What Does “TM” Mean On A Logo?

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Published: July 26, 2023

When starting a brand, you must protect its name and logo. Since these are the main identification points of your brand, it is important to pay special attention to them. If you’re not doing so, someone will benefit from your brand identity by copying you.

As a Top-rated logo design agency in Melbourne, we understand the importance of a strong brand identity. Therefore, we make sure to help all our customers protect their brand identity by registering their logos with IP Australia.

But, how do we do that?

Let’s explore it in detail in the article below.

What is ™ on a Logo?


“TM” in a logo stands for TradeMark. It is a symbol that may be used to ensure that a particular aspect has the trademark registry. Therefore, it will be protected under the law. When you have the ™ symbol in your logo, it suggests that you are the lawful and rightful owner of the logo. Furthermore, it acts as a warning for counter-fitters or anyone who may try to steal your brand identity and benefit from it.

What does Trademark Protect?


A trademark protects your brand’s name and logo. It offers protection against any kind of damage that may be caused to your brand by any other company. When you trademark a logo, you have the legal rights to use the business logo solely for your business purposes.

As the owner, if you are using the sole trademark, you will completely benefit from the sales through your business logo. Furthermore, having a trademark symbol on your logo establishes to your customers that you are a genuine and reliable brand.

The trademark symbol should be carefully placed around the different types of logos in order to establish your genuineness. Here are the three major positions on which the trademark symbol can be placed:

  • The upper right-hand corner of the logo
  • In level with the logo
  • The lower right-hand corner of the logo

How to Trademark Your Logo?

How to Trademark Your Logo

Once we design your logo, we help you in the process of trademarking your logo. At BrandVillage, we have a team of dedicated professionals who can guide you through the process of getting your logo trademarked with the respective authorities. If you copyright your intellectual property solely for your business. While we can guide you regarding the basics of trademarking your logo and logo copyrights, these professionals can guide you through the entire process. Also, you might find this helpful – How Much Does it Cost to Trademark a Logo in Australia

Does the TM symbol Need to Appear with the Logo Every Time?

No. There is no necessity for the ™ symbol to appear in the logo always. Including the ™ symbol prominently or in the first space should be enough to reflect that the logo is protected.


Most of Australia’s big and established brands use the ™ symbol and register the logo. They register with IP Australia and offer high security to their intellectual property. If you are just starting out with establishing your brand in the market, you must protect your logo. If you’re not safeguarding your logo, a significant part of your brand’s equity will be lost.

So, if you want to integrate the TM logo and ensure brand safety, connect with our design professionals at BrandVillage.

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