The Role of Cultural Symbols in Melbourne’s Logo Design

The Role of Cultural Symbols in Melbourne’s Logo Design

Published: June 17, 2023

Logo designs and Cultural Aspects are the most co-related topics that only a few people talk about.

Rituals, symbols, art, and language are all customs affected by any community’s culture. Moreover, these societal suppositions and variations are relevant in logo design and branding, as these cultural symbols establish a sense of connection and bonding with the people.

From cultural symbols to actual colour to imagery, and the text used, cultural variation, meanings, and sensibilities may all affect logo design’s every aspect. Therefore, designing a logo with diverse and multiple contexts is crucial.

But the question remains, how to design a logo influenced by cultural symbols and concepts?

I, Kate, the owner of an award-winning design firm in Melbourne, BrandVillage, can help you with the cultural details in your visual elements. Being rooted in the city of Melbourne and worked here for significant years, me and my team of expert logo designers in Melbourne, I have excelled in the details and historical resemblance of cultural symbols in Melbourne and have designed various copyright-approved logos that have helped with mass scaling to the startups and small business in Melbourne.

Wondering how to do it, or what are the benefits of incorporating cultural symbols in logos? Let’s dwell into the details with the study and experience of our expert logo design team in Melbourne for practical exposure!

Melbourne: A Multicultural Hub

Melbourne is a confident, outgoing, and welcoming city reflecting its citizens’ inclusive and generous spirits. This culturally diverse city aspires to a peaceful, lively and rich future, while its spirit shares a sense of pride and place, respecting heritage and embracing change.

Among the world’s most culturally diverse and harmonious communities reside in Melbourne city. Its population represents recent migrants from Africa, Asia, Europe, and other nations to the original indigenous inhabitants of Victoria, covering 140 cultures.

Logo designs convey what a business does and what it is without using many phrases. It visually communicates to the audiences and conveys messages across many cultures and languages. So, we ensure that our logo encapsulates everything about a business or brand and is clear to every audience.

Cultural Symbols in Melbourne That Can Turn Out to be a Great Designing Element

Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

Melbourne’s central railway station, the Flinders Street Station, is the city’s history and culture icon. This busiest and oldest railway station attracts more than 90,000 commuters daily. This central railway station fits well with the aesthetics of logo design, with multiple small elements that can be used for different depictions.

When you incorporate Flinders Street Station’s clock tower, enticing architecture, or unique yellow façade, arched entry point with enticing steps and clock into your brand’s cultural logo design, you will exhibit Melbourne’s solid virtual depiction.

Federation Square

Federation Square

Among the most well-known landmarks of Melbourne is Federation Square. The construction industry is shocked by the amazing changes in the structure since after the night falls, after a shower, or once the sun passes its grain, texture, colours, and atmosphere change. Federation Square has some open spaces and eleven buildings located in Melbourne’s heart.

This cultural symbol is a perfect location for its expressive features, sharing culture, connecting with people and community, and showcasing Victoria and Melbourne’s lifestyles.

Royal Exhibition Building

Royal Exhibition Building

A hidden gem, the Royal Exhibition Building, often referred to as Melbourne’s Sistine Chapel, is among Melbourne’s enticing Victorian structures. The structure was constructed for the International Exhibition of 1880.

It’s intricate detailing and grand design make it Melbourne’s visually appealing location. Including Royal Exhibition Building’s elements, including the façade or dome, into your logo design will evoke and convey a sense and message of elegance and heritage.

Melbourne’s Street Art And Graffiti Culture – A Top-Up for Logo Design Aesthetics

When examining Melbourne’s laneways and streets, the city has numerous areas where people can showcase their Graffiti culture and art. Street artists develop culturally authentic and interesting styles. This combination of culture and art has expanded, and many well-known brands have recognised the artistic efforts.

INSIDER FACT OF BrandVillage – Whenever the team of logo designers at BrandVillage in Melbourne goes through a mind block, a peaceful yet observatory walk at the streets in Melbourne is like creating a mind map for us.

Recognition of Indigenous Cultural Symbols And Art

Indigenous art and cultural symbols can be traced more than 300 decades ago in the Australian region. It is an alternative to express and convey Melbourne’s cultural stories and teach cultural significance.

Incorporating Cultural Symbols In Logo Design

Using symbols is another way of preserving Melbourne’s tradition and culture. It is one of the most crucial aspects of Melbourne’s art. You can design a dynamic and contemporary logo from bold, inspirational lines and angular shapes of the architecture and symbols of Melbourne’s popular landmarks and cultures. Commerce and art now collide in Melbourne, where walking tours of street art and wall paintings are sponsored.

Techniques For Incorporating Cultural Symbols In Melbourne Logo Design

  • Simplicity And Minimalism: The cultural essence of Melbourne could be captured through simplistic and clean design. Flora, fauna, iconic landmarks and other cultural symbols perfectly represent through minimal lines and shapes, making it an easily remembered and recognised timeless logo.
  • Colour Symbolism: You can incorporate Melbourne’s significant colours that specifically represent the city’s culture, evoking association and emotions with specific elements.
  • Typography Inspired By Cultural Elements: You may incorporate Melbourne’s typography styles depicting its cultural festivals, architectural styles, and conventional indigenous graffiti and art.

Case Studies: Melbourne Logo Designs

1. Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) logo

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) logo

The iconic sports location of Melbourne, MCG’s logo, depicts its light towers, grandstands, etc., making it recognisable and unique. Its design creates dynamism by using negative space and clean lines, making the logo minimalistic and sleek. Its navy blue colour reflects reliability, and straightforward, bold typography makes it visually identified.

2. Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) logo

Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) logo

The elements incorporated in the MIFF logo represent the cinema industry, symbolising the motion picture sector in the film reel icon’s circle frames. Yellow, blue, and red are the vibrant colours that add visual appeal and energy to MIFF’s logo. The modern and sleek typography enhances its complete aesthetic.

3. Melbourne Food and Wine Festival logo

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival logo

Melbourne’s food and wine logo has a single unified shape, illustrating a fork and wine glass depicting the vibrant culinary scenario of the city. The graceful proportions and curved lines with brown and deep red earth tones’ colour palettes evoke indulgence while having refined and elegant typography.

Designing A Culture-Influenced Logo For Melbourne: Considerations and Tips

  • Researching And Understanding Melbourne’s Culture: You may research and understand Melbourne’s culture by exploring the cultural symbols, landmarks, and history of Melbourne. You may also understand its traditions, characteristics, and unique values. You can incorporate the researched key elements in a logo design.
  • Collaborating With Local Artists And Designers: Cultural experts, local designers, and artists know Melbourne’s heritage and identity; engaging with our experts will help you get valuable and accurate insights into the city.
  • Balancing Cultural Symbolism And Modern Design Aesthetics: Balancing modern design and cultural symbolism aesthetics is significant while incorporating cultural elements to create a relevant, timeless, and visually appealing design.


Every particular region, country, city, town and area has its own humanistic, ethical, moral, and religious values that citizens of that place observe and respect. Their cultural beliefs and values are passed down and developed from one generation to another, and disrespecting or upsetting them unintentionally or intentionally can affect a brand’s prestige and be disastrous.

Capturing Melbourne’s essence when creating a logo is significant, and incorporating cultural symbols will exhibit your and the brand’s respect and value for the city’s culture and traditions.

Our Design Agency in Melbourne can help you with the best cultural and historical details that influence logo design for your small business or startup in Melbourne. In our 5+ years of experience, we have delivered excellent logo designs for brands in Melbourne (those doubting our claims, check out our logo design portfolio for the details).

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