Graphic Design Trends 2024

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Published: December 16, 2023

Graphic design is different from one of those static industries. It is constantly changing and evolving. With styles coming and going, keeping up can often take a lot of work. All the tried and tested methods pave the way for new technologies. These new technologies eventually form new trends.

Branding and graphic design are constantly changing with the trends. To coexist in today’s time, it is essential to have the right design to create an impact on the audience.

Our designers at the leading design agency in Melbourne stay updated with these trends and implement them in the businesses. After all, our prime focus is to provide the best to our customers as we help them stay relevant amongst the audience. Let’s look at some of the best graphic design trends in 2024.

Icon of Graphic Design

Latest Graphic Design Trends 2024

It wouldn’t be wrong to admit that the future of graphic design is extremely bright. These trends are the revolution that brings in the best. The evolving graphic design trends are a catalyst for branding.

Below are some of the most popular graphic design trends of 2024:

Expressive Typography

Icon of Typography

Let’s admit- fonts are the heart and soul of graphic design. As one of the primary elements, using the right fonts can play an essential role in conveying the message properly. The fonts also help in evoking emotions.

Today, Graphic designers use the best fonts for logos and graphic design by adding depth to the characters. As the characters turn to letterforms, they become expressive. It adds depth and personality to your design, which helps you stay relevant amongst the audience.

Motion Graphics

Icon of Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is not old, but it is here to stay. In the long fight of trying to be relevant amongst the audience, motion graphics can be of great help. Not only does it help to boost brand recognition, but it also helps to scale brand identity.

Animated logos are the perfect choice for motion graphics. We’ve seen Meta making the most of motion graphics. So, why don’t you try the same? Motion graphics help in adding an innovative and unique touch. Moreover, with motion graphics as a part of your graphic design, you can convey your brand message within seconds.

Distorted Typography

Distorted Typography

One of the most common logo design mistakes that most designers make is not using the font at its best. Graphic design uses fonts that help make your content readable and clear. But isn’t that something that lets you be the same as all?

Distorted typography is in and helps to establish a unique appearance for the business. The glitch-fissioned appeal lets you differentiate your brand. Distorted typography for graphic designs always doesn’t have to be a glitch. It can be stretch, squash, twitch, contour or anything. We’d help you determine which would be the best design for you.

Vintage Minimalism

example of Vintage Minimalism

2024 is all about keeping it simple and going smoothly. Vintage minimalism is taking the lead by adding a pop of colour to the designs yet keeping it simple. Vintage minimalism can only be achieved by blending the right font pairs.

If your brand personality is all about being attractive and playful, you should choose vintage minimalism. The contrast of modern and 70s elements will often help capture the brand essence completely. The perfect balance of past and present can help your brand strike an emotional connection with audiences across all age groups.

3D Design Elements

3 stars in 3d design

Isn’t it surprising how 3D design elements are taking the front seat? This is undoubtedly one of the most engaging graphic design trends that you can adopt. With the help of 3D, the design elements will keep evolving. As a result, you can provide a more realistic appearance to your graphic design.

One of the best parts of 3D design is that you can easily use it across different platforms like posters, apps, website designs and logo designs. The visualisation through 3D design helps in the proper stimulation of the typefaces. Moreover, you can always experiment with shadows, textures and depths.

Foil Printing

With foil printing making a comeback, it only helps to add an extra layer of depth to the design. Moreover, the foil texture in your design can make it appear luxurious, classy and sophisticated. You can implement the final design with foil in several ways.

Visualising foil print and turning it into a reality can give you an upper hand on your competitors. If you want a more futuristic appeal, we suggest adding multiple colours to the foil. We have some cool design ideas for foil printing for our customers.


Graphic design is constantly evolving and will impact you if you have an online business. If you’re updated with the trends and following the norms, honestly, you will always stay relevant to your audience and always stay in style.

With so many graphic design trends coming up, it can be overwhelming to decide which bandwagon to hop on. Well, to save you from that problem, we are here. At BrandVillage, we have some of the finest designers who will evaluate your brand personality and suggest what design to implement. For more details on this, contact us!

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