What is a Vector Logo? & Benefits of Vector Logo

What is a vector logo

Published: July 17, 2023

When you start a brand, you need to choose a logo. But, what is more important is to choose the proper format for the logo. You must choose a compatible format since you will use your logo across different marketing platforms.

Well, when it comes to logo formats, there are many of them. However, one logo format that can support your business is a vector logo. These logo types contain flexible files of lines, points, curves, and other shapes, making it easier to share, as it does not lose quality in the process.

Our Melbourne logo design experts at BrandVillage ask for the owner’s requirement for logo design file formats, like PDF, vector logo, PNG, SVG, JPEG or others, and share in the desired format, assuring the best quality and utmost convenience.

For all those who are new to the vector logo format type, this blog has detailed all the information for your clarity. Scroll down to learn more from our experts!

What is a Vector Logo?

Vector vs Raster

Vector logos are flexible logos that are made up of different lines, shapes and curves. One of the best benefits of using a vector logo is that no matter how much you expand them, they will never lose their quality. This means that with expansion, the logo will not become pixelated.

If you ever plan on editing your logo, you can easily do so if they are in vector format. These vector logos are based on mathematical equations, which makes them scalable and allows brands to use logos over different marketing platforms. The scalability of the vector logo further determines that it is easier to resize these logos. Adobe Illustrator eases the process of creating vector logos for designers.

When to Use Vector Logos?

Vector logos often feature a high resolution. This makes it easier to scale them to unlimited sizes. You can use vector logos at your convenience. You can use your vector-based logo on huge billboards.

But what if you want a smaller version?

Well, you get that flexibility as well. You can also use vector-based logos on a smaller scale, such as business cards or letterheads. Whether you need the logo for digital or print media usage, vector-based ones can support you.

Benefits of Vector Logos

Benefits of Vector logo

Choosing vector-based logos can be beneficial for your business in numerous ways. Some of these include the following:


One of the main reasons brands love vector logos is that they are pretty scalable. You get to zoom in on these logos as much as you want without worrying about damaged quality in brand design. You wouldn’t notice the pixels coming out, which protects the day.


It is very easy to edit vector logos. The designers get infinite freedom to continue editing the logos. No matter what type of change you want, you can consistently implement the same in your vector logos. Designers believe that everything is possible with vector logos.

Easily Exportable

Everything is possible in whatever format you want to export the vector logos into. You can save and export the logo in different formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc.


We believe that vector logos are the crux of efficiency for any business. If you want to change your vector logo, you can easily do so.

Vectors are the most commonly used format for logos, and if you’re looking for a design agency in Melbourne to help you with the best visual replica of your brand, logo design professionals at BrandVillage are at your rescue. Our team of experts have been designing bespoke logo for brands for 5+ years and have established their proficiency in designing the best logos that convey brand message and authenticity.

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