9 Popular Graphic Design Styles

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Published: October 4, 2023

Do you know graphic design is an umbrella term covering various designs? Every graphic design style uncovers a certain mood, feel and appearance.

Businesses have gradually started accepting the different graphic design styles and fusing them into their business. At BrandVillage, we have been helping businesses of all sizes find their style and fuse them into the brand using our expert graphic design skills.

This image is a vibrant representation of communication and idea exchange, using abstract shapes and symbols in a dynamic design style.

Adopting the right graphic design style will give your business appearance a boost. Check out some of the popular graphic design styles below!

9 Popular Styles for Graphic Design

Over the past few years, graphic design has changed significantly. The change in graphic design has led to different graphic design styles that help businesses create a unique identity. The evolution of Graphic design in Melbourne has been evident, reflecting global shifts in design preferences.

Here are some of the most popular graphic design styles for businesses in today’s time:


Although it began in 1920, minimalism holds relevance for businesses today. Minimalism focuses on simplicity, geometric shapes and monochromatic colour palettes.

Using white space in designs and shapes makes a minimalist logo vital in conveying brand messages effectively. The fusion of typography and design elements helps in creating the perfect design.

Unlike other styles, minimalism focuses on minimal shading with bold linework.


Vintage-style logos are coming back with retro designs. A lot of business logos influence old-school design and fonts.

Most businesses are using retro logos to create an impact on the audience. The expert designers believe that including retro logos and designs can often help foster nostalgia amongst the masses.

Retro designs are more complex than they appear to be. They have various decorative elements and illustrations. These aspects range over some time and are active.


Quite the opposite of minimalism, maximalism aims to use all graphic design elements to create the perfect result. It uses a bold design and features an oversaturated colour scheme that does not follow your regular balance.

With a lack of traditional balance, maximalism helps fill up all corners rather than just utilizing white spaces. With an unexpected mix of colours, maximalism in logo design can be efficient for businesses with a loud personality.

Images, text layering and texture are the most common practices in maximalism.


Typography has always been one of the most important aspects of graphic design. Through typography, the different styles of fonts for logos and graphics will help in communicating brand messages properly.

Typography may involve fusing different illustrations to create a graphic design style. Text, however, will be one of the most critical components of graphic design.

You should check businesses with text-based logos to observe one of the best typographic logos.


With organic brands taking the front seat, the designs are becoming organic, too. Rustic, natural and Earthy elements are important in organic designs.

Organic designs often feature neutral colour palettes and organic shapes. Most of them often have hand-drawn lines to show uniqueness.

Using plants, leaves, and organic elements is common in such designs. Mostly, eco-friendly brands opt for organic graphic design.


Three-dimensional designs are giving tough competition to flat designs. The 3D design aims to excite the audience by creating an illusion of reality.

3D designs in graphic design are easily created using shadowing and natural lighting. These play an essential role in creating depth and volume in the design to appear realistic.

Most businesses have used 3D design for animation, web design and social media content.


Illustrated graphic design is an umbrella term for different categories. No business can ever go wrong with illustrated designs.

Animation, 3D design, and photorealism are all a part of illustrated graphic design. It often features a hand-drawn look.

Illustrated graphic designs are open to interpretation and are full of life and colour.


With a very dark and contrasting colour palette, the grunge has a very sombre and dark appearance. It often helps to depict doom or anger.

Grunge would suit your business. Grunge designs are created against a backdrop of gritty textures using distressed shapes and irregular lines.

Grunge has a stained background and often has a relation to punk and gothic elements.


Abstract designs have always been in trend. Recently, businesses have noticed abstract designs and given importance to them.

Abstract designs for logos often portray a sense of detachment from reality. It provides visuals and images that do not match reality. Abstract art or graphic design is open for interpretation by the audience.

By blending a unique colour palette across the design, businesses use abstract design to create a sense of curiosity in the audience. It uses different tones, shapes and forms to depict reality in a surreal way.

BrandVillage- Fusing Graphic Design Styles with Innovation

BrandVillage, one of the premier design agencies in Melbourne, is your guide and friend in the graphic design journey. We take pride in having some of the best designers who fuse innovation with different graphic design styles.

Our graphic design range helps take your business to the next level. The designs that we create help in elevating your branding efforts. Every design created through a particular style has a unique set of information that creates differentiation for your brand.

Want to know which graphic design style is perfect for your business? Contact us, and we will provide consultation about the best for you.

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