What is Minimalist Logo and its Unexplored Benefits

Minimalist Logo

Published: June 22, 2023

Minimalism is an appreciation of space- Luciana.

Something is captivating about minimalism and especially in the context of logo design.

You see, apart from just having a tag associated with it, like zen gardens and one-cup pantries, minimalism can elevate your brand’s identity when fused with a logo design.

How? Through annihilating non-essential and focusing on the finer points.

Though indeed, designers are often trapped in the concept of over-designing. But the experts at BrandVillage are known for their knack for stripping down design back to its basics.

I (Kate) and my team always focus on the essentials so that we can curate a splendid minimalist logo design for our clients that gives their brand’s logo a timeless gaze that stops their audience in their tracks.

Brand Village is the leading logo design agency Melbourne that has been providing minimalist logo design services for more than half a decade that distils brands to their essence.

With that said, if you want to enhance your brand’s value with aesthetic and inventive logos, get in touch with our ingenious team.

Meanwhile, let’s unwrap the notion of minimalism.

What Is A Minimalist Logo?

Three words characterise minimal logos:

  • Bold
  • Simplicity
  • Single Color Designs

In simpler terms, minimalism or a minimal logo is a design approach in which unnecessary extras are avoided, and the emphasis is entirely on the core design concept.

But have you ever wondered about the humble origins (history) of the word minimalism?

According to this article, minimalism owes much of its influence to the Bachua school’s vision between 1920-1930.

Although the original trendsetters were the Japanese who used the word minimalism in their creativity.


There’s this concept that they had named “Ma” (space between two objects), which they usually applied in their design aesthetics.

Benefits of A Minimalist Logo

Have you heard the statement “less is more” and how perfectly it resonates with logo design?

If not, don’t stew, pal, because we have compiled a list of rad benefits that’ll make this whole phrase a total sense.

  • The logo, which is simple and packed with minimal elements, forges an immediate bond with your target customers.
  • A clean and minimalist logo design cuts through the clutter part and conveys your brand’s saying to customers while still, their eyes are on the visuals.
  • A minimal design helps your brand’s logo achieve sounder compatibility across myriad gadgets, which is (kind of) crucial.
  • You can effortlessly spice up a splash of colour combinations in your logo design for seasonal events.
  • The minimalist design makes your brand’s logo more exquisite and crowd-puller.
  • Did you know the average human attention span has reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds in 2013 and will be more catastrophic in the coming years, says BBC? But how does it relate? The chances of getting distracted are now quick, so as an owner and designer, I always ensure we deliver maximum creativity by providing the essential elements.

You see, these benefits are demonstrated by the logos of prominent brands, characterized by their minimalistic designs that will be explored further.

But before that, let’s understand why minimalist logos work best for your business.

Simplicity Redefined: Elevate Your Melbourne Business with Minimalist Logos, Inspired by Big Brands

There’s one common thread that all booming businesses worldwide have packed into themselves: they all have simple, smart, and unique logos.

These three golden words (simple, smart, and unique) have been core elements in (the world of) graphic design for decades.

And when combined together (for logo), these three elements act as a visual representation of a business.

You see, a minimalist logo helps your target audience identify your business and what values it conveys.

Furthermore, there are myriad compelling reasons for you to embrace the concept of a minimalist logo for your business in Melbourne:

Versatile Across All Mediums

  • One of the main reasons businesses in Melbourne should inherit minimalist logos is that they are versatile and can be used across all other media & applications (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, TV, and Mobile).
  • But how versatility helps? A versatile logo makes it quite easy for your target audience to differentiate your business from your competitors.
  • This not only builds trust but also credibility in the long run.
  • Nike, Apple, and McDonald’s are perfect exemplars of this heading.

Nike LogoApple logomc Donald logo

Helps In Maintaining Consistency

  • Rather than spending a fortune cost on large logos, which are busy and cluttered with gazillion shapes and fonts, keep it simple with minimalist logos, which are economical that come with myriad benefits.
  • The perfect example of this is Mastercard.

MasterCard Logo

Brand Recognition

  • Minimalist logos act as a powerful tool to build your brand’s solid image. 
  • And that is why we always embrace the principle of minimalism so that whenever we design a logo for our client’s brand, it should be highly effective in conveying its values and messages. 
  • Furthermore, a minimalist logo also possesses a remarkable ability to curate a sense of recognisability that (in turn) builds brand loyalty and awareness among your target customers.
  • One example that completely resonates with these lines is Burger King.

Burger King Logo

Easy To Remember

Did you know that our brains are biased towards those logos which are easy and have a minimalist design? Says an article published in Logo Geek.

  • And if we talk about it in the context of business, a brand’s logo should not be busy. Why? Because it automatically confuses its target audience.
  • But when it comes to minimalist design, it’s relatively easy to retain.
  • Meanwhile, if you’re still confused regarding the inspiration or what type of logo is minimalist for your brand, BrandVillage would be more than happy to serve you.
  • Furthermore, if we articulate a prominent brand that truly resonates with this easy-to-remember phrase, then nothing can match Airbnb’s logo.

airbnb logo

Get Your Minimalist Logo With BrandVillage

To sump it up, an iconic minimalist logo is something which is:

  • Easy to remember at first glance.
  • Instantly conveys values and emotion.
  • Imprints a lasting impression in mind.
  • Versatile enough to work in any application.
  • And maintains consistency.

And if you want your business in Melbourne to maintain a long-lasting impression through its logo, you must follow these five tips.

Besides these tips, a unique and minimalist logo doesn’t happen overnight; you must put in your effort, sweat, research, consistency, and aid from Melbourne’s best design agency – BrandVillage.

You see, all the big brands have repurposed and redesigned their logos to match up with the latest logo trends.

We have a team of professional logo design experts that have distinguished their services from other agencies by combining science and art and is expanding swiftly.

All you need to do is connect with our experts at 0406-856-882 to know more.

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