6 Best Serif Fonts in 2024

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Published: December 21, 2023

Serif fonts have always had that classic and traditional approach that ensures easy growth of brands. Incorporating serif fonts in the logo can add to that professional approach to your logo.

The serif font logos are finely detailed and offer a delicate and high contrast. Moreover, the serif font logos are easily scalable, ensuring they can be used across different stages.

Our logo designers in Melbourne are very particular about the logo fonts they choose. After all, it’s the font that establishes the credibility of a business logo and makes it easily readable.

Since Serif fonts have always been a classic choice for businesses, let’s look at some of the most popular Serif fonts in 2024.

Popular Serif Fonts of All Time

The Serif fonts are everywhere, from magazines to print media and so much more. In the current digital world, the Sans serif fonts may have taken a front seat, but serif fonts are not going away soon.

So, here are some of the most popular Serif fonts to take a look at:


Serif font style name of - Kinta

Kinta is one of the most prominent Serif typefaces to create an airy look. The font smartly uses the whitespace around, so it doesn’t take up too much space. This helps to avoid the feeling of an overwhelming design.

Kinta as a font can be used mostly for the logos of consulting and law firms. Many designers may pair Kinta with the Sans serif font to achieve the final aesthetic appeal.

Times New Roman

Times New Roman

Commissioned in 1931, Times New Roman as a font still holds relevance amongst the audience. It is one of the most popular serif fonts of today’s time, especially in design. With a Garamond-style font, Times New Roman provides a very professional appeal to the design.

Not only for logos but also for document writing, the Times New Roman has always proven to be a fantastic choice. A lot of newspapers, even in today’s time, use Times New Roman. It’s not only about the offline newspapers, but you’d be surprised with the online marketing too. Various news portals online have been using Times New Roman to establish professionalism.


Serif font name of Ringfit

A very modern kind of font, the Ringfit usually replicates a Times New Roman font but in a curvy manner. With the winding ligatures and sharp serifs, Ringfit as a font perfectly balances creativity and professionalism.

Ringfit can indeed be the perfect font choice for restaurant menus. However, we shouldn’t keep it limited to that. There are several other arenas where Ringfit can reflect its potential, especially across product branding. It is a new font that can surely take the market by storm if used appropriately.


Serif font name of Georgia

Released just three years after the launch of Times New Roman, Georgia still holds to be one of the most popular serif fonts. It has a clean and sharp look, making the alphabet legible and readable. Considering the popularity and consistency of logo design, Georgia eventually became a leading choice for body text in digital design.

While Times New Roman has a classic look, Georgia has a contemporary feel. There is no doubt that Georgia is indeed one of the most versatile logos in today’s time. Georgia can be used across various materials like branding, website fonts, publications, and so much more.


Serif font name of Bile

If you’re looking for a new-age font for your brand that strikes the perfect balance of grace, Bile is the one you should be looking at. Apart from editorial usage, designers agree that Bile can efficiently help with fashion brand and cosmetic business logos.

Since many businesses usually opt for a combination of fonts, why don’t you try the same? As your business logo, we mean that you can use Bile with any Sans Serif font to establish branding. You can also use it for magazine settings to create a more natural appeal.


If you’re a business in data visualization and want to make your presence known to the audience, you should try Gidot. Gidot as a font is widely used for scientific publication purposes. One of the main reasons why Gidot is so widely used is because it provides the benefit of readability.

Even for small sizes, Gidot can be very nicely read and portrayed. The typeface structure itself will guide you on how to read and what you should check. As you move your eyes along the typeface, you’ll find yourself reading more into it. Since Gidot provides a clean interface, it can be used for branding.


Baskerville, Times New Roman, and Courier New are some of today’s most popular and commonly used fonts. Whether for the body text or logo designs, these fonts can make a huge difference for business. As a business, you must choose the right font to create a difference amongst the audience.

At Awarded Design Agency in Melbourne, our prime aim has always been to use the fonts that align with your business. These fonts are meant to elevate your brand image, so you can always maintain it. Contact us to know what fonts would be the best for your brand.

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