The Impact of Social Media on Logo Design

impact of social media on logo design

Published: October 26, 2023

Social media- the omnipresent truth of our lives. No matter where you look or who you look at, everyone’s busy documenting their lives on social media. Thanks to social media, the scope of how we do business has also changed. It acts as a reliable platform where we can directly reach out to our customers.

Well, it’s been a blessing to us as well. At Brandvillage (Leading logo Design agency in Melbourne), we’ve gotten so many of our clients via social media. While social media has had an impact on businesses, it has also had an impact on logo design for businesses.

Change in Logo Design Because of Social Media

Before social media, logos were mostly designed for business cards and letterheads. However, now, logos are being used extensively on social media. For this purpose, the logos are also being designed for social media.

Logos can form an essential part of marketing. There are several benefits of logos in marketing. With the coming of logo design, the perspective of the objective of logo designs has also changed significantly.

As we become more focused on smartphones, it is becoming essential that we use logo designs properly. Well, most of us are on social media to consume content, which eventually influences logo designs. Apart from letterheads and business cards, business logos are now being designed for social media use.

How is Social Media Changing Logo Design?

social media impact on logo design

No one nowadays conforms to the norms of business logo design. Almost everyone wants to create their unique identity and mark in the market. With social media influencing the business ecosystems, brands are also changing how they market themselves.

They’re adopting different logo design ideas to understand what they can include. With increased social media, the approach to logo design has massively changed in the past few years.

Here are some of the ways through which the logo designs are undergoing a massive change:

Conforming to Tiny Sizes

Businesses of all sizes are establishing their presence on social media. They use social media to engage and interact with their audience. Undoubtedly, it is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to reach the audience.

Social media has become an undeniable platform for brand engagement. We are now shifting to using tiny logos to ensure your audience can recognize your brands.

These business logo ideas, however, aren’t too tiny because they can be easily established and recognized via smartphones. Contrary to the earlier times, these small logos can be used everywhere, from your social media profile pictures to email signatures and more.

Just because these are tiny doesn’t mean they aren’t appealing. In fact, many of these tiny logos are super attractive and instantly capture the audience’s attention. At the same time, these small logos for social media are manageable.

Modified Logos

Social media has compelled logos to be easily modified and adjusted. With customer awareness increasing across the platform, your logo is an efficient source for communicating with the audience.

Social media logos usually follow an alterable framework so that they can be easily modified. These logos usually ensure the basic components are carefully implemented by being adjusted and modified.

These modified logos meet the demands of the audience. However, it has evolved over time. When the logos are easily adjusted and modified, they can be used across all platforms. For example, it can be made tiny to fit your social media pictures or big enough for the billboards.


Feedback is an important part of your logo design. Once your logo design is ready and easy to implement, your customers and stakeholders may have a lot of opinions. As a brand, you should be ready to accept the feedback- whether it’s negative or positive.

If you receive positive feedback on your logo design, it surely boosts your ego. But what if the feedback is negative? It can indeed be depressing. Isn’t it? The good thing, however, is you can always make changes.

With the help of feedback, you will experiment and create a fresh image for your brand. If you’re implementing feedback correctly, you will always receive appreciation from your audience. The best part is that you’d be able to draw your customers’ attention.

You can easily understand and implement what is best for your brand.


Many businesses in Melbourne have realised the power of social media and are adapting their logos accordingly. They are creating logos that suit their social media platforms and attract their audience. At BrandVillage, we have helped countless businesses with our impactful services of design in Melbourne make an impression with distinctive logos for social media.

It’s time to keep up with the logo trends that are here to stay. We know how crucial it is to use the right logos for your brand. At BrandVillage, we help you design logos that are compatible with social media.

Whether you want to revamp your logo or start from scratch, we can assist you with everything. We are just a click away. Contact us today to get exclusive brand designs.

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