Logo Design Perth

Logo Design Perth

Published: April 29, 2023

The function of design is letting design function

– Micha Commeren

The business market of Perth is vibrant, but the competition is fierce. A strong brand identity is the only way to stay ahead in such a market. More than jus strategies and formulas, brand identity should be a valuable combination of creativity and innovation.

With some of the cutting-edge businesses in the world, Perth is one of the great places to establish your business. When establishing yourself in such a competitive market, you can’t just jump on the bandwagon.

If you do, what would set you apart, right?

In such a scenario, you must have a strong brand identity reflecting your values, personality and story. And visuals are the best way to make your brand stand out, be it through logo design, web design and graphic design.

So, you only need a professional logo designer in Perth who helps you leave a lasting impression.

BrandVillage – Award-Winning Design Agency Melbourne is your one-stop solution for logo designing and branding purposes. It’s time you separate yourself from the regular and dive into the world of excellence. The expert logo design Melbourne team will help you delve deeper and excel, clearly explaining the phrase – Picture speaks louder than words!

Breakdown of a Simple Term – Logo

A brand can only stand out from its competitor if it comprises of all the critical elements in the logo. It’s these elements that bring uniqueness and differentiability. At BrandVillage, we understand the importance of these components in logo design. Hence, our designers pay attention to detail and include all these elements for a better result.

For a logo design Perth the following components often play an important role:

Colour Scheme

Colours not only add creativity but also evoke emotions. Both these factors can play an important role in increasing your brand recognition and fostering brand loyalty. Most customers in today’s time prefer colourful logos for garnering the attention of customers. One such brand in Perth to make the right use of colour to cater to both of these aspects is Hungry Jack’s.

Their combination of yellow and red colour not only makes one excited but also helps them recognise who they are. The name of the company is very playfully crafted into what seems like a bun signifying a burger. The yellow colour of bun and red colour of the name of the company easily attracts one’s attention.

logo of Hungry Jack's


A scalable logo is the one which can be easily adjusted without having to compromise on the quality. Logos that are not scalable often lose clarity and become pixelated on being expanded or shrinked. This makes it easier to use the logo in big billboards to small social media channels. A scalable logo helps in garnering a strong presence.

Let’s consider the logo of University of Western Australia for example. Their logo is used on big billboards and also on social media channels for marketing purposes. In none of the channels does the logo lose its clarity. A scalable logo does not become pixelated making it easier for the audience to clearly recognise it.

logo of The University of Western Australia



One of the easiest ways to ensure your target audience remembers you is to make a memorable logo. A simple logo is one of the most memorable logos as it allows your audience to recognise you. The HBF logo in Perth is simple and memorable. The flair across the letter “f” with three shades of blue contribute to simplicity making it easier for the audience to recognise it.

hbf Logo


A unique logo differentiates you from that of your competitors. A unique logo should be a one-of-a-kind logo that solely represents your brand. For example, the bold colour choice of Gold is what sets the logo of The Perth Mint apart from its competitors. The company has a golden swan representing them adding to the differentiability.

logo of The Perth Mint

Relish the Benefits of Professionally Designed Logos in Perth

While growing in a competitive market like Perth will seem impossible in the initial stages, it’s actually not. When you know what you’re doing and how to achieve your goals, things are a lot easier. If you want local exposure, you must join hands with the ones who excel in the local market.

Professional logo designers in BrandVillage fuse your ideas and creativity to create the perfect logo. A perfect logo eventually stands to a perfect image for your brand. You no longer have to be a part of the herd but craft your own way through originality and excellence.

