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The creation of your business logo marks the prologue of your brand's tale. Logo design entails more than just the development of an exceptionally innovative logo; it also considers your target audience and the decision-making patterns of your prospective customers. By closely partnering with you, we produce an outcome that sets you apart from other Docklands businesses. A professional and unforgettable logo designer in Melbourne will lay the groundwork for your brand's identity.

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How to get started.

  1. Complete our design brief

Firstly, we will walk you through our full design process. We will take the time to understand your new business and target market through a quick discovery session. Our dedicated team will then research your competitors for no additional cost, to make sure your new logo will reflect your industry accurately.

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  1. We create your design concepts

After we’ve established your brand identity we will get to work on your strategic logo design project. We will provide you with multiple logo concepts in a timely manner and work with you on choosing the perfect one before we send you the final product. We hold ourselves to a very high standard, so any feedback is always welcomed.

  1. Bring it to life

Once you’ve decided on the perfect logo design, we will provide you with a range of file types so you can start using your design in the real world. If you're a new business you might want to include a logo style guide to help you showcase your finished product on multiple print and digital applications for signage, social media and more.

Logo Breakdown

wealth shield logo melbourne

Shield Shape

The “W” and “S” letters form the shape of a shield in connection with the business name “Wealth Shield”.

“WS” Monogram

Thick straight lines used to form the letters “W” and “S” form a subtle gated image signifying strength.

Colour Palette

Monochromatic black and white style representing strong foundations, sophistication & security.

ace mathematics logo australia

“AM” Monogram

The design contains the letters “A” and “M” flowing into each other for “Ace Mathematics”.


Symmetry is an important concept within Mathematics and core principle of good design.

Mathematical Features

Multiplication symbol is in the centre of the logo with two equal triangular points on either side.

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Just the Logo

  • 2 Logo Design Concepts
  • 10 Business Day Turnaround
  • 3 rounds of revisions / edits
  • Full Industry Research
  • 100% Copyright ownership
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Logo & Visual Identity Elements

  • 5 Logo Design Concepts
  • 5 Business Day Turnaround
  • Unlimited Revisions / Edits
  • Business Card Design
  • Full Industry Research
  • 100% Copyright ownership
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Full Visual Identity

  • 10 Logo Design Concepts
  • 5 Business Day Turnaround
  • Branding Style Guide
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Email Signature Design
  • Social Media Profile Images
  • Social Media Banner Images
  • 100% Copyright ownership
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High-quality logo design for Docklands businesses. We are here to support you.

BrandVillage logo designs are custom designed for each business based on their brand identity and target market. Careful attention is paid to each colour, shape, typography and spacing. Every graphic design project is thoughtfully curated to fit the exact vision of the client.

High quality logo design is always our number one priority. We are transparent with our prices, turnaround time and copyright ownership. This same standard of work applies even after the logo design is completed. We are always available for follow up calls to discuss the print or digital application of your design. If you need any advice with regard to file types or future projects, BrandVillage is here to support you.

Tell us what you need

BrandVillage™ is an award-winning logo design agency in Melbourne.

We are a team of experienced Melbourne-based logo designers working to help small businesses and large corporate companies create memorable graphic designs for print and digital applications.

Starting as freelance graphic designers, Callum and Kate have built an expert design agency founded in 2015. We understand what it means to be a Docklands business searching for a brand identity and trying to captivate your clients with an impressive web design and logo design. We understand hard work and the importance of keeping your clients satisfied with effective communication, transparency, and commitment to a project beyond its completion.

We would love to chat with you about your business logo, so give us a call or send us a message and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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How can I find a reputable and experienced logo designer in Docklands, Melbourne?

There are a few ways to find a reputable and experienced logo designer in Docklands, Melbourne.

One option is to search online for logo designers in the Docklands, Melbourne area. This will give you access to a wide range of designers, and you can use reviews and ratings to help identify those who are reputable and experienced. At BrandVillage, we pride ourselves on our 5-star Google reviews.

Another option is to ask for recommendations from other businesses or professionals in the area. This can be a great way to find a designer with a proven track record and who is well-regarded by others in the community.

Finally, you can get to know a logo designer and their professional style by reading their blogs or watching their videos on their website. Check out our BrandVillage introduction video at the top of the page, helping you understand who we are and how we can help!
Also checkout our Barista Group, Cullen Knox, Sevigne and Vibe logo design work case studies.

There are several ways to find a reputable and experienced logo designer in Docklands, Melbourne, and a combination of these methods can help you find the right designer for your project.

Why you shouldn’t use free logo makers and cheap tools for logo design work?

