Small Business Logo Design Melbourne

Small Design Logo Design Melbourne

Published: February 22, 2023

A commonly asked question, Why Do You Need a Logo for Your Small Business? So with a well-designed logo, potential customers can quickly learn how your company can help them, even if you’re a small business.

You’ve certainly heard it before, but it’s still worth mentioning: every great company needs a great logo.

A beautiful logo design is a vital must for any new business trying to differentiate itself from the competition and connect authentically with its customers. In fact, an MIT Sloan Management Review study discovered that successful small business logos can have a serious influence not only on consumer loyalty but also on actual business performance.

The first impression that you put on a potential customer or client will set the foundation for the remainder of your relationship. If you make a good first impression, people will be eager to learn more about you and your products or services, and they will be willing to cooperate with you in the future. 

Significance of Having a Logo

If you’re doing it right, your logo should be present on every piece of marketing materials you use, including your website and business cards. And you need to start with a fantastic logo if you want to strike that first impression.

Think of it like this: you wouldn’t show up to a meeting in your jammies if you were going to meet your consumers in person. You would dress to impress, don a suit, and present yourself so that your clients know you mean business.

The same concept applies to your logo. Consider a logo that is poorly created (or has no logo at all) to be the branding equivalent of showing up to a meeting in your pyjamas; you won’t leave a favorable impression (or land the business). And a fantastic logo? It’s like making a strong first impression by dressing professionally and wearing your best work suit.

Make a good first impression with your logo to help yourself. Your business will thank you in the future.

Types of Small Business Logos

Although there are many different logo types for small businesses, did you realize there are only five major categories? Continue reading to learn more about the design style that you want.

The following are the top five major types of logos: 

  • Woodmarks
  • Lettermarks
  • Brandmarks
  • Combination marks
  • Emblems

It’s important to note that not all logos fall into these categories clearly and neatly, but that’s okay. You should see this list more as a way to get you thinking than as a strict system.

1. Woodmark

A wordmark, also known as a logotype, is the most basic type of logo, displaying the company’s name in text only. They can be based on signatures, handwriting, etc. 

Coca-Cola, Disney, Mobil, Canon, Sony, Visa, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Pinterest are just a few examples.

2. Lettermark

A lettermark is a logo that consists of an abbreviation — often, the initials of a company, united or separated. People like using a Lettermark when launching a new brand or business to make it easier to remember and distinguish. Microsoft, IBM, General Electric (GE), Volkswagen (VW), Hewlett-Packard (HP), NASA, and CNN are just a few examples.

3. Brandmark

When asked to name a brand’s logo, the majority of individuals undoubtedly mention brandmarks. Many different logos can be categorized as brandmarks. You wouldn’t think of the letterforms interlocked with the “swoosh” if I asked you to describe the Nike logo; instead, you’d think of the recognizable swoosh, which is the brandmark.

4. Combination Marks

One of the most popular types of logo design today is the combination mark. It is made of the text/name of the company and an icon or symbol. Because of its flexibility, most small businesses choose this type of logo design. For instance, combination logos are used by Reddit, Microsoft, Addidas, and Amazon.

5. Emblems

The earliest types of logo design are emblems. Consider seals, stamps, or government organizations.

A logotype known as an emblem includes text, an image, or a symbol within a geometric shape. It has the ability to offer your brand a traditional feel.

Emblem logos usually tend to have more intricate details than other types of logos, giving your brand a more official appearance.

How To Choose the Right Designer for Your Small Business Logo in Melbourne

For business owners, it is a good thing that there are lots of possibilities available right now. One is to have your logo designed by a third party. Yet that unavoidably raises the question of who you should hire to design it. We understand your pain, so don’t worry!

For this reason, we’ve put together a list of factors to take into account when choosing a logo design company in Melbourne.

1. Avoid Logo Factories

Many people fall into the trap of searching for designers on Google. Understanding the concept of “first page on Google” can be difficult. When you search Google for “logo design” or related terms, you will see a number of “logo factories” with various logo design offerings on the first page.

