Best Logo Size: Finding the Right Fit for Your Brand

Logo Size

Published: December 18, 2023

According to the Oxford Learners dictionaries, a logo is a printed design or symbol that a company or organisation uses as its special sign. As we all know, every company, along with its products and services, differ from the others, and so do their logos. The logo design, logo color, logo font, size, and other elements are highly versatile, and not one size fits all.

Whether the logo created is intended for a company’s business profile, social media image name cards, or website, choosing the most appropriate logo size is essential, as the logo’s dimensions would vary depending on the platform you wish to use.

The logo size should be such that it can be easily trimmed or resized without distorting the actual image or logo itself. Our logo design Melbourne experts consider this very seriously and, after thorough research on the application and use of the logo, decides the final size of the logo.

What is the Best Logo Size?

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An ideal logo should look professional. It should be able to draw your attention at the first glance and make a lasting impact. Choosing the best size for your logo for the effect is crucial to ensure the logo is clear and sharp when viewed.

A big bonus is a high-quality logo with excellent resolution that is versatile and adaptable to all media platforms, whether print or digital. The baseline remains that the logo should neither be big nor small. It has to be clear and the right height and width that catches your attention.

The team at the leading design agency in Melbourne is highly experienced and understands the importance of selecting the right size, which can be as crucial as the brand itself. The tailor-made logo to the platform’s specifications is highly recommended for the best impact on the target audience, especially when considering the profile or cover photo of the brand.

Different Logo Sizes Based on Platforms 

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We know that Logo size varies across platforms and industries. Still, a general rule of thumb when designing a logo is to follow the guidelines for each forum. This gives you a rough idea of what framework you need to work in. Knowing the usage on different platforms also gives you the flexibility to determine the easily adaptable logo size.


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for a horizontal website ranges from 250 to 400 pixels wide and 160px *160 px for a vertical website header.

Social Media

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The logo size can vary from 110px to 900px in width for social media purposes. The logo icon size range for some of the famous platforms in social media are –

  • Facebook – 180*180 pixels
  • Instagram – 110*110 pixels
  • Twitter – 400*400 pixels
  • Youtube – 800*800 pixels
  • LinkedIn – 400*400 pixels
  • TikTok – 20*20 pixels
  • Pinterest – 165*165 pixels
  • Quora- 200*200 pixels

Printed Media – Brochures/ Posters/ Flyers/ Name Cards

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The ideal size for print media is 500 pixels for smaller prints and 1024 pixels for larger prints.

How to Choose an Ideal Logo Size?

The tricky part is to choose the size that carefully depicts what your company or business does. Select the right aspect ratio so that the height and width most suitable for your logo are essential. You don’t want your logo to be too tall or too broad, and it has to be the right size that fits your requirements and has the maximum capacity to adapt.

Going by industry standards, one can move a little up or down the scale while maintaining a high-quality logo design that doesn’t get pixelated when resized. Some of the pointers to consider:

  • Test

One should always test the logo on various media before rolling it out for the target audience. One should also test the logo on multiple devices on how the logo looks if seen on a mobile or computer or any other electronic gadget or in physical prints.

  • Use

What are the platforms you plan to use the logo? If you plan to use different platforms, you must consider all the aspects of sizing and resizing to the specifications of each.

  • Vector Format

Using vector format to create your logo helps you scale it without compromising quality.

  • Never compromise on the resolution and quality; it can make or break your brand at first glance.


Deciding a logo for a company can be fun as it gets you a chance to create something that can become the face of the business or product. As creative as it is, choosing the right logo size is also crucial and essential. There are many industry standards for crafting a logo of a particular size based on the usage of the logo.

BrandVillage has been designing logos for companies in different industries and understands the importance of crafting the right-size logo that captures the essential elements the company wants to depict through its logo, which should also be easily adaptable across all platforms.

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