Why did Pringles Change Their Logo?

Why did Pringles Change their Logo

Published: August 7, 2023

Pringles is one of the most iconic snack brands with an iconic logo. Their logo has a long history. Over the years, they have undergone a significant transformation. But their mascot has always been the same.

Their mascot, Mr Pringles, has always been a favourite among the masses. But do you know that the logo you see today differs from what it was? Hop on to the journey as BrandVillage helps you understand and learn more about the iconic Pringles logo.

Pringles Logo

The Pringles logo features their mascot, Mr Julius Pringle. Whenever you see Mr Pringles, you will automatically want to look at the chips. Their logo is that of the mascot, which features a bushy moustache and hair parted downwards. Their visual identity through the logo was first designed in 1967. Over the years, their logo has undergone a massive change about eight times, with the current one being done in 2021. This contributed to their successful rebranding.

It is their logo that has made the chips famous. The logo has become slightly stylized and has been redesigned as well for a better impact. It has changed the colour, background and other aspects to make it more relevant and relatable to the audience. The current version is more stylized and modernized.

Reasons for Pringles Logo Change

Reasons for Pringles Logo Change

One of the major reasons Pringles changed its logo is to drive relevance from the audience. The current version is a sleek, flat design that truly represents and balances people’s wants. While the previous versions were more traditional, the current is modern.

The revision helps to give the mascot a more youthful look. Moreover, the play with colours also helps strike the chord most people love. The vibrant use of colours makes the logo design memorable as it evokes emotions.

When did Pringles Change their Logo?

The first Pringles logo was designed in 1967. It went through its first translation in 1980, when the background colour was changed. Next, in 1986, the mascot’s facial structure was changed to red cheeks. Ten years later, the logo underwent one more change, turning the face into a more spherical structure.

History of Pringles Logo

2002 the logo changed when a bow was added with a prominent moustache and parted hair. The next transformation was in 2009 when the background was removed and turned from red to a much simpler one. Then, again in 2020, the iconic parted-down hair was removed. We also saw the iconic bow’s removal in the current version, which was changed in 2021. This version of the logo saw the revival of the 1996 stylized Pringles font but with a more vibrant and prominent logo colour for easy recognition.


Pringles is one of the most iconic brands. They promise that their logo might have changed, but they maintain the authenticity of the taste. Their constant improvements and changes reflect that the brand stands the test of time through logos.

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