There are several reasons businesses in Docklands, Melbourne should refrain from using free logo makers and cheap tools for logo design. Some of the key reasons include the following:
Limited customisation and creativity: Free logo makers and cheap tools like Canva typically offer a limited range of design options and templates. This can make it difficult for businesses in Docklands, Melbourne to create a unique and effective logo that accurately reflects their brand identity and resonates with their target audience.
Poor design quality: Free logo makers and cheap tools like DIY platforms may not provide the design quality and professionalism that businesses in Docklands, Melbourne need to create a successful logo. These tools may use generic or low-quality design elements, making the resulting logo look unprofessional and unappealing.
Lack of support and guidance: Free logo makers and cheap DIY tools do not provide the help and advice businesses in Docklands, Melbourne need to create a successful logo. These tools do not offer personalised consultations or feedback and may not be able to help companies in Docklands, Melbourne overcome design challenges or make informed decisions about their logo.
Limited file formats and compatibility: Free logo makers and cheap tools may not provide the file formats and compatibility options businesses in Docklands, Melbourne need to use their logos in various mediums and forms. These tools may only provide low-resolution or proprietary file formats, making it difficult or impossible for businesses in Docklands, Melbourne to use their logo effectively in their branding and marketing materials.
While we understand cost saving is important for new businesses, we encourage clients to consider other budget friendly options instead of free logo makers for businesses in Docklands, Melbourne. BrandVillage is a reliable and honest service that promises to provide customisation, creativity, quality, and support.

Benefits of Working with A Professional Logo Design in Docklands, Melbourne

Working with a professional logo design agency in Docklands, Melbourne has several benefits. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Expertise and experience: Professional logo design agencies in Docklands, Melbourne have a team of experienced designers who are experts in their field. They deeply understand design principles, trends, and techniques and can provide valuable insights and ideas to help businesses create successful logos.
  • Creative ideas and solutions: Professional logo design agencies in Docklands, Melbourne have access to a wide range of innovative ideas and solutions that can help businesses create unique and compelling logos. They can provide multiple design options and allow companies to choose the right one that aligns with their brand identity and goals.
  • Fast turnaround times: Professional logo design agencies in Docklands, Melbourne can provide quick turnaround times and meet tight deadlines, allowing businesses to get their logo quickly and start using it in their branding and marketing materials.
  • Competitive pricing: Professional logo design agencies in Docklands, Melbourne offer competitive pricing and value-added services that can help businesses save time and money. They may provide multiple design options, unlimited revisions, and other services that help companies get the best value for their investment.
  • Ongoing support and guidance: Professional logo design agencies in Docklands, Melbourne provide continuing support and advice to help businesses integrate their logo into their branding and marketing materials. They may also provide ongoing support and updates to help companies to keep their logo fresh and compelling.
The Importance of Logo Design for Businesses in Docklands, Melbourne

The importance of having the right logo design for businesses in Docklands, Melbourne cannot be overstated. A logo is more than just a graphical element; it is a crucial part of a business’s brand identity. A well-designed logo can help a company establish its unique identity, differentiate itself from competitors, and create a lasting impression on customers.

A professionally designed logo can provide several benefits for businesses in Docklands, Melbourne. It can increase recognition and recall among customers, making it easier for them to identify and remember the company. A professionally designed logo can also enhance a business’s credibility and trustworthiness, as it conveys a sense of professionalism and quality.

On the other hand, a poorly designed logo can have negative consequences for a business. It can create confusion or even alienation among customers, making it difficult for the company to connect with its target audience. A poor logo design can also reflect poorly on the business and damage its reputation.
To ensure that their logo is effective, businesses in Docklands, Melbourne should consider working with a professional logo design agency like BrandVillage™. We provide expertise, experience, and creative ideas to help companies to design a logo that accurately reflects their brand identity and communicates their message effectively.

Who is BrandVillage?

We are a premium branding agency based in Docklands, Melbourne, Australia. We’ve worked with large corporate companies, small and medium businesses, and everything in between. With over 8 years industry experience delivering logo design Docklands, Melbourne wide, to a diverse range of business types, we are confident in our ability to bring brands to life.

We will always aim to maximise your return on investment with all logo design packages carefully bundled to provide the best value for money.

How does logo design fit into branding?

Without the risk of repeating ourselves, branding is all about your community reputation. Your logo design will dictate the first impression a customer has when deciding whether they will use your product or service.

Once we’ve worked with you on establishing your brand, we recommend starting with your logo design before commencing any other graphic design projects. This will be an opportunity to test your desired colours, fonts, and symbols. From there, we can work with you on your website design, packaging design, letterhead design, business card design, social media images and more.

When can you start on my logo design?

The first thing you’ll need to do is submit an enquiry by clicking here or emailing us We will the respond with a free quote and send through a logo design brief for you to complete. Once we receive this we will get to work on building your logo designs.

Our logo design process will usually take around 5 business days, but more importantly we will aim to deliver all graphic design work within your required timeframe.

Who owns the copyright?

You retain 100% copyright ownership of your logo design. As logo designers, we are only here to help you build your new venture and once your logo concept is handed over, you are free to use the logo as you please. If you have any questions please contact us by clicking here.

What happens if I don’t like the logo concepts?