Those are the options that any individual seeking a professional logo design for business should avoid. Such generic logo designs that most agencies offer cannot possibly be as original and recognized as a custom designed logo, especially for your needs and appropriate for your brand identification.

2. Research

A proper logo creation process must include numerous stages. Research is one of the steps.

Proper market research takes time, regardless of how large or small a company or corporation is. There is competition research, analyzing their visual identities, comparing them, and a variety of additional steps required to ensure that a designer does not create a design that is already on the market.

3. Pricing Trap

Price is another factor that can contribute to confusion. The majority of “logo factories” will offer logo creation services ranging from $5 to undisclosed prices. They package it in tempting offers at various levels, such as “Gold package,” “Platinum package,” and so on. Any reputable designer will not accept a logo for less than $100. Therefore be cautious because when you search online for someone to design your logo, you will come across a plethora of amateurs, enthusiasts, and other types of people that believe they have sufficient skills to design a logo.

As a result, your search should begin somewhere where you can be confident that you have found a reputable and creative logo designer in Melbourne.

To get your logo designed professionally, you need a real person, a competent designer, not a program that blends random pieces and creates useless logos. Among the many reasons why you should not accept any of those offers is a lack of time. You may come across offerings such as “excellent logo design within 24 hours,” “Design Your Logo in 5 Minutes?” and so on.

Tips for Creating a Successful Small Business Logo

Logo design can appear to be a daunting task. After all, a logo is more than just an aesthetically pleasing sign. It carries the weight of your company’s brand identity and values, shapes a viewer’s first impression, and sets you apart from the competitors. Once established, a well-designed logo aids in the development of familiarity. It promotes brand loyalty and enables instant recognition.

Hence, wherever you intend to use your logo, from business cards to websites, here are our top 5 logo-creation tips.

1. Embrace Simplicity

The good news is that creating a logo does not have to be complicated. In fact, keeping things simple is preferable. Any marketing or design professional will tell you that an overly complicated logo design is one of the biggest mistakes a company can make.

While it may be tempting to flaunt your artistic abilities by using fancy fonts and colors, the truth is that a complex logo might be difficult for clients to remember and recognize.

2. Think About Your Audience

Remember, you’re not creating a logo to express your unique style or taste. At the preliminary research stage of your logo design, examine what will be most appealing to your company’s target market. You can learn about your target audience by conducting extensive market research, conducting case studies, and even looking at your competitors.

The guidelines apply equally whether you’re a trusted and reliable small business in Melbourne or a prestigious fashion house in Milan. Key elements of audience research to take into account include:

  • Determining what is most important to them (e.g. sustainability)
  • Understanding which narrative to use to elicit a response from your audience
  • How to get the interest of potential clients who share your ideals

3. Be Noticed

It seems very straightforward, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, it can be challenging to find original concepts and standout signage in a competitive market.

Test a variety of fonts and typographies thoroughly to make sure your logo stands out from those of your competitors. For true distinctiveness, you could even design a custom font. Try out different color schemes, experiment around with different iterations of catchy taglines, and avoid clichés at all costs.

While it’s acceptable to find inspiration from other sources, creating a really original logo design will provide you with the greatest effect.

4. Design With a Scalability Approach

Test your design in several sizes before committing to it. Is it OK for a little pen in a VIP’s pocket and outdoor signage on a massive billboard in Times Square?

It must have a high enough resolution to retain detail and quality when resized. It should be easily identifiable and memorable regardless of its size. That is why you should build your logo in vector format so that it will look sharp at any size.

5. Design a Timeless Logo

It can be tempting to follow the latest design trends and jump on the latest design bandwagons, but you want a logo that can endure the test of time.

A timeless, classic design will still look fantastic in ten years as it does now. Making the extra effort to learn timeless design concepts and guidelines for logos today can prevent you from having to do numerous time-consuming re-designs in the future.

