Professional Logo Maker Melbourne

Professional Logo Maker Melbourne

Published: February 22, 2023

Your company logo is one of the most important components of your brand identity, whether you’re establishing a new business, rebranding, or selling your idea to investors. It’s essential that you work with a professional logo maker to create the ideal representation of your enterprise

The first image your target market receives from your company logo is crucial, so resist the urge to use DIY logo software. Your company logo is more than just a lovely picture and a nice color scheme. Your logo is no different from the old saying that you never have a second chance to establish a first impression.

When you choose a professional graphic designer in Melbourne who specializes in logo design to build your brand identity, you’re hiring someone who has the graphic design abilities required to make your logo visually appealing. You are also taking advantage of a professional graphic designer’s varied skill set – they have a wealth of expertise in several industries and will have produced logos to appeal to many distinct target customers rather than just one.

Pros of Working With a Professional Logo Maker

Collaborating with a skilled logo designer in Melbourne or any other place can bring about a multitude of benefits when it comes to creating impactful brand designs.

A professional logo maker brings knowledge and expertise to the table. They will know the things to consider when developing a logo and will provide you with a logo that will allow your company to engage with your target market while also radiating a strong and compelling brand image.

Why Is It Important To Have a Professional Logo Maker

Your logo is one of your most valuable assets, and you’ll want to pick the best one for your company. A skilled graphic designer can produce company logos that will not only boost your reputation but will also increase sales and make a strong first impression.

A widespread misconception is that your logo should include EVERYTHING your company does. People want them to be big. With slogans. And a lot of colors!

When it comes to this, it is best to follow the advice of specialists. Less is more, in fact!

Designers have the advantage of experience. They have market research and demographic information to back them up. They understand what certain ages and genders like and trust the brands they use. 

What To Consider Before Hiring a Professional Logo Maker

Creating a decent logo requires some effort and research. You’ll want to give your logo some thought, not only because you want it to look great, but also because it will be the name and face of your brand. We’ve all heard how critical first impressions are.

Continue reading to learn more about the questions that will help you and your professional logo maker with your new logo project:

1. What Products and Services Do You Offer?

Write down what your company stands for and the kind of service or product you will provide to your customers or clients because you know it better than anyone. Of course, you’ll want to let the designer know what your brand or product is called.

2. Who Are Your Competitors, Exactly?

Your designer can conduct research to acquire a sense of how your competitors represent their brands if they are aware of who they are. If you choose the proper logo maker, they should make an attempt to differentiate your brand and logo from those of your competitors while also creating a logo that is acceptable for that sector of the market.

3. What Is the Demographic of Your Audience?

Determine the audience for your products and services. What kind of life do they lead? What is their age? Who lives there?

4. Which Logos Have You Come Across That Really Speak to You?

Pick some logos that you like and that feel like what you want to achieve. Discover what you like about them so you can tell your designer. Does the color scheme appeal to you? which font? The style?

5. Which Colors Would You Like To See in Your Logo?

Your logo might be one color or several colors. Your designer will be able to offer a color scheme based on the qualities of your brand, but it’s a good idea to recommend anything if you are specific about what you want.

6. How Will Your Logo Be Set To Use?

You should seriously consider where and how you will use your logo. Will it appear on the packaging? Will you use it on clothing or fabric? This can assist you and your designer decide how many colors to use, how complex to make the design, and how the layout should look. If you want your logo to look good on fabric, keep it basic and clean, and make sure it’s in one solid color.

7. What Number of Parties Are Involved in This Project?

Do you have partners who will give their input on the logo and brand selections, or is it just you and your view that matters? Obtaining the answers to these questions from all the stakeholders is a good idea because they may be quite useful when developing your brand. I’d advise creating copies of all the questions and asking everyone who participated in the decision-making process to note their responses.

How To Work With a Professional Logo Maker: The Step-by-Step Process

Once the above questions have been asked and the research has been completed, you should expect the following ten things:

Initial Meeting & Consultation

The initial meeting and consultation are crucial steps in any project a professional logo maker works on for you. Any procedure must be conducted with open communication. The first session will help both the client and the designer understand how to proceed.

