Can I Make a Logo for Free?

Make a logo for free

Published: June 26, 2023

Can I make a logo for free? If this question ever crosses your mind, you’re in the right space. Of course, you can. Thanks to the coming of Artificial intelligence and the development of technology, you can establish your brand identity for free.

But are free logo designs worth it?

It completely depends on how you’re designing it.

If you’re sensing limitations regarding free design, you can always customise it with us. At BrandVillage, we don’t burn a hole in your pocket but provide you with exactly what you need, especially regarding your logo design and branding. We pride ourselves on offering affordable solutions that don’t compromise on quality. When it comes to logo design in Melbourne, BrandVillage is the name you can trust.

Importance of Logos for Business

The importance of a logo in a brand’s marketing cannot be overwritten or denied. It is an initial point of contact between a brand and a customer and sets the first impression on the target audience.

So, you need to put your best foot forward right from the beginning, especially in logo designing to boost branding. Having a logo can help your business skyrocket.

The logos reflect the sense of professionalism which many businesses, especially your competitors, may lack. You can easily foster memorability and create a much-required impression on your audience.

How to Make a Logo for Free?

Can I design a logo for free? Of course, you can.

While it may often be seen as a myth, the truth is that if you’ve done your research correctly, you can easily design a logo for free.

Thanks to the development of technologies, numerous online tools have made free logo creation smooth and easy. The process is not only accessible but also efficient. If you’re a novice or just starting your business but do not have enough capital, you can make a logo for free.

While you’re using these online tools for designing a logo for free, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. These are –

Include Your Brand Elements

Your logo should consist of all your brand elements. So, you must know your brand and what it caters to. Before your logo, you are the strongest advocate of your brand, so you must include the elements accordingly.

Choose a Logo Design Platform

The free logo design platforms are pretty easily available in the market. You can research the platforms and understand which suits your needs the most. When it comes to designing the free logo, you need a platform that is not only user-friendly but also aligns with your business requirements.


Rather than using the pre-designed templates, you must customise your logos. Customising the logos can help to accelerate the entire process. Moreover, it also sets you apart from your audience. You can easily customise the logo designs regarding position, size and orientation. As long as you maintain the balance of all elements, every logo will appear visually appealing.

Font and Colour

Every small element is of utmost importance when designing your logo, ranging from typography to colour. You will find various pre-designed logo fonts and logo colors since you are designing the logo via a tool. While you can choose them, you must consider customising them so that it reflects and resonates with your brand. If you’re using the colour palette as per colour psychology, you will be able to evoke the emotion of your customers.

Save and Download

Once you are satisfied with your logo design, you can save it. You must use the logo in a high-resolution format so your audience can connect. You can save and download the logo in different formats since you are using a platform to design the tool. The two major formats you can download the logo include JPEG and PNG. Once you download the logo, you can easily use it across different marketing materials. To get detailed information, you must check our logo design file formats guide.

Platforms that Help with Free Logo Designing

The free logo design platforms have eventually stood out as a hit amongst different businesses. Why? These tools provide ease of use and already-designed templates. All you need to do is enter the data, customise a bit, and eventually, you will get the desired results.

Some of the major platforms where you can easily design the logo for free are as follows:



Canva should be your go-to platform if you’re new to graphic design. If you are just starting and want to try your hands on logo designing for your business, Canva can be a great platform. It is versatile and has a very user-friendly interface. The best part is a wide range of design elements already available on the platform.

If you’re unsure what to include in your logo, you can always look for some inspiration in Canva. With numerous pre-designed templates, you can include designs that will help your business. Furthermore, various customisation options are available, making it easier for you to design the logo. You can just assemble the logos and type in your message. Voila! You’re good to go.

Wix Logo Maker


We’re familiar with Wix, the website maker, but not many of us know that Wix has a logo maker too. The Wix logo maker is specifically designed for business. So, if you’re a business owner, who doesn’t have enough capital, you can always use the Wix logo maker.

Wix logo maker is fast and easy to use. Moreover, it uses AI, wherein you just have to give the commands. As long as you’re giving the right instructions, you can receive various logo options. You can choose the right logo design that aligns most with your requirements, add some customisation, and you will be able to get the perfect design.



If you don’t want much customisation or too many elements in your logo design, LogoMakr can be quite efficient. In an era where the cost of logo design is often considered high, you can easily get simple and convenient use of logos for free.

The best part of using LogoMakr is that you can get a variety of shapes, fonts and icons. As a user, you can use these to customise your logo. Keep customising the logos if you don’t find something that suits your needs.

Free Logo Design vs Customised Logo Design

Free logo designs do not put excessive stress on your pocket. Numerous tools can help you create free logo designs. Offering convenience and affordability, the free logo designs, however, limit options for creativity and customisation. Your logo wouldn’t have much uniqueness, which may prevent you from establishing a strong brand identity.

Customised logo designs are specifically designed as per your business requirements. In this, you will need the expertise of professionals who can provide you with the best. Therefore, we at BrandVillage take special care in understanding your requirements and designing the logo.

The custom logos that we create truly will help your brand stand out. We offer customised logo design in Perth, Geelong, Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia. In everything we do, we ensure that the unique identity of your business comes out.

If you plan to grow your business long-term, we’d advise you to choose customised logo designs.


Having a well-designed logo can create magic for your business. Why? Because it helps to foster a strong brand identity. Different tools can ease the process for you, but it is advisable to customise them.

Customising your logo design with BrandVillage. Our design agency Melbourne will give you a competitive edge and provide you with affordability, expertise and support, so getting a logo designed with us is always a win-win situation.

Still, trying to understand free logo design vs customised logo design? Connect with our logo design professionals at 0406-856-882 to know more.

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