The Role of Geometry in Logo Design

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Published: December 22, 2023

If there’s one type of logo design that’s everywhere, that has to be geometric logos. Almost half of the queries that we receive every day for logo designs focus on geometric logos. So, we can’t rule out that geometric logos are omnipresent.

In our years of experience at BrandVillage, Our logo designers in Melbourne have worked with different brands, from big to small, and one thing common in all has been geometrics. After all, the shapes, the lines, the alignment, and so much more are the language people understand.

This blog will help you understand how geometry shapes logo designs.

What is Geometry in Logo Design?

Icon of Geometry

As the name suggests, a geometric logo is the one where everything is aligned. Therefore, all the components of a logo are presented geometrically. No matter what type of components you want in the logo, they’re all there.

For example, a geometric logo will have triangles, squares and circles. Our designers focus on the different elements to create an impact with the logos.

Well, we understand one thing for sure: the geometric business logos aren’t about just slapping shapes. Instead, it’s all about strategically using the shapes and structures to craft a perfect design. And what is the best part? A perfect, meaningful logo design exists when all these elements are in sync.

Role of Geometry in Logo Design

Role of Geometry in Logo Design

We need to understand that different shapes influence business logo design ideas. These minor elements go a long way, especially in terms of branding.

Before we dive into the role of geometry in logo design, you must first answer a question;

Have you ever been able to recognize it without its name?

Most of you would say Yes. And that’s quite true, too. These logos often use geometric shapes that stay etched into our memories. The human brain remembers the visual element, the shapes in this case, rather than the name.

So, different shapes of geometry have different impacts on the human brain. Here’s how each shape influences our thoughts:



Circles are inclusive and definitive. Like we all know, a circle doesn’t have a beginning or an end. Adding circles to your business logo design often makes your audience feel welcome.

Circular elements in the logo can often help you win the trust of your audience. It may represent strength, which can also influence the acceptance of the audience.

Squares and Rectangular

Squares and Rectangle

Square and rectangular shapes often confuse and instigate curiosity in the audience. Such geometric shapes are a representation of strength. If you’re a brand deeply rooted in solidity or conservatism, you should include these shapes.

Square and rectangular logos can also help to reflect professionalism. In some cases, they can be the true representation of efficiency. While some brands may find it boring, others may consider it exciting.



Triangular logos often create a sense of masculinity for the business. They often represent as if there is a movement that ensures growth. In some cases, the triangular logos may reflect danger and energy.

Usually, we have seen innovative companies adopting triangular logos. Various leading tech companies worldwide have triangles as a major part of their logos. These companies usually focus on interlocking the triangles to give a feel of the square. Such designs often help to boost reliability.

Why Do Businesses Need Geometric Logo?

While there are so many other logo designs, why should big brands only use geometric logos? This may be one question constantly striking your mind.

The geometric logos have a unique appeal, which helps them become relevant to audiences of all age groups.

Geometric logos are predictable and easy to decode. They can be easily understood across the world. Therefore, implementing geometry in your logo can play an important role in putting forward your brand message.

You wouldn’t have to be restricted by geological boundaries when you have geometric logos. Instead, these geometric logos often add a timeless and modern touch to your logos. Needless to say, these geometric logos are like the black dress of the design world- always timeless and attractive.

Tips for Using Geometric Logos

We follow appropriate measures to ensure that you use the best geometric logos. We don’t compromise on quality. Well, here are some of the prominent tips that we carefully follow while building geometric logos for our clients:

  • We understand the logo design brief and then choose a geometric pattern that would suit the brief the best.
  • Creativity runs in our blood, so we constantly brainstorm and ensure to build as creative a logo as possible.
  • We don’t let go of the negative space. It’s the most important element.
  • Our designers embrace minimalism while maintaining the simplicity of your logo design.


We understand how important your logo design is for your business. So, being a leading design agency in Melbourne, we always make sure to build the best logo design ideas so that you can leverage them. With years of experience in the local market, our designers aim at promoting designs that can go a long way. With expert designers by our side, our focus is to build the best geometric logo for you.

Do you wish to have such geometric logos for your business? Contact us to know more.

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