How To Use Your Logo In Marketing And Advertising?

Logos In Marketing & Advertising

Published: June 12, 2023

The struggle and challenges of staying afloat for businesses are increasing daily since certain factors make people choose the company to deal with, buy a product, or use their services. But, an effective logo design has the same or even increased potential to attract customers and make the company profitable.

According to Logo Statistics 2022, 75% of customers recognise a brand with its logo. (If you do not have an impactful logo design, then you’re missing out on at least 50% of customers of your brand).

When you drive, visit a shopping mall, or see a banner, brochure, mailer, etc. The one thing that attracts you to the brand or business is the logo design. Business representation and branding through such mediums is advertising and marketing. It is the perfect way to create a self-image, represents a business and shape how the world or people consider your product, brand, or services.

Our logo design experts in Melbourne have been designing logos for brands for 5+ years and have excelled in designing the brand’s visual representation with the help of proven strategies and hacks.

For those still confused about the benefits and use of logo designing in marketing and advertising, we have a detailed practically-proven approach for your understanding. Let’s scroll down to the details in this article to explore the facts!

Significance of Logo For A Business or Brand

Significance of Logo For A Business or Brand

A marketing and advertising approach is required to identify a business or brand visually. Unique logo designing and promotional brand activities are crucial when establishing a business or a brand. It gives the business a memorable and recognisable identification, and the logo plays an important part.

This visual identification represents a brand or a company through various marketing and advertising approaches, such as social media, advertisements, websites, business cards, etc.

Logo creates a long-lasting impression on the viewers who are enticed to the business and recognise or remember it through a logo. It then drives sales and loyalty of customers. When customers remember the logo and quickly recognise the brand, it increases the chances of traffic, leads and mouth publicity (free promotional technique).

How to Use Your Logo in Marketing and Advertising?

Use Your Logo in Marketing and Advertising

1. Selecting The Logo

When selecting or choosing a logo for a business, it is crucial to create it recognisable, timeless, and straightforward. Although simple and unique logos don’t let people forget it, you must also consider that the logo doesn’t have less impact with changing trends. So, timeless designs are the best since they entice viewers and customers even with changing trends.

2. Using The Logo In Marketing Approach

A marketing approach must be considered when designing or creating a logo. When creating a marketing approach, you must incorporate and consider some aspects. One of the crucial aspects is using logos in flyers, brochures, websites, business cards, t-shirts, mugs, pens, television commercials, social networks, and every advertising and promotional material. This approach will associate customers with your brand by recognising the brand’s logo.

Since we follow a holistic marketing approach, we help our clients with a visual representation loop with expert web designing services, graphic designing services and branding services that help them hook their customers until they make a purchase.

3. Consistency of A Logo Design

Using a single logo for every promotional activity, platform, or network will help people recognise the brand wherever they see it. Viewers will recognise your brand easily and quickly, whether they see your brand’s logo on social networking sites, flyers, billboards, t-shirts, or any other promotional material or platform.

It will be considered the official and authentic logo of the business. The best approach is to employ the same design element, colour, font of logo, etc. Customised versions are usually created so that you may place the logo on any digital network or print material.

4. Evaluating The Effectiveness of A Logo

You can evaluate your logo’s effectiveness through several ways to measure its success and recognition. The best way to evaluate is by presenting it to your audiences and discovering if it influences or impacts them. A polling system will help you get the audience valuable feedback, and you may test different logos to know which elements are most liked by your target audiences.

Checking the sales data also exhibits if the logo is leaving an impact on viewers or not. When the sales, revenue, or the brand’s website traffic is increased after marketing or advertising your logo, it demonstrates the effectiveness of your logo. Also, the comments, likes, or shares your logo receives indicate the resonation of your brand’s logo with viewers. Analytics and SEO features on social networks can also help you evaluate the logo’s impact.

BrandVillage USP in Logo Design Elements

Based on our 5+ years of experience in the logo design industry, we believe many elements help in branding or the business’ recognition, including marketing efforts and materials. But originality, simplicity, and logo colour selection are the three main elements that make them visible and recognisable.


Let’s find out the details!


When creating a logo, your goal should be developing your company’s image and setting it apart in the competitive market. Common elements or generic logos are not helpful in immediate recognition in the marketplace. Monograms used for sheets and towels or clip art logos don’t strongly impact the audience and might make people overlook your brand or company. So, creativity and thinking outside of the box can give originality and uniqueness to your business.


Too many elements, flash, or clustered designs must be avoided when designing a logo. Using complex or extra effects may also lose its effectiveness and impact. Simple lines, effective backgrounds, and solid colours will communicate well with the audience and help convey the brand message. Avoiding a garish appearance would be best since it may turn your audiences to other brands.

Selecting Colours

The colour selection of a logo is the most important part of a logo design since it shows the message sent and its impact on potential customers. Symbols and colours must be chosen carefully since some indicate hospitality and kindness in a few cultures while others are considered offensive. Also, in a few nations, white is a symbol of sadness and death, while it is a symbol of purity in other nations. When designing a logo, your approach must be global and enticing and not disgust or offend any country or custom.


An effective logo is the foundation of a successful brand or business since it is the first thing presented or placed before your audience. A brand’s logo should be clear, simple, and original for its recognition and effectiveness.

Our logo design professionals at BrandVillage, an established logo designing company, help brands and companies present a logo that communicates their business’ mission and background through ideal design, font, and icon.

Our expert designers will add aesthetically appealing elements, colours, font, background, etc., to your brand’s logo to make people recollect it whenever and wherever they see it.

Not only these basic elements, but our experts put great thought into each logo design before curating the illustration; as with logo designing, we aim to put a replica of the brand on paper.

Did you curate your brand’s replica in a monogram? If not yet, Expert logo designers at our design agency in Melbourne are there to help you. Connect with us at 0406 856 882 to know more.

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