfectly aligns with the client’s and team’s expectations and vision. The feedback and iteration process will assist in getting a broader perspective, ideas, and concepts that will perfectly reach an approach and generate the best one.

Design Finalisation

Depending on the evaluation results and feedback, you can further refine the logo design to choose the most effective and promising concept for a brand’s logo design. Overall composition, proportions, and details are fine-tuned while considering legibility and clarity. After typography selection, a brand’s personality, value, and identity are reflected, complementing the logo design. Required emotional impact, scalability, readability, and other factors must be considered while selecting the colour palette that perfectly conveys the intended message of a brand and aligns best with the identity of a business or a brand.

Once the concept is implemented, all elements are incorporated, and the design is ready, finalising the logo design ensuring its adaptability to different use cases and platforms. Different variations (vertical and horizontal) and logo design file formats (such as JPEG, PNG< SVG, EPS, raster formats, etc.) must be created for digital and print application accommodations.

The Best Logo Examples For Inspiration

A few of the best logos designed by our logo design experts at BrandVillage include:

ACE Mathematics

ace mathematics logo australia

This logo design has letters A and M that beautifully and symmetrically flow into each other, and mathematics is written below the letters. It is the core principle of an ideal design. Mathematical symbols, like multiplication and triangle, are used in the logo’s centre, perfectly conveying a brand message and helping establish brand identity.


wealth shield logo melbourne

A shield shape is used in W and S letters to connect “Wealth Shield,” the business name, with thick straight lines to signify the image’s strength. While the black monochromatic colour palette is used that perfectly represents strong sophistication, security, and foundations.


Gathering inspiration from industry-specific visuals, cultural symbols, typography, art, and nature and understanding and researching the brand is the process of logo design inspiration. Ideas are abstracted and analysed; concepts are refined and sketched; brand elements are incorporated; iteration and feedback are required until the ideas and concept reach a final design.

A thoughtful and well-known approach is approached through this process. It is an iterative and dynamic process, producing exceptional work and design capabilities. BrandVillage provides unlimited logo design inspirations to help people show their creativity and create the best concept for a brand.

Our experts guide you for every inspiration you gather and every concept or idea you have to get the most out of it and reach the unique logo design. Connect with our professional logo design experts at 0406-856-882 to know more.

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