How to Design a Logo: Essential Tips and Strategies

How to Design a Logo

Published: June 23, 2023

Designing a logo isn’t a small task but a huge one because your brand identity depends on it. There are certain tips and strategies that you must follow while designing the logo. If you’re unaware of what to do, our team of professionals at BrandVillage can help you.

We will understand your brand requirements before bringing the logo to life. At BrandVillage, our prime focus is to understand what you’re looking for regarding logo design from your business. Once we have understood your requirements, our team of logo designers in Melbourne will indulge in brainstorming.

Essential Tips for How to Design a Logo

Essential Tips for How to Design a Logo

Almost every other business has a logo, but have you ever wondered what makes the big brands shine? They can communicate with their audience using just a logo. Designing such expressive and communicative logos is never a challenge if you follow the right strategies.

At BrandVillage, we follow a very strategic approach to designing logos. Our team of expert logo designers follow specific tips that help to boost your visibility via your logo only.

Here are some generic yet effective tips on how to create a logo that can make your business shine in no time:

Use the Space

Sleek and clean- these aspects can make your logo go from 0 to 1 in no time. If you want your audience to recognise your logo instantly, keep it clean. Making space and letting the logo be clean allows your audience to read the logo.

A spacious and clean logo can always invoke a sense of calmness. On the other hand, logos with too many elements can make your brand come off as cluttered. It can confuse your audience.

Conceptual Icons

Your audience wants to know about you and your business. Therefore, giving them subtle hints about what your business does is always a good idea. One key way to inform you about your business’s functioning is via your logo.

At BrandVillage, we include conceptual icons around your logo. These small yet important elements can provide an idea about your business offerings. You can let us know what you think your business is the most relatable with, and we will include those details via the icons.

Play Around With The Font

The text is a huge part of logo visualisation. Usually, brands include their motto or name via the texts. Well, if it is extremely small, it won’t greatly impact the audience. So, being a little playful with the fonts doesn’t hurt businesses.

Different types of fonts for logos can play an important role in making your logo identifiable. To ride in the competitive landscape, you must opt for a unique logo design in Melbourne. You can always choose a font depending on the nature of your business.

If you are confused about what font to use for your logo, you can consult experts. We help you find the font for your logo that voices your brand.

Focus on Readability

Choosing the right font also means focusing on readability. Even if the font matches the nature of your business but is extremely small to read, wouldn’t that be a negative point for your business? After all, what is the point when your audience can’t see only what is being done?

Your audience recognises your business via its custom logo design. Therefore, opting for a readable and effective logo is extremely important. The font you choose shouldn’t be either too big or too small. Either way, it will make your audience move away from you.

Choosing a clean, medium-sized font that the audience can connect to is advisable. It should be big enough to be readable but not big enough to impact the audience’s memorability.

Handwritten Fonts

Have you wondered how classic handwritten fonts can be for your brand? Not enough stress is paid to handwritten fonts. With the coming of technology and logo design software, most businesses are now choosing pre-designed or template fonts.

Not you, but your competitors might as well be choosing the same. So, what factor is it that sets you apart from your competitors? Even one element is of utmost importance in logo design.

If you cannot find the perfect handwritten font for your business, let us customise the same for you. Our team of expert designers are not only the best in logo conceptualisation but also the fonts. We create fonts depending on the nature of your business.


Will you ever be able to ace the market if you don’t know the current scenario or your competitors? That’s barely possible. Research- whether it’s competitors or the market, is extremely crucial.

When indulging in logo design in Perth, Geelong, or any part of Australia, you must be familiar with the current market scenario. Before starting with your logo design, our team of experts conduct proper research to ensure that we don’t miss out on any element for the logo.

Our research is to ensure that we include all elements of logo design. As a result, based on our research, we create logos that reflect your brand personality. The research is per the latest logo design trends, so you’re updated in the market.

Elements of logo

Small design elements of a logo have a huge impact in branding. So, you can never miss out on including those in your logo. Here are some of the major elements that you can include in your logo to capture customer attention:


Your logos should be memorable. It should be attractive and effective enough that the moment anyone sees it, they can recognise it. If your logo isn’t capturing enough, it will eventually cause problems.


A timeless logo ensures memorability and effectiveness. A classic logo is one of the most timeless ones. Coca-Cola is one of the prime examples of timeless logos. If your logo is timeless, it will stand the test of time. As a result, timeless logos stand the test of time.


A relevant logo ensures connectivity with the audience. It allows the customers to develop a connection with the brand. Not making your logos relevant is a big logo design mistake you can make. At BrandVillage, we aim to help you drive relevance with your logo. We help you establish a connection with the audience that helps you grow amongst the audience.


It is extremely important to have a versatile logo. A versatile logo ensures scalability and can be easily adjusted across marketing materials. The logo should be versatile enough to be easily inserted across marketing materials.


Your logos are an important part of your business. You must cater to the requirements of your brand before implementing the same. You will need the expertise of professionals who can get you going, especially regarding brand visibility.

At BrandVillage, we help you build your brand from scratch. We help you design logos that reflect your brand personality. We will include all the necessary elements in your logo to help you become more efficient.

If you’re looking forward to taking your brand to the next stage, As a leading design agency Melbourne, we can help you. You can connect with us no matter what your budget and requirement. We will surely take your business to heights. Contact Us Now!

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