Why is the Apple logo bitten?

Why is the Apple logo bitten

Published: July 15, 2023

Have you ever wondered why the Apple logo is bitten? Over the years, it has become one of the most iconic logos ever. The iconic logo goes back to around 1976. The history of the Apple logo is quite interesting. In the article below, we will be discussing why the Apple logo is bitten.

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Let’s delve deeper into understanding the reason behind the logo being bitten.

History of Apple Logo

History of Apple Logo

The history of the Apple logo is one of the most notable things to consider. In 1976, the first Apple logo was designed. The first design reflects the image of Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, reading a book. The first logo correctly captures the image of when the apple fell on his head.

However, Apple’s iconic and most popular logo was introduced in 1977. Rob Janoff introduced it. The logo signifies the importance of Steve Jobs looking for a simpler and more effective logo. The iconic logo, designed by Rob Janoff, took around two weeks to be completed. One of the most notable facts about this logo design was that it cost around $100,000.

Why is the Apple Logo Bitten?

Apple logo

The Apple logo is a bitten apple because it reflects the importance of scalability. It aimed at helping the users understand that it is an apple, not a cherry. There is no distinction in the logo, especially to gauge proportion. With the help of this current logo, they could simplify the entire meaning. They aimed at signifying that it is merely a fruit. Rather than using the entire name of the fruit, they just added the image as a visual element.

According to the designer Rob Janoff, bitten apples are something everyone can connect to because ‘it goes across cultures.’ It has been more of an iconic move in their brand design. Since the respective fruit can be confused with cherry, they have implemented the bitten symbol for a clearer representation.

Significance of the Apple Logo

Over the years, the Apple logo has proven to be quite helpful for branding. The Apple logo represents knowledge from Biblical resources. This is mostly around the story of Adam and Eve. Apart from the Biblical reference, the Apple logo also represents the apple falling on Sir Isaac Newton’s head, signifying knowledge. The logo also represents the law of gravity. It eventually created a buzz amongst the audience.


There is no denying that the Apple logo is one of the most iconic and memorable logos in today’s time. The designer, Rob Janoff, has been very careful with the design and ensured its timelessness. The unique design has paved the way for the success of the business. Moreover, the half-bitten Apple has also become highly memorable.

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