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Your business logo is only the beginning of your brand story. Graphic design is more than just providing an extremely creative new logo, it also means considering your target audience and the decision-making of your potential customers. As a renowned branding agency, we emphasize understanding your business objectives and brand strategy. It means we work closely with you to produce an end result that will help you stand out in a competitive market. We will lay the foundation of your brand identity through a professional and unforgettable logo design.

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the university of Sydney
university of Florida
World Health Organization

Noir — Logo & Packaging Design

Gambit Group — Logo & Stationery Design

Continuum — Logo Design

CarCram — Logo Design

Accomplish Supports Network — Logo & Stationary Design

Wind & Vibes — Logo & Brand Design

Melbourne's Premier Design Agency Services

BrandVillage is your one-stop design agency in Melbourne, catering especially to small business needs. We offer all the design services, from initial logo design concepts to final product, you need to help get your business started or give it that fresh look you've been searching for. With our design skills and dedication to your marketing efforts, you won't need to explain your brand vision more than once.


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How to Get Started with Your Custom Logo

  1. Complete our design brief

Firstly, as a top Melbourne logo designer, we will walk you through our full design process. We will take the time to understand your new business and target market through a quick discovery session. Our dedicated graphic designer team will then research your competitors for no additional cost to make sure your new logo will reflect your industry accurately.

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  1. We create logos for your brand

After we’ve established your brand identity, we will get to work on your strategic logo design project. We will provide you with multiple logo designs in a timely manner and collaborate with you on choosing the perfect one before we send you the final product. Our design skills and creative skills are unparalleled, ensuring that feedback is always welcomed.

  1. Bring it to life

Once you’ve decided on the perfect logo design, we will provide you with a range of file types so you can start using your design in the real world. If you're a new business, incorporating a brand strategy and a logo development plan can be vital. You might want to include a logo style guide to help you showcase your finished product on multiple print and digital applications for signage, social media, and amplifying your digital marketing efforts.

Logo Breakdown

wealth shield logo melbourne

Shield Shape

The “W” and “S” letters form the shape of a shield in connection with the business name “Wealth Shield”.

“WS” Monogram

Thick straight lines used to form the letters “W” and “S” form a subtle gated image signifying strength.

Colour Palette

Monochromatic black and white style representing strong foundations, sophistication & security.

ace mathematics logo australia

“AM” Monogram

The design contains the letters “A” and “M” flowing into each other for “Ace Mathematics”.


Symmetry is an important concept within Mathematics and core principle of good design.

Mathematical Features

Multiplication symbol is in the centre of the logo with two equal triangular points on either side.

Faix - Logo & Packaging Design

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Cali & Co — Logo Design


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Newgrange Construction - Logo Design

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Key Project Management - Logo Design

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Hills Marketplace - Logo Design

Noir Sand Skin - Packaging Design

Circa Espresso - Logo Design


Barossa Valley Sourdough - Logo Design

Sewell Engineering - Website Design


Accomplish Supports Network - Logo Design

Hilti - Brochure Design

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Panthera Consulting - Logo Design

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MJL Racing - Logo Design

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Logo Design Melbourne Packages.

High-quality custom logo design for Melbourne businesses. We are here to support you. Description - Our logo design package uniquely blends creative skills and strategic thinking. We don't just create logos; we build brand identities that align with your business objectives. Our team of skilled graphic designers ensures that every logo design project we undertake reflects the brand's essence while resonating with its target audience in a competitive market. So, please take a few minutes to consider our exclusive logo design packages below and let us know the one that best suits your business logo needs. We are happy to customise these packages based on how many logo designs you want to choose from. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours.


Just the Logo

  • 2 Logo Design Concepts
  • 10 Business Day Turnaround
  • 3 rounds of revisions / edits
  • Full Industry Research
  • 100% Copyright ownership
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Logo & Visual Identity Elements

  • 5 Logo Design Concepts
  • 5 Business Day Turnaround
  • Unlimited Revisions / Edits
  • Business Card Design
  • Full Industry Research
  • 100% Copyright ownership
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Full Visual Identity

  • 10 Logo Design Concepts
  • 5 Business Day Turnaround
  • Branding Style Guide
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Email Signature Design
  • Social Media Profile Images
  • Social Media Banner Images
  • 100% Copyright ownership
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High-Quality Custom Logo Design for Melbourne businesses. We are here to support you.

