The Best Fonts For a Logo in 2024: How to Choose the Best One

The Best Fonts for Logo in 2023

Published: May 6, 2023

Have you ever taken an eye test where the optometrist asks you to read some letters or symbols? How does it feel when you are trying to read them but it’s illegible or very challenging for your eyes?

Something similar happens when the font for your Company’s Logo goes wrong. In many cases, the wrong selection of logo font does more harm than good.

Selecting the right font can affect how your logo finally looks in either print or digital media. As the Logo is the face of your Company, it needs to be well thought out and must align with the brand’s image, values and message. The logo should be legible, readable, the right size and scalable.

A font’s size and style are crucial; it should balance as not too small or too big simultaneously, not too loud or too bold. It has to adhere to the aesthetic appeal that matches your brand.

In the blog below, we will discuss some fonts used by major brands like Tiffany, Google, and Coca-cola to get an idea about how merely a simple logo font selection can make or break the game!

Choosing the right fonts, like Serif, Sans-Serif, Display, Custom or a contrast of two fonts, can help design a Logo that gets noticed and can impact a brand’s identity. Each font type has its own characteristics, and only a professional’s eye can find the difference.

Our team at BrandVillage has been delivering excellent logo designing services in Melbourne for 10+ years, and we are well-versed with the font, font types, colour combinations and designs for a logo.

From our experience logo design Melbourne professionals, let’s go through the details of different fonts to find out how each font style caters to a different brand, and how it can help elevate your presence at a click!

#Most Opted Logo Font Type 1- Serif Fonts

In typography, a Serif font shows small lines or strokes at the end of the letters. It first originated in Greek writings on stone. This font style is trendy amongst luxury and premium brands. Serif font is classified into four subgroups:

  • Old style
  • Transitional
  • Didone
  • Slab Serif

Serif fonts are easier to read, classy and have a formal and elegant appearance. This font is commonly used in print media. The font represents the trustworthiness of the brand. Tiffany and Co is a prominent and iconic example of a brand that uses this font. The font exudes the luxury, extraordinary craftsmanship and creativity that the brand stands for.

Tiffany & Co logo

To choose the proper Serif Font, one should keep the following in mind:

  • Avoid Serif fonts that don’t match your brand’s style
  • Avoid too intricate or decorative strokes as they may make them illegible

#Most Opted Logo Font Type 2 – Sans-Serif Fonts

In typography and lettering, Sans-Serif fonts don’t have serifs. In other words, no features at the end of strokes. This font style can be seen in the logo design of many tech companies. This is because they appear slightly more modern.

San-Serif fonts are classified into three or four groups:

  • Grotesque
  • Neo- grotesque
  • Geometric
  • Humanist

One brand that uses the Sans-Serif font in its logos is Google. It uses Product Sans. It’s without any dashes, indents or extensions of the tips of its characters.

Google Logo

Choosing a suitable Sans-Serif is best when:

  • You are looking to design a minimalist logo.
  • The font Sans- Serif works well where there needs to be more room for copy.
  • This font is more geometric and bolder, making it more impactful.

#Most Opted Logo Font Type 3 – Script Fonts

The Script font is a direct influence of handwriting and calligraphy. It’s more fluid and cursive in nature. This font is commonly used by beauty and fashion brands, or brands evoking a more retro feel, to depict softer, playful or feminine characteristics. They convey the history of your brand and usually the target audience for your products. There are two types:

  • Formal Scripts
  • Casual Scripts

The renowned brand Coca-cola logo uses the Spencerian script, a type of cursive handwriting that is very distinctive and invokes nostalgia for the era gone by. This font is commonly used for wedding invitations, greeting cards and certificates.

Coca-Cola Logo

If you plan to choose this font for your logo you should consider:

  • If it matches the tone of voice of your brand. The cursive form helps give a personal, playful and softer touch to your brand’s logo.
  • As these fonts are decorative, they should look legible and be readable in your logo especially if the font size is small.

#Most Opted Logo Font Type 4 – Display Fonts

As the name suggests, this font is designed to display and to draw attention through large titles. The fonts have distinctive features like shadow, engraving, inline, or hand-tooled lettering. This font style is used to make a bold statement and create a unique identity and loud personality for the brand by engaging its audience with a distinct Logo. High-end brands often use this font. This font style helps create an unforgettable brand identity.

The luxury brand Chanel logo uses this font style, which matches their style, elegance and class. The font in Chanel’s Logo depicts the brand’s premium personality.

Chanel Logo

Tips for choosing this font for your Logo:

  • It should be readable besides being eye-catching.
  • It should be unique to your brand and be able to make an impression at first glance
  • This bold font can make a strong visual appeal, so it should be used carefully.
  • These fonts cannot be used for body text.

#Most Opted Logo Font Type 5 -Custom Fonts

Custom fonts are self-described in that they are designed and tailored to your requirements. It uses a mix of contrasting fonts specifically customised to your brand. The Disney logo is a classic example of the customised font Waltograph, which was designed and named after Walt Disney. It has given the brand a unique identity and high brand recall.

Disney Logo

When creating a custom font, one must be very careful of the following:

  • It should be designed with the help of a professional designer.
  • Not mix too many elements that can complicate the final font style.
  • One should test the font on various platforms and check for its legibility, readability and scalability.
  • Choose a unique font that balances the different elements while designing the custom font.


A logo can help define your brand and establish trust and loyalty. Choosing the right font is essential as it can affect the Logo in many ways. The font should give the owner the flexibility to use the Logo across different platforms without it being distorted or changed due to changes in size, shape, or medium that it’s used. Choosing a versatile font is, therefore, very important.

The font should give a logo style that matches the brand. Using the right font is crucial to the brand your Company stands for. A company that deals with fashion beauty should consider using script font, whereas a tech or digital company should try a font like Sans-Serif used by Google. One can also experiment by designing a font that becomes iconic with your brand through customisation.

Choosing the font for your logo should be made in conjunction with a professional designer who understands each font’s intricacies and pros and cons that could make or break your Logo. Sometimes, not investing time, effort, and money in choosing the right font and Logo can cause much more damage. A professional logo designer or a design agency can help you carve out a logo with a distinctive font style unique to your brand’s identity.

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