Vintage Logo Design Trends 2024

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Published: December 25, 2023

A vintage logo design is one of those logo designs that always stays in style. Having created its strong place in the industry, they are here to stay for a long time.

Vintage logo designs are classics that will not get old anytime soon. At BrandVillage, Our logo designers in Melbourne have been helping most customers take one step ahead with vintage logos.

For your business website or social media, vintage logo designs can help you stay connected with the audience.

A Brief About Vintage Logo Designs

Jack Daniel's logo - Example of Vintage logo

Even in the modern day, vintage logo designs will be around for a while. These designs seem never-ending and only bring out the best for the audience. Moreover, one of the significant benefits of vintage logo design is that they are easy to recall.

You can create timelessness in your logos and brand with vintage designs. The designs from the 60s and 70s power the vintage logo designs in marketing. Compared to different types of logos, vintage logo designs usually add a grunge or weathered look.

You may have observed vintage logo designs across badges and stamps. At the same time, you can create a perfect blend of ovals, lines, circles and other shapes in the elements. To create distinction, the colours are faded carefully across all the shapes. With the help of vintage logo designs, you can establish a unique approach for your business.

Popular Vintage Logo Design Trends to Look Forward To

As 2023 ends, we need to gear up for 2024. These versatile vintage logo design trends will be no less than a game-changer for your business. We create distinction with our exclusive designs that will help you stay ahead of our competitors.

At BrandVillage, we focus on following the latest trends while still maintaining the authenticity of vintage appearance. Here are some of the major vintage logo design trends that you need to look forward to:

Textured Logos

The textured vintage logos are here to stay, and honestly, they are one of the best ways to captivate the minds of your audience. With a seamless and easy pattern, these textured vintage designs often help create differentiation.

Cadbury logo

Cadbury is one of the best brand examples to have used textured vintage logos at its best. With an excellent writing structure, these textured logos help the letters to flow freely. These indeed play an essential role in making the logos appear on a larger scale which is helpful for branding.

Noise Logos

When you see a logo with some textures, doesn’t it strike that maybe it’s old? Well, that’s exactly what makes the logo feel as if it is vintage. When we build noise logos, our designers make it a point not to go overboard. By this, we mean that we don’t want it to be extra or too low.

We build a noise logo that has a grainy texture and aligns with the vintage requirements of your brand. Moreover, the noisy logos often add a homely feel with which many of your target audience can feel the connection. The best part about vintage noise logos is that popular brands can use them.

Textured Typography

Textured Typography

Let’s settle this once and for all: textured typography adds a sense of livelihood to your logo designs. This is something that brands have been using for generations and isn’t going to go away a long time soon. Textured typography logos can add to the exclusive digital appeal of your logo.

With the help of textured typography, we use shield-type frames, grunge textures and more. Combining these elements eventually plays a vital role in making your logos appear rustic and vintage. At the same time, you must strike a balance for textured typography.

Vintage Colour Schemes

Vintage color scheme

It would help if you used the right colour scheme when it’s about vintage logos. According to colour psychology, the right colour combination can foster memorability in your audience. You need to be using bright colours to create an impact with the vintage logo scheme.

If you want to create an additional impact, we will be experimenting with different colour schemes to understand which one aligns with your brand the most. These schemes eventually help in creating a strong illustration scheme that represents your brand the most. With the vintage colour schemes for your logo design, we focus on modern designs that provide a vintage appeal.


Logos form an essential part of your brand identity. It would help if you implemented the right designs. Well, let’s consider the fact that vintage designs have always formed an essential part of your logo. To ensure that it is being used at its best, our designers at BrandVillage – a top-rated design agency in Melbourne Leading focus on understanding the needs as the professional business logo makers.

We schedule a consultation to understand your exact requirements and then implement the designs accordingly. So, once you’re ready to elevate your brand to the next level, vintage designs are the ones that you can’t miss out on.

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