How to Design a Skateboard Graphic?

How to Design a Skateboard Graphic

Published: April 24, 2024

Ever gazed at a skateboard and thought, “How do they make it look so cool?” Designing a skateboard graphic involves blending creativity with skate culture. The blend expresses identity and style. Inspired by the iconic and imaginative designs from renowned skate brands like Vans, Element, Santa Cruz, and Thrasher, it’s clear that these graphics are more than mere decoration. They’re an essential part of skateboarding culture. This customisation allows products to stand out in a crowded market.

Skateboard graphic design starts with a unique concept that reflects the skater’s personality. It is then brought to life through artistic collaboration and technical execution.

Achieving such impactful skateboard designs necessitates the expertise of professional graphic designers. These creative experts merge art with the latest trends and production techniques.

In Australia, the love for skateboarding is a vast culture. To appreciate this, my team at Brandvillage and I are at the forefront of bringing custom graphics to life. Our talented graphic designers are passionate about skateboards and graphic design in Melbourne. We make sure each board looks incredible and tells a powerful story. We aim to captivate everyone—from the person who’s picked up their first board to the seasoned skater who’s ridden countless times.

Are you also looking for a skateboard design that truly reflects your identity? Join me as we explore the journey to craft a skateboard graphic as unique as your fingerprint.

Understanding the Skateboard Culture in Australia

Skate Scene Down Under A Glimpse into Australian Skateboard Culture

Skateboarding has a strong presence in Australia—the lively community of skaters and a rich history dating back to the 1970s. In “Land Down Under”, skateboarding isn’t just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. It’s about freedom, creativity, and community. Across the country, from the bustling streets to the sunny beaches of Melbourne, you’ll find skaters of all ages and backgrounds sharing their love for this incredible sport.

Let’s go through these key points to explore the skateboarding scene in Australia.

  • Australia’s skateboarding culture emerged in the 1970s. Professionals like Fabian Byrne, Richard Flude, and Tony Hawk shaped the early scene.
  • Australia boasts iconic skate parks like Bondi Beach Skate Park, Rampfest Skate Park, and Desert Winds Skate Ranch, central to the country’s skateboarding culture.
  • Australian National Skateboarding Championships are also hosted in Australia. Vans Park Series also attract international skaters to the country.
  • Australian skate media outlets, such as Monster Children and Slam Skateboarding Magazine, also play a significant role. Brands like Globe and Kathmandu document and shape the culture.
  • Skateboarding culture has influenced Australian art and fashion. Street artists incorporate skate motifs and brands like Rip Curl catering to skaters.
  • Efforts are underway to promote diversity in Australian skateboarding. It encourages participation from women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and indigenous Australians.

Overall, skateboard culture in Australia is vibrant and diverse. It is deeply rooted in the country’s coastal lifestyle and urban landscapes. Skateboarding culture has contributed to Australia’s unique identity within the global skateboarding community.

Process to Design Skateboard Graphic

Step 1 – Start with Concept Development

Concept Development The First Step to Creative Design

The first step in skateboard graphic design is brainstorming and concept development. This is where your ideas start to take shape. Think of it as drawing a map before you start your journey. You want to figure out where you’re headed and what you want to see.

For me and my team at Brandvillage, this stage is crucial. We sit down and chat about what skateboarding means to you. Is it about the thrill, the community, the freedom, or all of the above? We explore your passions, interests, and the stories you want your board to tell. This could be anything: your love for the ocean, a tribute to your favourite skate icon, or an abstract design that captures your personality.

We also look at colours, styles, and imagery that speak to you. This isn’t just about making something that looks cool. It’s about creating a design that feels like an extension of yourself. Whether you’re into bold and bright designs or something more subtle and intricate, this is where your vision comes alive.

Step 2 – Understanding the Design Elements

Decoding Design Elements Building Blocks of Visual Creativity

Once we have a solid concept, we will dive into the design elements. This will bring your skateboard graphic to life. This involves a deeper look into colours, shapes, and typography. It ensures each element aligns with your concept and the story you want to tell.

In this stage, my team at Brandvillage pays close attention to the specifics.

  • For instance, colours do more than make your board look pretty. They evoke emotions and connect on a deeper level. We consider what each colour represents and how they can be combined. This approach reflects your personality or the message you’re trying to convey.
  • Shapes and lines play a significant role, too. They can add movement to your design, making it feel dynamic and alive. They can also be used to create a specific mood or atmosphere. Every element is considered, whether sharp, angular lines for a more aggressive look or smooth, flowing shapes for a calmer vibe.
  • Typography, if your design includes text, is another crucial aspect. The right font can complement your design and add to its impact. Whether bold and loud or sleek and subtle, the font choice can affect how your message is received.

This step is all about the finer details. It ensures that every design element works together to create a skateboard graphic. This also makes the skateboard visually stunning but also meaningful.

Step 3 – Moving Ahead with Illustration and Typography

Illustration & Typography The Next Steps in Skateboard Design

Illustration and typography take to the heart of the creation process. It is where the concepts and design elements start to come alive. This step transforms ideas into visual reality on your skateboard.

Illustration is a powerful tool in skateboard design. It allows us to create detailed, unique artwork, ranging from simple designing logos or icons to complex, scene-stealing graphics.

At Brandvillage, we take your story, interests, and the themes we’ve discussed and begin sketching out visuals. Whether you’re drawn to street art-inspired pieces, digital abstracts, or hand-drawn illustrations, this step is about capturing your concept’s essence in a visual format that speaks volumes.

Typographic designs intertwine with illustrations when text is included. Whether it’s your name, a quote that inspires you, or the name of a place with special meaning, text integration into your design can affect its overall impact.

Choose the right typeface, size, and placement. It ensures that the text complements the artwork without overwhelming it. It’s about finding that perfect balance where every element, whether a letter or a line.

Step 4 – Utilisation of Digital Tools and Techniques

At Brandvillage, we dive into the digital world to bring your skateboard graphic to life once we’ve sketched out your unique design and typography. Using cutting-edge software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, we refine your design, ensuring every detail is right.

This step allows us to experiment with colours and fine-tune the layout. It ensures the graphic is perfectly tailored for production. It’s where creativity meets precision, transforming initial concepts into high-quality digital artwork. Our goal is to make sure the design not only dazzles on screen. But it also translates onto your skateboard, maintaining colour accuracy and design integrity.

Through this collaborative process, we focus on creating a skateboard graphic that truly reflects your individuality, ready to make its mark digitally and in the physical world.

Step 5 – Preparing the Final Design for the Production Process

In this last step, we at Brandvillage take extra care to ensure everything’s set just right before we get your design onto a skateboard. Adjusting to the skateboard’s specific dimensions and employing the CMYK colour model, we prepare the artwork for real-world application, emphasising colour fidelity and design integrity.


Designing a skateboard graphic is an exciting journey. From the first spark of an idea to seeing it roll out on a board, we at Brandvillage are passionate about bringing your unique stories and styles to the skate parks and streets. Every step of the process, from dreaming up concepts to the final production tweaks, is about more than just creating something that looks good. It’s about crafting a piece of art that represents you.

With your vision and our graphic design teams’ expertise, we ensure that every skateboard we work on is a rolling testament to creativity, identity, and the vibrant skate culture in Australia. So, whether you’re cruising down the lane or performing tricks at the skate park, your custom-designed skateboard is not just a board; it’s a statement. Let’s make that statement as individual and bold as you are with our expert graphic designers in Melbourne.

Let’s work together.