Your brand identity is your number one business asset. We understand if you’d like to make changes to the logo design concepts we provide you. We want to encourage a creative hub, where both the graphic designer and business owner are involved in the whole process. We always offer revisions as stated in our logo packages, which can be found here – logo packages – and will continue to work with you until you find your perfect logo design.

What research do you do for logo design projects?

Our design services go beyond just our logo portfolio. Whether you run a small business or large company our dedicated team will look at your business mission, industry, competition, and customer demographic, to help find ways to differentiate your brand and speak directly to your target consumer.

All research will help shape our design decisions when creating your successful logo. We will also need as much information about your business history, values and mission as possible.

How much does it cost to design a logo in Docklands, Melbourne, Australia?

The cost of designing a logo in Docklands, Melbourne, Australia, varies depending on several factors, including the complexity of the design, the experience and reputation of the designer or design agency, and the value-added services included in the project. On average, businesses in Docklands, Melbourne can expect to pay between $500 and $1,500 for a professionally designed logo.

However, the cost of designing a logo in Docklands, Melbourne can vary significantly based on the specific requirements and preferences of the business. For example, some designers or design agencies may charge lower prices for simple logo designs, while others may charge higher fees for more complex or custom designs.

Our BrandVillage logo design packages take this into consideration and are carefully curated to suit different businesses and their budget. It is essential for businesses in Docklands, Melbourne to carefully evaluate their budget and requirements before choosing the best suited logo packages that we offer. In addition, clients should consider the value and benefits a professionally designed logo can provide and the assurance of getting the best value for your investment.

What final files will I receive?

We will provide you with all final files once you’re 100% satisfied with your professional logo design.

Sometimes file names can be confusing for customers that aren’t used to graphic design jargon. Rest assured, we will answer any of your questions and guide you on which format is suitable for specific uses.

You will be sent an email containing a folder with the following file formats:

  • – JPEG
  • – PNG
  • – PDF
  • – EPS
  • – SVG
  • – AI

We also provide the following colour profiles and will help guide you on which colour is profile is most useful for your colour background and material type:

  • – CMYK
  • – RGB
  • – PMS
  • – Positive Colour Profile
  • – Negative Colour Profile
  • – Black Silhouette
  • – White Silhouette
Problems with hiring freelancers logo designers from Upwork

There are a few potential issues with hiring freelance logo designers from Upwork or other platforms.
One potential issue is the quality of the work. Because there is no standardised screening process for freelancers on these platforms, the quality of the work can vary greatly. Unfortunately, this means you may only sometimes get a high-quality logo design, even if you are willing to pay for it.
Another potential issue is the communication and collaboration process. Working with a freelancer in a different location than you can be difficult, and it may be harder to ensure that the designer understands your vision for the logo. This can lead to delays and frustration for both the designer and the client.
Finally, there is always the risk of the unknown. Because you are dealing with someone who’s identity can be challenging to verify, there is an element of risk associated if your design is not produced correctly. A professional design agency can mitigate this with trusted Google reviews, physical location to visit and an Australian phone number to contact.
While hiring a freelance logo designer from Upwork or a similar platform can be a convenient and cost-effective option, it is essential to carefully evaluate the risks and potential drawbacks before deciding.

What is the difference between a logo design and a visual identity or brand?

BrandVillage offer a range of graphic design services. Logo design is a graphical element that represents a business, organisation, or personal brand. It can be a symbol only, typography only, or both. Sometimes a logo can contain an additional business tagline. Essentially, a logo is part of a brand’s visual identity.
The overall visual identity of a brand includes all the design elements and assets a brand uses to communicate its message and values to its target audience. A visual identity or brand consists of a logo and includes other design elements such as colours, font type, imagery, tone of voice and more.
To put it simply, a logo is an essential part of a brand’s visual identity, but other design elements contribute to its overall appearance and perception.

What should I consider when choosing a logo designer in Docklands, Melbourne?

When choosing a logo designer in Docklands, Melbourne, there are a few key factors that you should consider finding the right designer for your project.
First, you should look for a designer with a work portfolio that aligns with your vision for the logo. This will help to ensure that the designer has the skills and experience to create a logo that meets your needs. Our website displays lots of recent graphic design work and we encourage clients to reach out to find out more about our work into their industry.

Second, you should consider the designer’s availability and turnaround time. If you have a tight deadline, finding a designer who can accommodate your schedule is essential.
Third, you should consider the designer’s communication and collaboration style. It is essential to find a designer who is easy to work with and who will take the time to understand your vision and goals for the logo.

Lastly, you should consider the designer’s fees and payment terms. Again, finding a designer who offers competitive pricing and has clear and transparent payment policies is essential. BrandVillage logo design packages list exactly what’s included, with no hidden costs. By considering these factors, you can find a logo designer in Docklands, Melbourne who is well-suited to your project and can help you create a successful and effective logo for your brand.

Let’s work together.