  • Originality: Our designers create an original logo that resonates and connects with your brand. When you have an original logo, your target audience will instantly recognise you.
  • Excellent Details: Every small detail in your logo speaks for your brand. When every detail is crafted with attention, it leads to a professional and polished brand image. Therefore, we pay attention to details and make sure the message is conveyed properly.
  • Trustworthiness: If you want to increase your business, you need to establish yourself as a trustworthy brand by reflecting professionalism through the logo. At BrandVillage, we help you become a trustworthy brand.
  • Consistency: Professional designers at BrandVillage craft consistent logos that can be used across all marketing platforms. Our logo designs are scalable so that you can use it across print and digital media for easy advertising.
  • Expertise: With BrandVillage, you get expertise like no other. We create logos that capture your business essence and convey the message in the best possible way.
  • Versatility: We understand that every business is different and help you craft a versatile logo. A versatile logo ensures scalability as you can mould and use it as per your convenience.
  • Emotional Connection: We blend your brand message with elements of Perth in your logo which fosters loyalty and a strong brand image. When your customers have an emotional connection with your brand, they are likely to do more business with you.
  • Cost-effective: We design cost-effective logos that help you generate a higher return on investment in the long run.

Process of Designing a Logo in Perth

How you are able to convey your message through the logo significantly depends on the process of designing the logo. Our design professionals at BrandVillage understand the importance of crafting a logo design in Perth and therefore follow the process that suits the brand requirements the most. Our designers have the required expertise and flair in crafting brand-specific logos for each unique brand.

Here’s our step-by-step guide for designing a brand’s logo in Perth:

  • Understand Brand Goals and Values: We schedule a meeting with you to understand your brand values and goals. This information gives us an idea of how we must conduct the research.
  • Research: Our next step is to get into detailed research to know your target audience, the market you wish to cater to and your competition. This unique information aids us in the conceptualisation.
  • Conceptualisation: Upon research, our designers brainstorm to develop unique concepts concerning your goals.
  • Designing: Once the concepts are ready, we design the logo as per the concept. The first step of designing is sketching and then digital design with the initial stages.
  • Presentation: The digital design is then presented to our clients for their feedback/approval.
  • Finalisation: Depending on the feedback received, the new changes according to client requirements.
  • Delivery: After the client gives us their approval, we will deliver the logo to the client for use as per their needs.

Logo Trademarking to Preserve its Authenticity

Trademarking your logo in Perth makes you the sole owner of that logo. Therefore, no one will be able to use it without your permission. However, your logo must be unique so that you can trademark it. If you want to protect the rights of your business, you must trademark the logo with IP Australia. The registration process is quite quick and simple, allowing you to get control over your business easily.

Professional designers at BrandVillage can help you move ahead with the trademarking process. In our years of experience, we have helped several businesses protect themselves against any fraudulent activities.

Tips to Choose a Logo Designer in Perth

The logo designer you choose will have a huge role in crafting the initial steps for the perfect brand identity. While hiring these designers, you need to keep certain things in mind. Some of the tips that can help you find the perfect logo designer for your business are as follows:

  • You must choose a designer who holds considerable years of experience in designing logos for different brands.
  • Hiring a designer with industry-specific knowledge is a bonus point. Therefore, you must ask the designer if they had worked with any of your competitors previously for designing logos.
  • You can look up online to find some reliable, local logo designers in Perth. Apart from that, you might as well take recommendations from your fellow business owners or friends.
  • Once you have a list of designers you want to work with ready, you must ask them to showcase their portfolio. It is important that you go through the portfolio of each designer thoroughly to understand their graphics and aesthetics.
  • You must discuss your brand goals and values with the designer and ask them how they plan to include those in your logo. It will give you a fair idea of their thinking and designing process.
  • As a final discussion, you must ask them about their logo designing charges and turnaround time.

Rather than conducting an online meeting, you must meet your local logo designer in Perth in person. A face-to-face meeting plays an important role in ensuring that they are able to understand your requirements. Moreover, it also paves the way for open communication which can help you test each other’s compatibility in working.


Your business logo should be unique to your business and reflect the ideals of your brand appropriately. For this reason, you must hire a professional logo designer in Perth who understands all your requirements and infuses them with your logo carefully. A local logo designer can be more beneficial as they are thoroughly familiar with the local market. When they blend the local elements with your brand, your audience will be able to connect with you emotionally thereby determining more revenue.

Your search for a professional logo designer in Perth comes to a halt with BrandVillage. Having helped numerous brands over the years, BrandVillage ensures it provides the best. Our designers infuse local elements with expertise that truly reflects in your logo. This eventually gives rise to a great brand identity.

Don’t wait any longer and establish your brand authority in Perth with BrandVillage, today!

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