The Future of Logo Design: Trends and Innovations on the Horizon

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Published: December 25, 2023

We’re halfway through 2023, and we have seen a lot this year. Especially after the pandemic, we have seen various things, and logo design is primarily one of them.

Over the years, if there is one thing that has drastically changed is the logo. These small pieces of graphic design are meant to be timeless.

At BrandVillage, Our Logo designers in Melbourne have been following the trends and keeping up with businesses for the future of logo design. Now that the logo design trends are changing, we want to provide the best for our audience. Let’s look at some of the exclusive options for the future logo design.

Future of Logo Design

Future of Logo Design

Although it’s almost the end of 2023, we are still waiting to see many things in the future, especially regarding logo design. These future tips for logo design will go beyond 2023 as well:

Vivid Colours

Vivid Colors schemes

Do you remember when Pantone chose Viva Magenta as the prime colour for 2023? It was said to be the colour that expressed a new signal of strength. This is the vibe of 2023 that we will be going forward with.

2023 will be significantly affected by vivid colours. It pops up the energy and can be a major part of the logo design. Not only magenta, but the trend of bright and vivid colours is here to stay. These bright colours will act as a sign of optimism and offer the designs an extra layer of strength.

Abstract Botanicals

Abstract logo designs have been here for quite a long time. However, we will see a blend of traditional and abstract designs in the future. For example, it will reflect the use of 90s and modern-day designs. Well, the key to abstract botanical designs lies in being gentle.

The abstract botanicals will provide the option of logo design types. It brings the perfect combination of modernism and traditional aspects. Since sustainability is taking the front seat, botanicals will portray florals. We will establish unique logos with floral-inspired and abstract botanical designs.

Animated Logos

AI - Artificial Intelligence

Animated logos are the future, and we can’t overlook them. Now that AI is taking over, businesses focus on establishing animated logos. Moreover, animated logos will become more valuable since we are already used to video content.

We will help you build animated logos and strategically place them in your account. You can focus on building animated logos as a whole or in a single component. For example, Shazam is one of the prime examples of animated logos. The logo keeps moving as you play the song, gathering everyone’s attention.


When discussing logo design, we must recognize the importance of minimalism. Minimalist logo designs have existed for some time now and form an important part of simplicity. Minimalism and simplicity together help in fostering memorability amongst the audience.

With the help of minimalism, you will be able to express the message. Furthermore, it will also help boost branding and put across your brand values. Now that we are moving to a more complicated aspect, a minimalist and easy-to-remember logo design can help your brand become familiar.

Handmade Logos

One significant aspect that we must pay attention to in the future of brand logos is handmade logos. Handmade logos may seem like a bit of hard work, but they are worth the hype. Once the handmade logos are made, they can be digitized and designed, which will establish a unique brand identity.

The handmade designed logos are easy to replicate, especially in terms of digitization. Moreover, these play an important role in establishing the off-kilter impact, which will make your logo look better.

Hyper Letter type

Airbnb Logo

Another trend dominating the logo design market is hypertype. One of the biggest brands using hyperletter-type logos is Airbnb. With the help of hyperletter type, it will be much easier to stylize your logos. Moreover, combining the hyperletter types with stylization can help you establish uniqueness.

You can saturate the logo colors for hyperletter-type. However, it would help if you were slightly careful with the elements overlapping. In some cases, you may need to establish the difference of colours. Thus, our designers at the leading design agency in Melbourne take care of small nuisances that can avoid these issues. We prioritise form over function, thereby making your design impactful.


At BrandVillage, we are dedicated to making the designs more effective. Having worked with numerous brands over the years, we have always aimed at helping our clients be ready for the future. The logos that we design stay on top of the trends. Moreover, we can also establish uniqueness while making your brand message clear.

Our designers have always focused on the smallest elements to boost your logo design. We help you stay updated with the latest trends while also ensuring that your business receives the best. We design timeless logos that are here to stay forever.

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