Avoid These 9 Logo Design Mistakes for a Strong Brand Identity

Logo Design Mistakes

Published: June 20, 2023

A logo designer understands the importance of a logo and that it isn’t a straightforward process. Designing a perfect, practical, and beautiful logo brings challenges even for an expert logo designer.

Designing and creating a logo requires in-depth research and expertise since it is tedious. The whole branding approach depends on how well target audiences recognise and accept the logo.

Sometimes a highly skilled and experienced logo designer runs into challenges and issues. Simple oversights and small mistakes quickly disrupt the brand’s success when the logo design process is vandalised. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the ideal logo design process and what to get going and avoid.

Being a part of an award-winning logo design agency in Melbourne, our team of professional logo designers at BrandVillage creates a logo that speaks for the brand and perfectly represents it. Our experts will help create a smooth logo design process, ensuring the creation of an excellent monogram, that makes a lasting impression among the target audiences and integrate elements that perfectly suit a brand.

Since we have been delivering logo design services in Melbourne for over 5+ years, we have identified a list of nine logo design mistakes that must be avoided when designing a logo. So, let’s look at how significant it is to design a logo that matches the brand, know about some mistakes, and create a perfect logo when avoiding them all.

Significance of Logo Design

Significance of Logo Design

A graphic or logo design represents the company or brand and what the brand serves or does. A brand’s logo is unique and special since it allows customers to identify the brand. A poorly-designed logo or making some mistakes can make the business substandard, while a well-designed logo catches potential customers’ attention.

Here are some of the pointers that will help you clearly understand the significance of a logo design –

Used on All the Marketing Elements

The companies have logos on different brand materials and platforms, including print products, flyers, name cards, websites, billboards, social networks, etc. Since logos are required for every brand product and promotion, their perfection helps brands achieve long-lasting impressions and success.

Reflects the Brand’s Identity

Logos are significant as they are visual representations of a brand or business’ overall identity, value, and personality. People are more inclined to a brand when they develop trust and knowledge of a business. Ideal logos are intelligible and unique to potential customers. So, a logo must evoke the industry or brand’s significance and communicate well with potential clients by conveying the brand message.

Logos connect a brand with a company even without having words since they are the visual representation. Logos are the brand’s substance, so maintaining quality is crucial as they convey the brand’s values and emotions.

9 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A Logo

Here we discuss 9 logo design mistakes to avoid at any cost:

#Mistake 9 – Insufficient Understanding And Research

One common mistake that logo designers often make is failing to gain a clear understanding or doing proper research on the brand, its industry, and its target audiences. A thorough understanding is a must for logo designers since it lets them learn about a brand’s distinctive touch points or selling points, mission, or values.

#Mistake 8 – Overuse of Elements

Incorporating many overcrowding elements appears cluttered, diminishing the logo and the brand’s impact and confusing viewers. Therefore, a focused, simple, and clean design makes a lasting impact and helps viewers understand the brand, its message, and its values. You can learn more about this in our article on the Principles of Logo Design.

Excessive usage of graphical elements, fonts, and colours must be avoided since they distract viewers and the brand’s core meaning and message are not conveyed to the target audiences.

#Mistake 7 – Poor Typography Choice

Since typography’s role in logo designing is crucial, poorly executed and inappropriate, typography will make the logo difficult to understand and read and appear unprofessional. Such typefaces must be selected that align perfectly with the personality and values of the brand, ensuring their legibility in various formats and sizes. We’ve discussed this topic in our article on the Best Fonts for Logos.

#Mistake 6 – Inadequate Colour Scheme

According to the details on the Importance of having the right logo, the colour scheme is vital in designing a logo as it grabs viewers’ attention. When the colour scheme is inappropriately employed, it lacks resonation and evokes unintentional values and emotions in the target audiences of the brand or company. Brand identity, cultural connotations, and colour psychology must be considered when selecting the colour scheme for a logo.

#Mistake 5 – Inadequate Scalability And Versatility

A scalable and versatile logo is recognised and visually appeals when placed in different sizes and mediums. Avoiding or overseeing it may pixelate or distort a logo when applied on merchandise, website, print media, or other applications. An adaptable logo for different formats must be considered when designing a logo and avoid compromising its integrity. Go through our blog on logo design file formats to learn more.

#Mistake 4 – Lacking Uniqueness

A unique and distinctive logo is remembered and has a lasting impact and impression on target audiences. Logos similar to industry clichés or existing logos fail to offer uniqueness and dilute a brand’s identity and position, distracting or confusing viewers. Therefore, an original or unique design is crucial to represent the individuality of a brand or a business.

#Mistake 3 – Failure To Convey Brand Message

A visual representation of a brand is a logo that conveys its purpose, value, and message. Logos become ineffective when a logo does not convey these elements. The core message of a brand and communicating it to the target audiences through ideal visual typography, colours, and elements is crucial.

#Mistake 2 – Poor Quality And Execution

Unappealing and unprofessional results are experienced when logo execution is inadequate or poor. Consistent proportions, precise spacing, and proper alignment must be considered and ensured while designing a logo. The brand’s image is negatively reflected by high-quality logo execution.

#Mistake 1- Complicated Design

A logo is memorable and easily recognised when it is clear and precise. Complicated designs with excess visual elements or intricate details clutter the essence of design and confuse audiences. It is then challenging to create logos for different mediums or sizes. Easily remembered and understood logo is created with simplicity, the key to an ideal logo when designing for a brand.

When a logo designer avoids such mistakes and focuses on quality, versatility, simplicity, and research, an effective and ideal logo is designed and created. It perfectly represents and conveys the brand message, leaving a positive and lasting impression and impact on its viewers and target customers.


A professional logo designing company, BrandVillage, will assist you in creating the best suitable logo for your business since our experts understand the design and elements to consider in a logo that perfectly suits a brand. Our logo designers analyse a business’s target audience, vision, and objectives and create a logo after understanding them all.

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We create and design strong logos that evoke emotions and values in potential customers. So, get the logo designed for your dream company from a reputable agency since they avoid all the mistakes and pay careful attention when designing a logo.

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