Benefits of Having a Small Business Logo

A great logo is essential when it comes to developing brand identity. Let’s start with the fundamentals: what exactly is a logo? Simply put, a logo is the visual identity of a small business. Nevertheless, a logo is more than just an appealing design. Your logo is your first impression, no matter what business you are in or what product/service you sell. It should encapsulate your business’ identity and show ownership, quality, and ideals. It’s on your products, business cards, website, social media, and, most importantly, in your clients’ minds.

Marketing is an essential component of any successful organization. There are a few things that will always be useful whether you plan to employ online or offline techniques. One of them is the logo you choose for your company.

You should choose a name that is both descriptive of your products and services and easy to remember. Your logo should reflect your company in a meaningful and memorable way. Getting the proper tone and visuals for your brand can be difficult, but the work is well worth it.

Cost of Small Business Logo Design in Melbourne

One of a company’s most crucial components is its logo. It may be found everywhere, from websites and business cards to advertisements and signage, and it symbolizes your company and its brand. So how much should a logo cost?

It’s essential to get the right logo design, which requires investing the time and money required to obtain a high-quality design that properly represents your business.

The most affordable alternative is to create the logo yourself, but this requires some design expertise. It’s advisable to hire an expert if you’re unsure about your skills. While the most expensive choice is usually working with a design agency in Melbourne, a great benefit is that you have access to a team of designers with a range of knowledge and experience.

To save money on future projects, BrandVillage Branding Agency Melbourne provides clients with complete copyright and brand guidelines.

Starting at $490, we offer tailored logo design packages specific to your needs. 

Explore our unique Melbourne Logo Design Packages, and then select the one that best satisfies your needs for a small business company logo. If you want to select from a larger selection of logo designs, we are happy to modify these packages. We will get in touch with you within a day!


If you want to make a difference and thrive in the marketplace, you’ll need a logo. Fortunately, a competent graphic designer in Melbourne can make you one. While the prices for small business logo design in Melbourne vary, you may get a brand-building logo for a low cost. A logo is more than just eye-catching graphics. There are numerous factors to consider when selecting the proper logo for your business. 

You need a beautiful logo to enhance your brand’s reputation – something that represents your firm every time it appears and sends the message you want to your customers. But, this does not imply that your logo must cost hundreds of dollars. 

BrandVillage’s design team has been empowering businesses for years by designing unique logos at reasonable pricing. Contact us today to get a design quote for your Melbourne-based small business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you approach designing a logo for a small business in Melbourne?

The first step is to understand the purpose of a logo. A proper logo creation process must include numerous stages. Research is another one of the steps. We work closely with you to produce an end result that will help you stand out from the next Melbourne business.

2. Can you design a logo that accurately reflects my small business’s personality and values?

We will take the time to understand your new business and target market through a quick discovery session. Our dedicated team will then research your competitors for no additional cost, to make sure your new logo will reflect your industry accurately.

3. What is the typical timeline for creating a small business logo in Melbourne?

We will provide you with multiple logo concepts in a timely manner and work with you on choosing the perfect one before we send you the final product. Depending on the logo design package that you select, we can deliver a logo in 5 or 10 days at maximum.

4. How much do your small business logo design services cost in Melbourne?

Our logo design packages start at $490, offering copyright ownership, at least 5 different file formats, and 2 design concepts.

5. Can you provide a wide range of design options for my small business logo?

At $490 only, we will provide you with 2 design concepts from which you can choose. If you feel that you might need more design concepts, please see our Gold or Platinum logo design packages.

6. How do you ensure that the small business logo you design is both professional and memorable?

We understand the need of being unique in this crowded competition. A simple but unique logo is what will make your business stand out from the other small businesses in Melbourne.

7. What design elements are commonly used in small business logos in Melbourne?

Fonts, colors, graphic elements, and spacing are basically the main elements of a small business logo in Melbourne.