The Timeframe

How much time will the design(s) require? When do you need it by? It could be necessary to come to some sort of timing arrangement. In general, the designer may allot a certain amount of time, but it will vary depending on how many concepts are provided or what you need. which proceeds to the next.

Number of Designs

How many designs are included in the price? Alternatively, how many do you want to see? Make sure you are aware of what to expect and that the designer is aware of your expectations as there may be many packages available.

Comments and Modifications

Following the creation of the initial concepts, an explanation of the designs will be given, and your input will be requested. A change may be required. You should be given a chance to speak, and you should both agree on the next steps in the design process.

Number of Revisions

How many revisions of your chosen design will be made before the finished product is produced? The agency or designer should specify this; however, if more is needed than was first agreed upon, the cost would inevitably rise because it would extend the time needed to complete the design.

Logo Formats

Once the design is complete, it should be sent in a variety of logo file formats. These should contain .png, .jpg, .ai, and any other that would be relevant to the use for which you might need the designs.

Color Scheme

You’ll need to know which colors were used in your design. Colors (RGB, CMYK, HEX) are required since they must be consistent when used with other branded parts of your business. Ensure that you have this information. our guide on logo colors will help you out.


It’s possible that various fonts were used in the design of your logo. If the fonts are not provided, make sure you ask what was used since the fonts can be applied across various printed and web content, keeping your brand’s identity consistent. You can go through with the Best fonts for the logo.

Brand Creation

Putting in place branding guidelines is a natural continuation of a logo design because it will assist your visual identity to be applied across all digital and printed media. The professional logo maker should be able to offer this service after the logo is completed or include it as part of a package.


Last but not least – the cost of the design project.

If the professional logo maker offers a package, make sure you understand the logo cost. Before initiating the process, a deposit may be requested.


Everyone has an opinion about the ideal appearance of a company logo; some people would argue that a simpler design is better, while others might argue the opposite. Yet, one thing is very clear: a professional logo is instantly recognizable, as opposed to one that was created on a tight budget and with low-quality elements.

While considering your company’s logo design, if you run a business, you have definitely looked into a number of different options. Not only that, but it’s likely that you’ve also given consideration to the color, typography, iconography, text, font, and all the other crucial elements of a memorable logo that, when combined, give your company a recognizable and professional appearance.

Even the most straightforward logo design is an essential part of a company’s brand, identity, and marketing content they may use. A well-designed company logo effectively represents your company, enabling you to lure in the proper customers with printed or digital marketing materials. It’s crucial to spend the proper amount on a qualified logo. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in enhancing your company logo, consider one of BrandVillage’s three logo design packages: Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Speak to our helpful team today to discuss professional logo design in Melbourne for your business and receive a quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes you a professional logo maker in Melbourne?

We are an award-winning logo design agency in Melbourne. Our staff is made of creative minds that will ensure your business gets a professional logo that accurately represents your company’s needs.

2. Can you provide a wide range of design options for my logo?

We offer 3 logo design packages, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each package consists of multiple design concepts starting at 2 on the Silver package, 5 on the Gold package, and 10 on the Platinum one.

3. How do you collaborate with clients during the logo design process in Melbourne?

Our professional logo design team in Melbourne will be in touch with you at all times during your logo design process. We love to get feedback from you at all times, to ensure your logo is professionally designed and best represents your brand’s message.

4. What is the typical turnaround time for a logo design in Melbourne?

After your first contact with us, we’ll get back to you in less than 24 hours to further discuss your project. Based on the logo design package that you select, we can get back to you with a professional logo design in about 5 days when choosing the Gold or Platinum package. However, if you select the Silver package, the delivery time changes to 10 days. Additionally, we can make a custom package specific to your needs and can deliver the final design even quicker.

5. How much do your logo design services cost in Melbourne?

Our logo design services prices in Melbourne range from $490 to $2490. The most exclusive package is Platinum and its price is $2490, this is the top tier package that offers everything in the Silver and Gold packages, plus business card design, letterhead design, social media images, social media banner, and a branding style guide.

6. Can you design a logo that incorporates my business’s unique identity?

Our professional logo design services are always well-prepared, analyzed, and researched. This is to ensure that the logos that we design represent your business’s unique identity.