High-quality logo design for Melbourne businesses. We are here to support you.
Description – Take a look at our extensive portfolio, showcasing the diverse range of logo designs we have created over the years. BrandVillage logo designs are custom designed for each business, from small business logos to large enterprise branding. Our design skills and strategic insights ensure that every logo design project stands out in its unique way based on its brand identity and target market.

Each brand logo is a testament to our commitment to excellence and branding design prowess. Our experienced and creative designers carefully examine each colour, shape, typography and spacing while creating the logo. Every graphic design project is thoughtfully curated to fit the client’s exact vision.

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BrandVillage is an Award-Winning Logo Design Agency in Melbourne

We are a team of experienced Melbourne-based logo designers working to help every business, from small businesses to large corporate companies, create memorable graphic designs for print and digital applications.

BrandVillage began its branding journey under the leadership of Kate, an ambitious graphic designer. Established in 2015, we’ve rapidly become the go-to branding agency in Melbourne. Recognizing Melbourne businesses’ unique challenges and aspirations, we strive to design logos that echo their essence while standing out in a competitive market. Our best logo designers prioritize clear communication, transparency, and unwavering dedication from the onset of a project to its completion.

We’re eager to discuss your business logo needs, so drop us a message or give us a call. We promise a swift response within 24 hours.

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Our Satisfaction Guarantee.

At BrandVillage, customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our branding journey. We’re not happy unless you’re happy. With every logo design project, we emphasize on initial logo design concepts to ensure variety. We will continue to work with you on your design until you are 100% satisfied with the results. Capturing your brand logo identity correctly is our number one priority, and our team of best logo designers will ensure that your branding design vision is brought to life accurately.

Secure Payments.

Positive customer experience is important from the moment you enter the website, to the moment you process your payment. To add an extra layer of security for our clients, all payments are processed securely through PayPal. We accept Mastercard, VISA, American Express, PayPal and Bank Transfer for all purchasing amounts.


Who is BrandVillage?

We are a premium branding agency in Melbourne known for our design skills. Our Melbourne logo designer team has worked with everything from small business logos to large corporate branding. With over 8 years of industry experience delivering Melbourne logo design services, we are confident in our creative skills to bring brands to life.

We will always aim to maximize your marketing efforts with all logo design packages meticulously bundled to provide the best value for money.

How does logo design fit into branding?

Branding is about crafting a compelling brand story. Your business logo will dictate the first impression a customer has. Once we’ve set the brand strategy, we recommend kickstarting your branding journey with your logo development before delving into other graphic design projects.

When can you start on my logo design?

Kick-starting your logo design project is straightforward. Start by submitting an enquiry here or shoot us an email at Our response will include a free quotation, followed by a logo design brief for completion. After receiving your enquiry, our graphic designer team will send you a logo design package brief. Our logo designs process typically takes about 5 business days. However, our primary commitment is ensuring all design work aligns with your stipulated timeframe.

Who owns the copyright?

Post completion of your professional logo, you hold the copyright. We, as your trusted logo designer, merely assist in shaping your vision. Once the logo is handed over, its application and use are entirely at your discretion. If uncertainties arise, our communication channels are always open for clarity. If you have any questions please contact us by clicking here.

What happens if I don’t like the logo concepts?

We understand the value of a brand logo. If the initial logo design concepts don’t resonate, we’re receptive to revisions. Our branding design hub encourages feedback. Based on the chosen logo package – detailed here – logo package – – we offer revisions until you discover your ideal logo design.

What research do you do for logo design projects?

Beyond showcasing our ability to create logos, we delve deep into understanding your niche. Whether you’re a small business or an expansive corporate entity, our dedicated team of creative designers will dive deep into your business ethos, industry dynamics, competitive landscape, and target demographics. This comprehensive research aids in tailoring a strategic logo and crafts messages that resonate with your desired audience. Providing insights into your business’s history, core values, and mission enriches our research phase.

How much does it cost to design a logo in Melbourne, Australia?

The cost for a professional logo development in Melbourne vary by diverse factors: design intricacy, the designer’s experience, and supplementary services, but our logo designer team ensures you get quality worth every penny. Typically, Melbourne businesses can anticipate an outlay between $500 and $1,500 for a top-tier logo.

What final files will I receive?

We will provide you with all final files once you’re 100% satisfied with your professional logo design.

Sometimes file names can be confusing for customers that aren’t used to graphic design jargon. Rest assured, we will answer any of your questions and guide you on which format is suitable for specific uses.

