Logo Design Sunshine Coast

Logo Design Sunshine Coast

Published: April 28, 2023

Sunshine Coast is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia that attracts people from around the world over. The city, as the name suggests, not only has a beautiful coastline and sunny beaches but also has various thriving industries ranging from aviation and aerospace, and agriculture to health and sciences.

Over the years, multiple local brands in Sunshine Coast have built a worldwide recognised presence, both on online and offline platforms. They have shared a report, saying that visual identity is the most effective branding and marketing element, especially the logo design.

A logo helps businesses create unique identities and stand out from competitors and other brands in the same industry. A logo helps in brand recall and should always be well-designed, keeping in mind the sentiments of the values, products and services it represents.

Hiring a local designer or design company that’s local to the Sunshine Coast is essential in this regard, as they have a clear understanding of the wants, needs, likes, and dislikes of the local public. Their knowledge of the local culture can help influence and produce the logo that fits the bill and translates into the company’s success.

BrandVillage logo design, graphic design, and website design experts have been delivering their excellent services in Sunshine Coast and other nearby areas including Noosa, Mooloolaba, Coolum, Maroochydore, Caloundra, and Alexandra Headlands for 5+ years, and have been rewarded for the outstanding deliverables.

If you’re struggling with a robust brand presence in Sunshine Coast, our logo designers in Melbourne’ curated customised strategies can deliver you the desired benefits.

Benefits of a Professional Logo Design in Sunshine Coast

A brand’s logo is not just a symbol but often has sentiments attached to it. It can be very emotional for some loyal customers who have great memories with the brand and who have actually grown with it.

An example of an improperly designed logo that went wrong and brought bad publicity is of Women’s Network, which wasn’t well researched or thought through, leading to criticism and ultimately being dropped down by the Australian Prime Minister’s department after it was mocked as being inappropriate. The example reiterated that it’s imperative to have a professional design company or designer who weighs all the pros and cons, brings out the exact values and conveys the right message.

A local Professional company or designer will always try to avoid inculcating any design that could harm any sentiments of the local public as they clearly understand what works best and is the right fit.

If you want your business to have a loyal local followership along with a high brand recall, then let’s take a dive into how we can achieve that by hiring someone from a pool of locally grown and talented set of designers from the Sunshine Coast. A professional designer helps you to look at the part of logo designing, such as:

  • How you can make it more recognisable.
  • Advise how to use it in various marketing materials such as the posters, brochures, pamphlets, business cards, and chatbot icons.
  • They give an idea of how to make your logo the spokesperson for your brand.

Elements of Effective Logo Design

What first clicks your mind when you read this symbol?

Nike logo

The brand – NIKE, Just do it!

Nike’s Swoosh is the most iconic logo with one of the highest brand recall values. What do you think is the reason for such a great Brand?
Over the years it has proven itself to the brand value, ethics and service standards it has. It shows that the logo should always be SIMPLE and doesn’t have to be complicated or colourful. It should show the CHARACTER and RELEVANCE of the brand, as in the case of Nike, its inspiration being the Goddess of victory from Greek Mythology, which is reiterated by the success of the athletes who have used the products and have reached the pinnacle in their field giving the users the confidence that they can do it.

Logo of Tesla

The Logo of Tesla doesn’t need any introduction of its great brand recall value. The MEMORABILITY factor is what’s most important for a logo. The logo reminds people of Tesla’s path-breaking technology in making their electric cars. The number of sales every year shows the TRUST the users have in the brand, and a well-designed logo is an essential factor that adds to the level of TRUST.

Variation of Apple Logo


The VARIATION of the Apple logo designed by the famous designer Rob Janoff with the bite and the rainbow spectrum has gone through many variations over the years. It had the right ELEMENTS in it and still stuck to the high brand recall, loyalty it had and still continues to have.

Process for Designing a Logo in Sunshine Coast

The logo could be simple or complicated depending on the brand it represents,, but some steps should be kept in mind while designing it.

Step 1– Research is very important to know precisely what your clients need, the target audience and the end goal. Study the competitors and analyse what unique features can be added to make your logo more recognisable and consistent with the brand.

Step 2 – Finalise the Concept- Make different design logos using colour schemes, local elements, and shapes but keeping all the requirements in mind. Giving clients options gives them flexibility and helps them to visualise the result and make an informed choice.

Step 3 – Review and Refine- Make changes based on the feedback from the client and update them during the process.

Step 4 – Final Design- Get the final design approved by the user and also check for copyright

Following these steps will help you achieve your desired goals with lesser miscommunication errors and come up with a logo that incorporates all the elements your brand in the Sunshine Coast stands for.

Tips for Choosing a Logo Designer in Sunshine Coast

Logo of Coco-Cola

Coca Cola’s logo is one of the most recognisable brand logos in the world; almost 94% of the world population can identify and recall the brand by its logo, all thanks to the designer Frank M Robinson. Selecting the right designer can make or break your brand. So, certain checkpoints are necessary to help you make your final decision on your designer or the design company. Some of the aspects to consider:

  • Reputation
  • Experience 
  • Level of Commitment
  • Customer Reviews
  • The fees
  • Communication and transparency
  • Understanding of local taste

Adding the local elements that represent Sunshine Coast, like its calmness, sandy beaches, beautiful sunrise and sunsets or abundant Sunshine, along with its own regional culture, will make the logo more personal, increase brand recall recognition and add the loyalty factor for the local businesses. This can be achieved by hiring someone locally as it increases the ease of communication, face-to-face meetings, and understanding of the local work culture.

logo of Sunshine Coast Airport

The logo of the Sunshine Coast Airport rightly uses the local elements that define the city and helps to build the right image and impression the first time one sees the logo.

Logo of University of Sunshine Coast Australia

Similarly, the University of Sunshine Coast showcases the abundant Sunshine and the beaches the city is famous for, giving the logo its local and personal touch that the people of Sunshine Coast feel proud of.


A logo is an image with which you want people to associate your brand. It advocates the brand’s values and goals, and your company’s name. It’s a visual symbol that people recognise and differentiates you from your competitors. A logo builds memories, feelings of trust and reliability.

For a local business in Sunshine Coast, seeking advice and hiring a local designer or agency makes it a lot easier as they don’t have to start from the basics of making them understand what Sunshine Coast’s culture, and important identifying elements are. It helps promote local talent.

Our design agency in Melbourne has a team of expert logo designers who are well qualified and adept with the local culture, which helps them to translate the client’s requirements infused with the Sunshine Coasts’ unique features into their logo designs. Their awards and experience speak volumes about their professional work culture and commitment to their clients. What are you waiting for contact us now!

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