Best Sans Serif Fonts for Logo in 2024

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Published: October 25, 2023

Colour and font are the two most essential halves of a logo. When the right combination of these two comes together- the result is nothing less than mind-blowing.

While the logo’s colour entirely depends on what the brand wants to portray, the font is more of a subjective discussion. It’s 2024, and we can’t deny it’s the era of minimalism. In such times, one font that has truly stood the test of time and created its mark is Sans Serif.

Most of our logo designers in Melbourne have been using Sans Serif (of course, upon consultation with the client) for logo design. The simplicity of this font has won over everyone. But what is all this hype about? Let’s find out.

Sans Serif- A Favourite Amongst Designers

Sans Serif has a very minimal footprint, which has grabbed the eyeball of most of our designers. Since these are easy to read, sans serif as a font is perfect for longer content. As of now, designers are adopting it, too, for logo designs.

Sans Serif as a font is very legible, which makes it easier to transfer huge amounts of data. Furthermore, the font also makes the content look lighter. Sans serif is the perfect font for your tech, sports and lifestyle brand.

What’s great is that there are different types of Sans serif font that you can use in your business. Each type has a specific reflection to offer, which, of course, can help to establish relevance and connection.

Popular Sans Serif Fonts for Logos in 2024

Some Sans serif fonts need no introduction because they are free and widely available. On the other hand, some sans-serif fonts need to be purchased.

Simple, clean and powerful- these are the three principles that very rightly describe the sans-serif font. Many leading brands globally, like Spotify, Jeep, and D&G, have been using Sans Serif for their logos. So, why shouldn’t you?

Below are some of the best fonts for logo design that you can choose:


Roboto is one of the most popular and prominent sans-serif fonts you can find in the market. Released in 2011, Roboto came into existence with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that Roboto gained popularity amongst the audience.

As a geometric font, Roboto features a very mechanical skeleton. It has an irregular character style that contributes to the overall beauty.


You can always go right with Visby if you want a geometric Sans serif font. The letters are visibly clean and rounded, which plays a vital role in creating a distinct appearance. There’s a difference in obliques and weights for Visby.

With the difference in obliques and weights, you can utilise the design at its best. For example, you can use the thicker style for the headlines, and for the body, you can use the thinner style. Furthermore, Visby also offers Cyrillic alphabets, which ensures you can use it for different purposes.


Another very popular Sans serif font you will ever come across is Oswald. This font style is one of the most popular choices among graphic designers. Originating from the basics of Alternate Gothic, Oswald as a font features an influence of sans serif with modern-day interpretation.

Oswald is a free font available across different operating systems. The font is constantly updated to stay relevant to the digital audience. Like Visby, Oswald also offers other alphabets apart from English, such as Latin and Cyrillic.


If you want to impact your audience, you should choose Stellar. Stellar, as a Sans Serif font, can serve the purpose of text-heavy writing. The letters are represented in a slightly taller way, which makes it easier to read them.

Although it is a condensed font, Stellar doesn’t make the letters appear snuggly. Therefore, there’s enough room between the alphabet, making reading easier and faster. Stellar is a good font for official communication.


Looking for a modern touch to your custom logo design in Melbourne? Choose Garet. The contrast between the letters makes it a very popular typeface for logos. Moreover, there’s a distinction between the titles and headlines.

Certain letters help create a virtual circle impact, making the font appear smoother and softer. Moreover, apart from the thickness, it also comes with slender curves. The font package for Garet also features italics, which helps emphasise the content.


The right font can add much weight to your logo. You must choose the right colour and font combination. With Sans Serif gaining so much popularity amongst the audience, this is the time you should start using it.

If you need clarification on which Sans serif font to use, our expert at the leading design agency in Melbourne is ready to help you. We’d consult you about which fonts to use and how to integrate them into your logo. Do you want to know more? Contact us today!

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