What is Environmental Graphic Design?

Exploring the Impact of Environmental Graphic Design

Published: April 18, 2024

Did you ever visit a website or receive a package and get lost in the brand’s world? That’s the power of Environmental Graphic Design!

It’s like giving your brand a makeover across all its digital touchpoints. According to research by ZipDo, environmental graphic design gives your brand a unique identity and tells the brand story through visual elements.

With EGD, logos, colors, and layouts consistently tell your brand’s story, making every interaction memorable. It’s about creating a digital environment where customers feel connected and engaged with your brand at every click.

Ready to transform your brand’s digital presence with EGD?

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I will assist you in this blog, detailing what EGD is, its importance for brands, and explaining why EGD is a must-opt approach for you!

Me and my team at BrandVillage have been providing graphic design services in Melbourne for 8 years, and according to my experience, EGD is the basic requirement for businesses today. With the use of environmental graphic design, our expert graphic designers communicate stories and help your brand be understood!

Let’s get into the details in the blog below to explore everything about EGD!

Defining Environmental Graphic Design in Modern Spaces

What is Environmental Graphic Design?

Environmental graphic design is also known as experiential graphic design. It aims at creating an experience for the audience. Environmental graphic design involves the use of interior, architectural and industrial design. The coming together of these three components helps in crafting an experience.

EGD is more than the aesthetic appearance. It revolves around how one feels when one walks into the room. Crafting an EGD can help to capture more attention. Thus, you can get more business.

Exploring Spaces with Art The Many Faces of Environmental Graphic Design

What are the Different Types of Environmental Graphic Design?

Some of the different types of environmental graphic design styles are as follows:

  • Wayfinding: Wayfinding graphic designs are meant to make navigation easier for visitors. Digital maps can be updated in real-time. Businesses also use LED wall solutions to incorporate them with brand identity.
  • Exhibition: Promote your business with exhibition designs. Whether it’s online space or offline, exhibition designs are known for their uniqueness. Thus, they can capture more attention. Exhibition designs help to create interactive product demos.
  • Interactive experiences: The interactive experiences can play an important role in elevating your user experience. Through these designs, we aim to foster interaction while also educating the customers. Since our users are experts in user-based research, we can craft unique interactive experiences for your brand.
  • Public installation: Public installation graphic designs are taking the front seat to raise awareness. They can play an important role in showcasing the distinctiveness of design. Public installation environmental graphic designs stay – they aren’t easily forgotten.
  • Placemaking and Identity: Placemaking and identity are similar to wayfinding. It revolves around using unique typography and colour. The use of place-making and identity graphic designs is mostly around schools, retail and corporate environments.

Factors Affecting Environmental Graphic Design

Being familiar with the factors influencing environmental graphic design can change the whole scene. Having worked with 100+ clients over the years, I have aimed at fostering elemental designs for the business.

So, here’s a look into some factors we take into consideration to make the best graphics:

  • Task: We first work towards understanding what goal you aim to achieve with that design. Are you going to use the graphics for your personal space? Will it be used in a professional space? Based on the answers, we will create a space for you.
    Entertainment: People want to see new things every day. Most of the customers are tired of seeing the same old designs. When you want to create differentiation, we do it for you. While you indulge in eco-consciousness, we build a unique identity for your business.
  • Aspiration: Do you aim to bring about eco-consciousness for your brand? We help you build that. Our unlimited graphic design elements in your design can be used to promote aspiration.
  • Purpose: Always try to understand where the graphics will be used. Will you be using the design on social media or your website? Our designers have a unique approach to crafting these designs. While making environmental graphic designs, we understand your purpose. This allows us to establish a successful design.

Relaxation room at wellness center.

What Makes a Good Environmental Graphic Design?

A good graphic design doesn’t happen overnight. Our designer put in that extra work to achieve it. Here’s our approach to designing unique graphic design elements for your business:

  • Beauty: We focus on the beauty of your design. An eco-consciousness design should also be aesthetic. It is through this way that the design will be able to capture maximum customer attention. Once you’ve captured customer attention, it will be easier to promote sustainability.
  • Novelty: Design engagement has become extremely crucial today. It is all about creating the ‘wow’ factor. We work on creating a blend of aesthetics and functional designs for eco-friendly brands.
  • Authenticity: The look and feel of your brand should always be genuine. Since you’re trying to enter the sustainability space, it is crucial to appear conscious. We make the designs as per your brand mission and values. Alignment in designs with your mission will help to establish authenticity in the market.
  • Clarity: A major area to determine the effectiveness of ‘good’ environmental graphic design is clarity. If your customers don’t get the message through design, it’s no good. Uncluttered graphic designs appeal more to the audience.
  • Welcoming: The graphic design should create a sense of welcome. This helps to create a warm feeling. When the customers feel good about seeing your graphic design, they’ll be curious to know more. This can help to generate leads. Eventually, you can convert them to customers.

The Three Important Elements of Graphic Design

With eco-consciousness rising among graphic designers, several factors have come into play. It is influenced hugely by three important elements, such as the following:


Our creativity has played a huge role in creating everlasting designs. Our designers come from various backgrounds which we use to foster creative thinking. Our graphic designers’ skills help us come up with the best design solutions.


According to colour psychology, colour has a huge influence on our moods. Therefore, the colour you’re surrounded by influences your mood. When our designers design a high-stress work environment, we usually use blue. This is mainly because blue helps to evoke a sense of calmness. Depending on your brand identity, we choose colours for you.


If there’s no collaboration, there’s no design. While designing environmental graphics for you, we pay special attention to collaboration. A balance in design helps to create a unique brand identity.

Verdant Vision Integrating Nature in Interior Spaces

Final Words

Environmental graphic design has been there for a long time. For anyone who says it’s not, maybe you’ve just not noticed it yet. In our years of experience, we have helped numerous businesses craft an experience for their customers. If you want to be out there more in the limelight, you need EGD. However, not everyone can understand how to implement it as per their brand guidelines. So, if you’re lost but want to leverage the power of EGD, let us help you. Schedule a consultation today and we’ll bring out the best solutions for you.

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