7. What is included in your logo design packages in Melbourne?

Our logo design packages vary, the basic package “Silver” consist of design concepts, revisions, different file formats (PSD, AI, PDF, JPG, and PNG), and copyright ownership. The second, mid-tier package, consists of everything in the “Silver” package, plus email signature design, meanwhile the top-tier design package consists of everything in the “Silver” and “Gold” packages, plus business card design, letterhead design, social media images, social media banner, and a branding style guide.

8. Can you provide examples of your previous logo design work in Melbourne?

We have created a specific page on our website specifically for logo design work in Melbourne, feel free to check it out.

9. Can you design a logo that is suitable for use on different platforms and materials?

We will make sure that your logo design is suitable for both printed and digital marketing materials. We also provide support even after the design project is closed. Feel free to contact our logo design team in Melbourne, to quickly address any concerns or queries you might have.

10. What design elements do you typically use in logos you create in Melbourne?

Color, fonts, and graphic elements, these all make up the design elements that we use in the logos we create.

11. How do you ensure that the logo design you create is unique and memorable?

A unique and memorable logo design is key to success. Our team will make sure that your logo utilizes a simple yet unique logo that is easily memorable to your targeted audience.

12. What design process do you follow to create a logo in Melbourne?

If you’re willing to get started on a logo design for a Melbourne-based business, please follow our 3 steps to get the most out of your logo design. The first step is to complete our design brief by walking you through our full design process, researching your competitors for no additional cost, and understanding your brand properly. During the second step, we create your design process, and in the final third step – we bring the logo design to life.

13. Can you provide revisions or modifications to my logo design?

We provide revisions/changes on each of our logo design packages in Melbourne. However, the number of revisions is based on the logo design package that you select. The Silver package consists of 3 rounds of revisions, meanwhile, the Gold and Platinum packages include an unlimited number of revision rounds!

14. How do you ensure that the logo you design aligns with my business’s vision and values?

The initial phase of the logo design process is understanding your brand’s identity, and vision, and also researching your competitors at no extra cost! This is how we make sure that your logo design will always be in line with your business vision and values.

15. Can you design a logo that can be easily recognizable?

Our Melbourne logo design team will be happy to help you design an easily recognizable and memorable logo for your business. Get your quote today!

16. Can you design a logo that is both classic and contemporary?

A classic logo is one that will always be in fashion. It should express the personality of your brand while being short, sweet, and simple to memorize.

17. How do you determine the right color scheme for my logo?

Based on your brand’s vision and objectives, we take time and effort to get back to you with suggestions for the right color scheme for your professional logo design in Melbourne. If your business is eco-friendly-oriented, we might suggest natural tone colors that will match your brand’s identity.

18. How do you protect the confidentiality of your clients’ logo designs in Melbourne?

The confidentiality and integrity of our clients that need logo designs in Melbourne is one of our top priorities. We make sure that your data is always protected at all times!

19. Can you provide ongoing support for my logo after the design process is complete?

Definitely. This is what makes our logo design agency in Melbourne stand out from the crowd. We’ll provide ongoing support even after the logo design process is completed. Feel free to get in touch with our team. We’ll be happy to help you.

20. Can you design a logo that is scalable for future use?

A logo is not complete if it’s not scalable. We design with a scalability approach, which ensures the logo design is compatible with different screen sizes, and works on both printed and digital marketing materials, always keeping the same meaning and identity.

21. What file formats will my final logo be delivered in?

Your professional logo design will be delivered in various formats such as JPEG, PNG, PDF, EPS, SVG, and AI. Feel free to contact us and discuss further if you need a specific file format for your logo. We can create custom design packages designed to fulfill your business needs.

22. Can you design a logo that is suitable for use across multiple countries and cultures?

Cross-country design is a design that is carefully planned to be easily understandable, recognizable and memorable in different countries and cultures.

23. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and styles in logo design in Melbourne?

Our design agency in Melbourne strives to always keep up with the latest trends in design. This allows us to design logos that are everlasting!

24. What sets your logo design services apart from others in Melbourne?

The extra mile we take to provide ongoing support even after the logo design project is completed. We understand that you might need support even after, so here we are!

25. How do you ensure that the logo you design is easily distinguishable from others?

During the initial phase of logo design, we conduct competitor research at no additional fees. This allows us to design a logo that is both unique and easily distinguishable from others.

Let’s work together.