8. Can you design a logo that is versatile for various forms of media?

We are here for the long term, that’s why we provide support even after your logo design process is completed. We can give you a style guide to help you with marketing your design in both printable and digital assets.

9. How can I ensure that the small business logo you design is easily recognizable?

A simple, yet easy-to-remember logo is what makes it recognizable and memorable. People can sometimes forget about your company name, but a logo is what will be easily recognizable and will bring back good memories that they have of your services.

10. What is your design process for creating a small business logo in Melbourne?

After our initial call, we go through your competitors by researching and analyzing them at no extra cost. That is to make sure that your logo is not similar to theirs and also stands out. Afterward, we’ll deliver our design concepts on which you can note changes/edits and in the final stage – we come up with the final logo design that best satisfies your small business needs in Melbourne.

11. Can you provide ongoing support for my small business logo after the design process is complete?

As mentioned earlier, we are here for the long term, and we will provide ongoing support even after the design process is completed. Our logo design team in Melbourne will be happy to help you out at any time!

12. Can you design a small business logo that is both classic and contemporary?

A timeless, classic design will still look fantastic in ten years as it does now. We make the extra step to ensure that your logo will still look great ten years from now, without losing its meaning.

13. How do you determine the right color scheme for a small business logo in Melbourne?

If you’re looking to get a logo for a small business in Melbourne, based on your business’s vision and mission, we will suggest some color schemes that can be used to accurately represent your business and brand message.

14. Can you provide a timeline for the small business logo design process in Melbourne?

In our low-price logo design packageSilver”, we can deliver the logo in about 10 days, meanwhile, we can also have a logo delivered in about 5 days if you select the “Gold” or “Platinumlogo design packages. However, if you need your logo designed in less than 5 days, feel free to contact us and we will make a specific package tailored to your needs.

15. How do you ensure that the small business logo design you create is easily distinguishable from others?

By conducting competitor research and analysis at no extra cost, we make sure that your small business logo is always easily distinguishable from the competition.

16. What steps do you take to protect the confidentiality of your clients' small business logo designs in Melbourne?

The confidentiality of our clients is one of our top priorities, we make sure that any data shared with us will be protected at all times during the logo design process.

17. Can you design a small business logo that is scalable for future use?

We always design with a scalability approach. By doing this, we ensure that your logo can be used in various printing and digital materials.

18. How do you ensure that the small business logo you design is easy to understand and interpret?

Designing a unique logo while keeping it simple, allows us to have a final logo design that is both easy to understand and interpret.

19. Can you design a small business logo that can evolve with my business as it grows?

We make sure that your small business logo design is still modern and meaningful even after 10 years.

20. What sets your small business logo design services apart from others in Melbourne?

One thing that sets us apart from the other logo design services in Melbourne is the ongoing support even after the design project is completed. Our team is ready and will be happy to help out with any of your inquiries!

21. Can you provide a guarantee for the satisfaction of your small business logo design services in Melbourne?

We understand hard work and the importance of keeping your clients satisfied with effective communication, transparency, and commitment to a project beyond its completion.

22. What file formats will my final small business logo be delivered in?

On each logo design package we offer, we provide various file formats for your small business’s logo. These file formats consist of PSD, AI, PDF, JPG, and PNG. Additionally, if you need a specific file format, feel free to let us know and we’ll be happy to help you out with that too.

23. Can you design a small business logo that can be used across multiple countries and cultures?

Absolutely! Cross-cultural logo design ensures that a logo’s meaning is understandable to all audiences.

24. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and styles in small business logo design in Melbourne?

Our end product always strives to keep up with the latest logo design trends, we do this by playing with colors, creating wonderful solutions with a modern, yet simple appearance.

25. What is the average time frame for revising a small business logo design in Melbourne?

After your first initial contact with us, we will get back to you with more information in less than 24 hours. If you decide to get a brand new logo design for your Melbourne-based small business, we can do so in 5, approximately 10 days.

Let’s work together.