The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design in Melbourne

Logo Design in Melbourne

Published: June 29, 2023

Creating your logo is necessary, regardless of whether you are a business owner of an established brand or starting from scratch. It is your brand’s most valuable asset!

Getting your logo right is essential because it encompasses everything about your company. Let’s prevent making a horrible first impression with our logos. Brand Village is the leading designing agency that helps you create a logo that best describes your brand and resonates with people leaving a long-lasting impression. You can improve your brand value with aesthetic and creative logos by working with our creative team.

For all those wondering about the details of a logo and how it helps stand out from the crowd, this blog from our Melbourne logo design experts, who have been delivering excellent logo designing services for 5+ years, will help you explore. Scroll down for a wonderful learning experience!

Overview of a Logo

Overview of a logo

Logos have existed in some form or another for thousands of years, although they were generally quite simple until lately. According to the research on the History of Logos, If you go back to the 1800s, a logo was nothing more than a literal mark or sign used by brands to identify the creators of specific products. The contemporary logo didn’t exist until the 20th century when businesses started trademarking their brand names.

In the simplest terms, a logo is a mark of letters, numbers, and other characters used to represent a company or a product. Logos for a brand help customers resonate with its deliverables, conveying authenticity, trustworthiness and reliability of the brand. There are many sizes and shapes of specific types of logos, ranging from simple text logotypes to abstract logo markings.

Importance of a Logo for Your Melbourne Businesses

Your logo is how consumers initially become familiar with your company.

A solid initial impression created by a logo animation stimulates customers’ interest and motivates them to discover more about the business. Forbes claims you and your company have only seven seconds to make an excellent first impression. The logo, therefore, makes an initial impact on how people see you and interact with you.

A great brand identity communicates a trustworthy brand image, boosting your business’s attractiveness and standing. The foundation of your brand’s identity is its logo, which is essential for a company to grow and become more recognised.

As your brand expands, a broad spectrum of consumers will become more familiar with your logo, which encourages the perception that you are approachable and dependable.

Dare to be distinctive with your logo since it tells clients what makes your business unique.

Using the perfect icon or suitable font for your logo, a nicely-designed company logo can signify anything from its history to its objective.

Different Types of Logos for Melbourne Businesses

Choosing the right type of logo for your business is crucial, here we are providing you with different types of logos you can choose for your business:

Monogram (or Lettermark) Logos

Hp Logo - Example of Lettermark Logo TypesIBM Logo - Example of Letterform Logos

Letter-based logos, such as lettermarks or monograms, generally feature the brand’s initials. They are the abbreviations for companies with rather lengthy names. Since each has a few words to memorise, they utilise their initials in their logo. If a company has a long name, letter mark logos can shorten it by using just a few letters—for example, IBM, HP, CNN, and HBO.

Wordmark Logos

Google Logo

Similar to a lettermark, a logotype or wordmark is a font-based logo that exclusively accentuates a company’s name. Wordmark logos perform remarkably well when a company has a short and memorable name, like the Google logo. The logo helps to create a strong sense of brand recognition when combined with strong typography and an instantly recognisable name.

Pictorial Mark Logos

Apple logo

A pictorial mark is a graphics-based logo or icon. Those are usually the first things you think of when you hear the word “logo”: the famous Target bullseye, the Twitter bird, and the Apple logo. Each of these organisations’ logos is so iconic, and each brand is so well-known that just the symbol itself makes it recognisable. What image to use is the most crucial factor when selecting a pictorial mark. It is something that will endure for the duration of your business.

Abstract Logo Marks

Adidas LogoPepsi Logo - Example of Abstract Logo

An abstract mark is one specific type of pictorial logo. It represents your business, but it’s an abstract geometric shape rather than a familiar object like an apple or a bird. The Adidas flower, the Pepsi divided circle, and the BP starburst logo are a few well-known examples. Like other logo symbols, abstract markings capture your brand in a single image.

Mascot Logos

KFC Logo - Example of Mascot Logo Types

Mascot logos include a cartoonish character. The mascot logo is a fantastic way to create your company representative and spokes character. It’s frequently colourful, sometimes cartoonish, and nearly always fun.

The Combination Mark

Burger King LogoLacoste logo

A combination mark is a logo incorporating a lettermark or wordmark with an abstract, visual, or mascot element. The image and text can be integrated, layered, or placed side by side to produce an image. The combination mark logos of Lacoste, Burger King, and Doritos are just a few well-known brands.

The Emblem

Starbucks Logo - Example of Emblem Logos

Consider seals, badges, and crests as illustrations of emblem logos containing text inside a symbol or image. Many companies, groups, and political agencies prefer these logos because they typically have a traditional appearance that can create a lasting impression.

Factors that Help Design the Best Logo in Melbourne

There are several factors that contribute to a successful logo design:


An essential quality of a powerful logo is that it stands out even at first glance. A logo should connect with customers and spark interest in your brand. Customers are more likely to associate your logo and brand with your business if they quickly recall it.


Since colour is typically regarded as more remembered than black and white graphics, colour is essential in creating a memorable logo. Use no more than two primary colours in your logo to ensure it is as memorable as possible. You can also check our master guide on logo colors for a better understanding.


Your font choice can be helpful when attempting to develop a distinctive logo. A memorable and iconic logo has been made possible by using typography. So always remember to avoid Times New Roman when creating your logo.


Maintain a clear, uncluttered logo. Remain unbothered and keep in mind to avoid overcomplicating things when creating a logo.


Choosing a logo that can be scaled, reproduced, or used on many media increases your brand’s visibility. A straightforward aesthetic and no unnecessary detail will greatly improve your logo’s versatility. An overly complicated design that won’t scale properly can be the result of using too many lines, flourishes, elements, or colours.


Making sure your logo is somewhat timeless should be a conscious decision made during the design process because you do not want to revise it every few years after spending time and money making it.

Case Study- A Hit Logo Design for the Melbourne Brand

wealth shield logo melbourne

Wealth Shield is a boutique advisory firm in Australia, and its logo helped them create a brand image in people’s minds. Our designers at Brand Village worked hard to deliver a logo that best defines the brand’s essence.

The logo is simple yet creative and leaves a long-lasting impression on the clients. The letters “W” and “S” in the company name “Wealth Shield” together resemble a shield. The letters “W” and “S” are formed from thick straight lines, creating a somewhat masculine gated picture.

The monochromatic black-and-white look represents strong foundations, refinement, and security. All the above things make it an excellent logo for the company and describe its name and motto well.

The Best Design Agency in Melbourne for Logo Design

BrandVillage is the best design agency in Melbourne. Our team of professional logo design experts has distinguished their services from other agencies by combining science and art and is expanding swiftly.

We will create a professional and distinctive logo, incorporating the latest logo design trends, to serve as the cornerstone of your brand identity. In addition to other factors, we consider your target market and the decision-making of your potential clients while designing a logo for you.

Although the logo is the smallest design element for your brand, it holds the most important in establishing its reliability, authority and trustworthiness. Moreover, we design logos with a holistic approach that can be used on various platforms and marketing materials.

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