You will be sent an email containing a folder with the following file formats:

  • – JPEG
  • – PNG
  • – PDF
  • – EPS
  • – SVG
  • – AI

We also provide the following colour profiles and will help guide you on which colour is profile is most useful for your colour background and material type:

  • – CMYK
  • – RGB
  • – PMS
  • – Positive Colour Profile
  • – Negative Colour Profile
  • – Black Silhouette
  • – White Silhouette
Will I be able to request revisions on the logo design?

Certainly, you will be able to request revisions based on the logo package selected, revisions are available to ensure your new logo resonates with your vision. We offers different levels of revisions. The Silver package includes 3 rounds of revisions, while the Gold and Platinum packages offer unlimited revisions

What if I need a logo redesign or update in the future?

If you need a logo redesign or update in the future, We are available for follow-up calls to discuss the print or digital application of your design. We can also provide advice with regard to file types or future projects​

Can you help with the application of my logo to other marketing materials?

Yes, We can help with the application of your logo to other marketing materials. After establishing your brand, We recommend starting with your logo design before commencing any other graphic design projects. From there, we can work with you on your website design, packaging design, letterhead design, business card design, social media images, and more​

What kind of businesses have you worked with in the past?

At BrandVillage, we pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio, having worked with businesses spanning a multitude of industries. Some of the many sectors we’ve catered to include real estate, construction, fitness, pool cleaning, finance, and cosmetic industries. We’ve also helped numerous small businesses with their unique and custom logo design needs. Be it a renovation company looking to establish its brand identity or a budding entrepreneur seeking a custom logo for a startup, our team at BrandVillage brings a wealth of experience and creative expertise to the table, ensuring each logo design aligns with the brand’s vision and resonates with its target audience.

How do you ensure the logo design aligns with my company’s brand identity?

We adopt a brand-first approach in every project we undertake. This means we start by understanding your brand, its core values, and your target audience. We then incorporate these insights into the logo design process. Our team is proficient in creating logos that not only reflect your brand’s identity but also resonate with your audience. We use colours, typography, and symbols that embody your brand personality, ensuring your logo makes a lasting impression

Do you provide ongoing support or services after the logo is designed?

Yes, we absolutely do. Once your logo is designed and you’re delighted with it, we don’t stop there. We offer a variety of other services such as graphic design, web design, business card design, social media templates, brochure design,packaging and labeling, branding, email signature design, and much more. In addition, we provide all the necessary files for your new logo and offer support for its application to different branding materials. BrandVillage is your partner in building a successful business brand

What's your process for incorporating feedback and revisions into the design?

We value your input and feedback immensely. After presenting you with a range of design concepts, we encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions. We are always open to making amendments to your design until you are 100% satisfied. At BrandVillage, we are not happy unless you’re happy

What should I consider when choosing a logo designer in Melbourne?

When choosing a logo designer in Melbourne, consider their portfolio to evaluate their style and quality. Experience in your industry can be a plus. Check reviews or ask for references to gauge client satisfaction. Determine if their timeline aligns with yours. Understand their design process, revisions policy, and what formats and rights you’ll receive. Lastly, consider cost; don’t opt for the cheapest option but instead value for money.

Why you shouldn’t use free logo makers and cheap tools for logo design work in Melbourne?

Free logo makers and cheap tools lack the originality and customization that a professional designer provides. They often generate generic, non-unique designs that fail to capture your brand’s essence. These tools lack the strategic approach required for effective branding. Also, intellectual property rights might be unclear, leading to potential legal issues. Investing in professional design guarantees unique, memorable logos tailored to your brand’s identity.

How can I find a reputable and experienced logo designer in Melbourne?

To find a reputable and experienced logo designer in Melbourne, start by searching online portfolios on websites like Behance or Dribbble. Check designers’ websites for testimonials and case studies. Professional networks or local business groups can provide referrals. Evaluate their experience, style, and customer satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to contact them directly to discuss your needs and their process. Remember, a good designer will ask questions about your brand and objectives.

What is the Problem with hiring freelancers logo designers from Upwork?

Hiring freelance logo designers in Melbourne from Upwork can present several challenges. Communication gaps due to time zone differences or language barriers can result in misunderstandings. Quality may be inconsistent, as freelancers can range from inexperienced to expert. Determining the designer’s reliability can be difficult, especially without face-to-face interactions. Intellectual property rights might not be clear-cut. Additionally, because of the high competition, freelancers might rush jobs to move onto the next one, compromising on quality. Finally, cultural nuances might be missed by non-local designers.

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